My Demon Love My Need

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another part of a past life(mine). about the control it had over me and everything i did and how i lived

Submitted: October 16, 2006

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Submitted: October 16, 2006



my equisite demon love

One time manna from above

To you with all my woes I came

All you left me with was my shame

With you, the only place I wanted to be

You the only one who truly understood me

You made my life a living hell

With you on my knees I always fell

I turned my back on all I knew

So alone; I could be with you

For and hour maybe two you'd make me forget

Time up, I was thrown back into the pit

You the false god I once knew

With your insidiousness, my soul you slew

Calling me, beckoning me to your side

The voice in my head, from which I could not hide

You used me, controlled me, had me in your power

My existence controlled by you hour after hour

You let me expand my mind

In your arms pseudo peace I could find

You made the real unreal, the light dark

Each leaving, my life so bleak and stark

Am I not a faithful devotee?

Is this not what you want me to be?

You lift me up, then throw me away

Why, by your side can I not stay?

You've taken everything I have to give

Even my most precious gift, my "free will"

Captive in your lethal embrace

Unsure whether I'll ever leave this place

In this pool of self loathe I wallow

My need, my demon love, a bitter pill to swallow

Why not free myself, you ask?

That would mean, I'd have to take off my mask

I want to leave this place and stay gone

I cry then I laugh my feelings torn

Finally, I've turned my back and said no more

That is after I scraped myself off the floor

No longer will I heed your siren song

In your arms of death, I do not belong

I can still hear you call my name, am I insane?

My demon love, my need-------Cocaine!


September 21, 2006 (12:31pm)

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