Elephant Graveyard

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i don't know why i wrote this, maybe something from my childhood. but i thought the sentiment was poignant. i am a animal lover so it is dear to my heart. i always love to see animals overcome.

Submitted: November 10, 2006

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Submitted: November 10, 2006



A poison dart zips through the evening air

Embedding itself in its victim with great care

The elephant bellows, but does not fall

Knowing of its imminent death - it stands tall

It turns and begins to walk toward the setting sun

The poacher - surprised - follows this great one

Slowly with purpose the elephant goes home

After countless years - no longer will he roam

Further and further he goes - he enters a valley

This is where the elephants go to die - the grand finale

The poacher's eyes are wide - the mother lode

So much ivory - I'll be rich thinks the loathsome toad

Finally the elephant stops, lays and closes his eyes

In this the elephant graveyard - is where he dies

This is a sacred place - elephant souls rest here

A valley of ivory and bleached bones - to be revered it's clear

He wades through all the treasure that lay at his feet

Never realizing tonight all his devils and demons he'd meet

He took one of the smaller tusks to start

Turned and from this sacred valley did depart

He'd come back on the morrow to collect the rest

Had to keep this secret - it was for the best

All he saw was dollar signs and gold to be had

Ignoring the morality - that doing this was wrong - was bad

Making a mental map - he started his descent

Defiling and pillaging his purpose - his intent

He could have sworn he heard distant rumbling

Soon forgotten - he continued his grumbling

The tusk was heavy - worth too much to leave behind

Desperate he was that no one else makes this find

Did he feel the earth vibrate and shake?

God in heaven - he couldn't get paranoid now - a lot was at stake

Out of the darkness an eerie trumpeting he could hear

Fear crept up his spine and caused him to shed a tear

He turned and saw spectral elephants charging his way

Trying to outrun them, he began to pray

Surrounded by those disturbed spirits - he sits and cries

Revenge in their glowing eyes - he knows tonight he dies

he laid the ivory before their feet - hopefully this to resolve

The error of his ways seen - can they him absolve?

Encircled, he knows his death is near

A large foot came out - stomps and leaves a smear

November 8, 2006 (1:35pm)






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