Basic Training/Behavior Modification

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this is about my experiences in basic training back in 1976. its the agony and the triumph of all the young ladies as we struggled together to become soldiers. its humous but at the same it is a true to life description of my experience.

Submitted: October 14, 2006

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Submitted: October 14, 2006



(Part I)

I wanted to be all I could be

See the world, was the life for me

Signing the contract, raising my hand

Swearing fealty, united we stand

I had to go to the station of reception

The name of it a total misconception

No coffee, doughnuts, no motherly hugs

Poking, prodding, pumping you full of drugs

Walking through a line, while they used an airgun

Believe me getting shots in each arm simultaneously no fun

When its over you can't raise your arm

Scaring me shitless causing alarm

Sleeping with 50 girls in one big bay

And this was just after my first day

Three days here getting uniforms and boots is how it went

This stuff we wear, believe me was no fashion statement

Green fatigues, green socks and green tee shirt

With this gear you can't possibly flirt

Then on another bus we went to D-18-5

For the next 8 weeks our home, we arrive

Drill sgt. came up on the bus, "get your shit, unass the bus"

I was shocked, I was scared, I didn't know to us they'd cuss

Everyone scrambled, suitcases and duffle bags flew out

Hysterical women, while the drill did shout

A big brick dormitory type place

Us standing in formation without much grace

The guy in charge had a look that would kill

But now, we met wonder woman, the female drill

She was rough, she was tough, she was the boss

By the looks of this chick, her, I did not want to cross

Now just 8 women to a room

Metal lockers, metal cot, OD green, this room my tomb

They showed us how to fold our gear

Rolling it up in little balls, about this time I was ready to shed a tear

Time for formation, for dinner at the mess

I understand why it's called this, I must confess

We looked like a rag tag bunch

No clue, no idea, we didn't have a hunch

What exactly we had gotten into here and why

Recruiters made it sound exciting, they out and out lie!

After mess back to the barracks we went

It was a long day and we were totally spent

It was only 8pm, gather up your shower stuff

Cause for the next half hour in line you stand, it's rough

Nine o'clock, lights out, you have to use your flashlight to carry on

But don't let the drill catch you though, or you'll wish you were never born

They did bed check each and every night

That damn drill with her bright ass flashlight


October 14, 2006 (1:53am)

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