I'll be the Anchor

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Unrequited love.

Submitted: December 15, 2012

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Submitted: December 15, 2012




You were the dreamer
The optimist
The lover
The fighter
Everything I wasn’t
I existed to ground you
To keep you from floating away
To keep you here
You always loved me
And hated me
You never could decide
But I loved you regardless
You came and went 
Came and went
Rocking, never sure
I was the anchor
Sometimes, you forgot me
You sailed away and saw things
Did things
Beautiful things
And I waited for you
The tide always carried you back
Sometimes, you remembered me
I could see your life firsthand
I could be there
And see things, and do things
All those beautiful things
I realize now, they weren’t beautiful things
There were ordinary
You made them beautiful
I’d be your anchor forever
If you’d let me
I promise
You can forget me
You can sail away, and live, and be
But I’ll always wait
I’ll never forget
I’ll always wait
As an anchor should
Anxious for my ship’s return
A broken anchor
Maybe one day you won’t come back
I’ll wait
And wait.
I’ll start to rust
And finally, the sand and the mud will consume me
You’ll never find me
But I’ll always wait
There is no other ship
There never will be
There are many anchors in this world
Many broken anchors, many perfect anchors
So many anchors, all are the same
But no two ships are the same
Ships are different
You always were
Making ordinary things beautiful
But you could never make me beautiful
And I sank.

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