Basic Training/Behavior Modification Part II

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the continuing saga of the trials and tribulaions of the girls in Delta-18-5. struggling to make it to graduation day.

Submitted: October 14, 2006

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Submitted: October 14, 2006



(Part II)

My first night sleeping on an army cot

Comfy and homey this bed was not

Four o'clock, get up, get your asses on the deck

I roll over and yawn, "what the heck?"

Drill in my face, I feel his breath of fire

It's still dark, get out of bed, I had no desire

Shit, shower and shave in 15 minutes the routine

I was moving so fast, I don't really know if I got clean

Make those bunks, get them tight

They'll tear them apart, if they're not done right

He wants a quarter to bounce on it

It just lay on mine, I said, "oh shit"

He tore it down and I felt bad

Looking at his face and that smirk made me mad

This time so tight, it bounced then rolled on the floor

I smirked and smiled sweetly as he walked out the door

Time for formation, roll call and morning mess

Ladies half made up, too early for them, I can only guess

If they thought, they were going to see guys, surprise!

Hell for the next 2 months all we can do is fantasize

We march awkwardly to the mess hall

One, two, three, four, left, right the cadence call

Standing in line in the mess, we could not mingle

They offered me something called "shit on a shingle"

Another 15 minutes to sit down and eat

Shoving it in my mouth, we made a hasty retreat

Standing again in formation, "smoke them if you got them"

One puff, oh so good, "put them out,' I could have choked him

More marching, PT time, exercise, running? No way!

This is not how I start my day

Get over it soldier, you're in the Army now, Sam owns you

I had to do what he said because I didn't have a clue

One month to go, we're halfway there

I feel better, with bed making and ironing I have flair

Its paste waxing those floors on hands and knees

Burning wax, laying it down, buffing it out, believe me not a breeze

They finally gave us a gun, oh excuse me a weapon

Felt like this shit weighed a ton

Off to the range we go, to shoot at a target

Left-handed and not proficient, many targets I did not hit

They sent me out with every group to qualify

They gave up and gave it to me, I can't deny

I am the soldier that couldn't shoot straight

Finally this part over, I could now relocate


October 14, 2006 (2:20am)

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