A Love So Cold

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this is a horror poem. a vampire can only love coldly at least in this one.

Submitted: October 31, 2006

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Submitted: October 31, 2006



His only warmth is with what will his body sustain

The hot blood that comes from the human vein

His kiss a long cold deadly draught

Long, lingering until certain death is brought

Only then does his body grow warm to the touch

The lover in his arms, never knows - the blood loss too much

He revels over every single lover's life he takes

Paradise, Eden - forever - the promises he makes

He sucks them dry and casts the husks aside

Rising to repeat the grisly act on the next evening tide

Cold and callous - he enjoys the yearning his dinner feels

As he sips their essence slowly away- their life he steals

Evil radiates off him like heat from the sun

From the grave he comes - a plague - the dark one

His eyes can hypnotize, you'll see all he is not

So mesmerized you are - you do not smell the rot

A magnificent lover - so virile - is all he lets you see

Not the darkness and evil that is truly he

You open your arms welcoming him - you need

He holds you tight - whispering endearments as you bleed

You feel and see paradise in the distance

With the last draught - he ends your existence

Scales balanced - one life comes to an end

So his own existence he can extend

You - just his food - his dinner so to speak

Tomorrow night another lover he will seek

The momentary ecstasy like no other felt

Yes, so much pleasure till death is dealt

He's a lover Extraordinaire, the women think

Cold - deadly - no emotion ending life in a blink

He takes their lives - takes their warmth - steals their heat

The warmth, the emotion, the blood - his meal complete

He moves from town to town, city to city

A plague, a pariah - stealing lives - a pity

He is who he is - for him to live someone must die

Melancholy at times - blood tears he does cry

He didn't want this or want to be this way

He was a victim also - with his own death that day!

October 29, 2006 (3:44pm)



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