Basic Training/Behavior Modification Part III

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this is about my last weeks in basic before graduation day. the highsand lows we went through before we held our hands high walking across the parade field on graduation day in june 1976

Submitted: October 16, 2006

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Submitted: October 16, 2006



(Part III)


It was now road marches and setting up my pup tent

Many times I felt like saying, " you can all get bent"

Putting on gas masks the correct way

Going into the gas chamber, you'd find out, I must say

I was the company medic, I carried the white bag

I got out of this horrific event, I must brag

We marched 5 miles, got gassed going to Bivouac

I got caught this time, guess this was payback

Coughing, crying and trying to breathe, I marched on

I was a soldier, standing tall, yeah, sounds like a bunch of corn

We pitched our little tents and got out our C ration

Meals in a box, hungry, green eggs and ham my salvation

We sleep overnight in the woods so deep

Where bugs, spiders and snakes do creep

Come morning more food in a can I get

Got to pee, they point to a port-a-let

Eww, it hasn't been cleaned since God know's when

Hesitant and scared, I opened the door and went in

They've slacked upon us now, basic is almost at an end

They may be sadistic, but I've found on the drills, I can depend

I've learned how to starch a mean uniform and polish brass

Military decorum, different ranks, most of all, how to get off my ass

Made me proud of myself, this was almost complete

It was almost over, I passed, thank God this I didn't have to repeat

One week to go till our graduation

I've made it, I was here the duration

It's still, "light them if you got them"

They still tell you to put them out on a whim

We wear our little pt skirts now

You can see our legs, oh wow!

I'm physically fit and ready to rumble

We look good, no need to be humble

Our drill's are human, we finally see

They've been with us 24/7, wouldn't be me!

Now we're preparing for graduation day

All the hard, gross stuff out of the way

As we line up in formation for the last time

All of us starched and shiny, damn can't think of a rhyme

We march to the parade field, drill calling cadence

Its time for the festivities to commence

Standing in the blazing sun at parade rest

I guess standing out here without falling out, our last test

Finally we passed in review, a well oiled machine

We're Army, today we have achieved our dream

Eyes right, then we salute

We've come a long way from being just a green recruit

We go back to the barracks to get our assignments, pack our duffle bag

Many tears and fond farewells, but around here our feet will not drag

See ya!!!

October 14, 2006 (2:50am)

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