I the Beast

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
i'm feeling so whatever, so i'm exploring my dark side. all the horrific things that run through my mind from time to time.

Submitted: November 21, 2006

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Submitted: November 21, 2006



When I came to myself, I looked around

Blood and bits of flesh lay on the ground

A lump of gore lay in the middle of the floor

The metallic taste upon my lips cried for more

My hands and nails encrusted in red

Trying to remember, I only had a sense of dread

Had I done this? Had the beast been unleashed?

Trying to hold it at bay, subconsciously had I, it released?

Part of me felt pain, very alone and lost

My continued existence, this the cost

It's inside me plotting more carnage, bloodshed

Me, helpless against it, the beast must be fed

It demands bits of flesh and lots of gore

Lapping it up as the blood runs out onto the floor

Held hostage by this carnivorous beast

A mute voyeur to its ungodly feast

Watching it tear and rend, claw and rip

Eviscerated bodies with blood they drip

I begin to like what I feel, what I see

I blamed it on the beast; was it always me?

No longer using it as an excuse, a shield

To these unholy urges finally I do yield

The warm feeling that I get from all the gore

As it slides from my hands, through my fingers onto the floor

November 19, 2006 (11:07am)



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