Today I missed you

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Romantic memories

Submitted: November 22, 2008

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Submitted: November 22, 2008



Today I woke up missing you. 

It feels so long since we have been together. I can't imagine why it hit me so hard when i felt the cold pillow on your side of the bed.Was it so long ago that you used to get up to milk the cows and before you left you would lean over me and kiss me soundly? 

I remember the first morning you let me sleep in.  It was the day after our first daughter kept me up all night. I woke up to find a mug of tea on my bedside table, it was cold and the skin formed over it like coagulating blood." How gross!"   I thought and then realized you had made me tea and seeing that baby and I were both asleep you went away without saying goodbye and then I cried for you.  I cried because you cared enough to allow me to sleep. I cried because you put my comfort before your own. I cried because I needed you more than you needed me and I cried because you loved me more than I ever knew.

Why then did I miss you today? Twenty years after you left without saying goodbye, why am I crying? I didn't cry when they phoned me I didn't cry when I saw you, quiet and cold.

I awoke today missing you. There was no tea, there was no kiss, there was no warmth and there was no you.

I will love you always

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