missing in the rain

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Using the song,"missing",by evenescence,I based a short story off of it o-o enjoy.

Submitted: May 21, 2011

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Submitted: May 21, 2011



She was alone.Parents didn't even know she was there at her big empty apartment.She had a friend once,Alexander-her black cat.But he ran off into the woods and never came back.School was no different,except she got abused by bullies everyday.She doesn't bother to tell her parents about the bullying,because they'll ignore her.And now,she cries herself to sleep every night,wondering if anyone would ever love her.

She put it to the test.That morning when she went woke up,she packed a bag with only a couple of things in it : sketchbook,journal,and her pens.That's all she needed to survive in this world,along with her mp3 player.It was raining outside and all she had was her black hoodie to protect her.She stepped out into the rain and started walking towards...she didn't know.But the whole time she walked she wondered if anybody would know if she was missing;wondered if anbody would find her;she wondered if...anybody actually loved her.She all knew the answers to those,no.She started crying,like the little lonely girl she was.As the rain fell harder her tears fell faster.

It was cold,and already she was sneezing.She wondered if she should go back...but what's the point?Nobody loves her,nobody cares about her.But...even after all that she still needed food.All she had was 5 bucks but that was only enough to get her a meal at McDonald's.Now,she would be a starving runaway.But who cares about her?No one.She knew this but she couldn't help but wonder...

Isn't someone missing me?

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