Ace the Pony

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Amy is a child in a care home. She is desperate to be fostered and shows an interest in horses. Will her dream parents sweep her away into a world of horses?

Submitted: March 11, 2012

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Submitted: March 11, 2012



Ace the Pony

Amy sat in her care home room, drumming her fingers on her desk. Was anyone ever going to foster her? She sighed and picked up her latest copy of PONY Mag. She'd read it through twice, and didn't want to again.

"Amy!" Sally, who owned the care home called up. Amy sighed.

"What?" She demanded harshly. She heard footsteps plodding up the stairs. Sally opened the door. 

"Dinner's ready," she said. Amy sighed and rolled her eyes. She followed Sally down the stairs, smelling soup. Mushroom soup. 

"Ew, it's Mushroom Soup, isn't it?" Amy asked, pulling her jumper over her nose. Sally nodded and went into the kitchen. Amy purposly avoided Maisy Dooer, she was such a swot. Amy sat next to Jennifer Collier instead, just to annoy Maisy. Sally served the soup into Amy's bowl. 

"Eat up!" She said, grinning from ear to ear. Amy growled and felt like screaming. 

"Don't I get any bread?" She asked. 

"Just eat it for goodness sake!" Sally replied, serving Jennifer. 

"NO!" Amy screamed and tipped up her bowl, causing it to spill everywhere.

"Oh AMY!" Sally and Steve said. Steve was the cook, yet he was aloud to keep the kids in order and watch them. Amy stormed up to her room. She changed her mind and stomped back downstairs, fuming. She went into Sally's room and ripped her necklasses. Sweet Revenge... Amy crept back, going out the front door and coming in from the back. She went back to her room and jumped on her bed, pleased with what she'd done. Amy pulled out some paper and pens, and drew a happy family. In the middle, she drew a young girl with wavy red hair. Above it, she wrote Amythen did a father and mother. As she heard Sally coming up the stairs, Amy crumpled up the picture and grabbed a chair to put in front of the door. "Don't come in." Amy said. Sally knocked on the door, rolling her eyes. 

"Amy! You and I really need to talk." Sally said. Amy tutted.

"God, in your dreams girl!" Amy yelled. Sally was taken aback and she pushed the door open, forcing the chair out of the way. Amy quickly disappeared from behind her and ran down the stairs. Sally raised her eyebrows. She spotted the crumpled floor on the ground, and opened it up. She saw the picture. I bloody wish that would happen too! Then we'd have rid of her... Sally thought. 

"Amy!" Sally threw the paper on the floor and raced after her. Amy was hiding in the Music room, behind a chair. She listened as Sam played the piano. Tears pricked in Amy's eyes. Sally came bustling in the room. Before she could ask, Sam looked away from the music and said: "Amy's behind the chair." Sally smiled and seized Amy. 

"Amy, your behavior is ruddy nasty! How do you get on in school?" Sally's face was steaming red. Amy couldn't hold it in any longer. She burst out crying. 

"I want a life! I- I- I hate it here! I need parents and a LIFE!" Amy shouted and pulled her t shirt away from Sally's grasp. At that moment, the doorbell rang. Amy wiped her face dry and tidied her hair. She did that everytime visitors came.

"I'll get that!" Steve called and he opened the door. Amy ran to Steve and smiled. The couple were young, the man was handsome and the woman, beatiful.

"Hi there, my name is Amy! Pleased to meet you!" Amy said, holding out a hand. The couple looked astonished. 

"Hello Amy! I'm McKenzie and this is my husband, Taylor." The woman said, shaking Amy's hand gratefully. 


To be continued! 


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