Jasons Not Dead He's on Vacation in Maui

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i got so sick of all the friday the friday the 13th movies. you cannot kill jason vorhees. so i decided to write something funny about it.

Submitted: October 30, 2006

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Submitted: October 30, 2006



He takes a licking

And keeps on kicking

Never runs, always walks

Never screams, never talks

Jason just never fades away

My guess, he's here to stay

These movies are so redundant

geez, they so abundant

Over and over he comes back

A storyline they never lack

Jason Jason where you been

Been around the world and back again

Manhattan, Space and even Hell

Do any of those places ring a bell?

Jason Jason tell me true

All these times has it really been you?

You've been sliced, diced, blown up, and shot

After all that stuff, dead you're not?

All I know is he looks worse and worse

Must be that damn Vorhees curse?

Bones and spine all hanging out

I guess if he was naked he'd gross me out

Well, he's on vacation till the next movie they make

It may be stupid, with no new plot, but our money they will take


August 31, 2006 (1:40am)

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