The Night I Lost My Humanity

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a mind and body can take but so much abuse before it snaps and strikes back, taking desperate measures and doing great harm. humanity and reality is lost

Submitted: October 24, 2006

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Submitted: October 24, 2006



Years of mental and physical abuse

Your drunken tirades, trips to the hospital

Punching, slapping and raping

Demoralizing me, always stealing my joy

Twisting my words to suit yourself

Denying me the companionship of friends and family

Destroying everything I love

Spying on me, following me, threatening me

Breaking me down, stripping me bare

I'm tired of this and you. It ends "tonight!"

I've always told you, you sleep too sound

It's so hot tonight, you've kicked off the covers

I'd rather be a live coward

Than a dead hero

Tonight, I'm cooking something special

I've got syrup and pure cane sugar

Bringing it to a nice boil

I carry my specialty to the bedroom

As I watch you snooze soundly

I flashback over the years

My resolve strengthens

I close my eyes and throw

All I hear are screams, "yours"

Music to my ears

The whimpering and crying

As it burns your skin

Oh I didn't intend to kill you

Maim you, "yes!" kill no

As you look at me with pleading eyes

Lips burnt and swollen

No more hateful words to pass them

Blinded if only temporarily

No more looks of hate to come from them

Your face and torso blistered

No more forcing yourself on me

You look at me pleadingly for help

I Recount to you every one of your sins

I feel so calm

A burden lifted from my soul

I slowly walk to the phone and dial 911

Hello Police?

September 12, 2006 (7:51pm)





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