Who Am I?

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its about faith and belief. how we never do anything on our own as we think we do. all our accomplishments were helped by someone or something greater than ourselves

Submitted: November 15, 2006

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Submitted: November 15, 2006



Remember when you were so alone and feeling blue?

I was there then, at your side, always with you

You cursed your fate, spewing words of hate

I cried your tears of despair; for you I patiently wait

Your heart ached and was in pain

Did you know my love will never wane?

When life gets too much to handle, you want to quit

I carry you on my back and by your side I sit

You're depressed and lashing out at everyone

I'm the calming sea of relief, I've only just begun

When you were in the dark, wandering around lost

Whom do you think opened the door? My love you cannot exhaust

When that guy broke your heart and you thought it the end

Did I not give you courage and strength to begin again?

If you're sick and there seems no hope

Is it not I that threw you the saving rope?

You don't acknowledge me, you deny my existence

But have I not stood by your side, went the distance?

I don't need to tell you who I am

You're smart, I don't have draw you a diagram

Look at the footprints in the sand

One set - on my shoulders, is where you stand!

November 11, 2006 (1:22pm)

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