Mine Eyes See No Glory

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this is my opinion of America's situation as it is. we have alot of issues here that need to be dealt with before, we presume to go clean up someone else's backyard.

Submitted: October 16, 2006

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Submitted: October 16, 2006



I know this is going to piss some folks off, but that's ok, this is my opinion on America.

Damn, it seems like our "liberty and justice for all" are just words on paper. If they're

going to have a Constitution, then they need to abide by it, not change it as it suits their

desires at the time. Anybody pissed, remember, one of my inalienable rights, I'm entitled

to my opinion!

What happened to the promised liberty for all?

Equality for all?

They send babes into hopeless causes to fight

To die and be maimed, for what?

Just so they can be heroes in another country's eyes

How about being heroes in their own country's eyes

They don't want us there

They have been fighting their own wars for centuries

Don't mix politics with religion

The bottom line, is the oil, you know petroleum

They are so concerned about others' liberties and freedom

How about some of that concern be directed at home

All their starving and homeless people right here

Their elderly, who I might add, helped make America what it is!

Eating cat food and dying of exposure because they can't afford to pay their heating bills

But they send billions to foreign countries

To aid their causes and their freedom

What about our causes, our freedom?

Matricide, patricide, teen suicide, child abuse, the list goes on and on

Prejudice, bigotry, racism and the like

They have genocide right here

So much reform to be made here

But they take their efforts overseas

Then they get on the immigration kick

Are we not all immigrants here, except the American Indians?

The government is so underhanded and dirty

I believe everything that comes out their mouths is a lie

Find the resolutions for the wars raging right here in America, first

Then aid others

Let's clean up our own backyard

Before we presume to clean someone else's up

So America to me a "Superpower?"

Nah. More like a "Stupid power!"

September 24, 2006 (11:43pm)

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