Is Cole a Casanova Or Not? (Madison Conner Song Challenge)

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This is a song challenge for Madison Conner Challenge. I had the song Cowboy Casanova from Carrie Underwood. Cole and Belle are best friends since childhood Belle is in love with him. However Cole is known as a Casanova and does not know Belle's feelings for him. Belle decides to move away and try to move on with her feelings of Cole. When she comes back home she is engaged. Cole starts to realize he has feelings for her and becomes jealous. Will the two of them be together?

Submitted: January 14, 2010

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Submitted: January 14, 2010



Is Cole a Casanova or Not?

Cole and Belle have known each other since childhood and have been best friends. Cole is known as a player and has many girls around him. Belle is known as the sweet country girl as miss goody two shoes. Belle is not fond of Cole sleeping around with a bunch of women. She secretly loves him but Cole is unaware of this.

Belle has wanted to be with him but realizes he would break her heart in a minute. It is not his fault he was born in a brothel and does not know the meaning of true love. He was taught not to trust women and to only see them as having pleasure with them. His saying is I love them then I leave them. He has never had a committed relationship.

Belle decided to move away from Texas since she could no longer stand Cole having sex with all these women. She wished he would see her more than a best friend. Belle decided to move in with her aunt who lived in Kentucky. She would miss Cole but it was for the best considering she couldn’t get hurt anymore with Cole not around.

Belle knocked on Cole’s apartment door to let him know she was going to be leaving. He did not know this at all and it came to him as a shock.

“Hi Cole um well I was just going to let you know I will be moving. I am going to live with my aunt in Kentucky.”

“What? You can’t be serious. Why are you leaving?”

“My aunt would like company and I decided to take college over in Kentucky. Especially with what is going on with my family.”

“Sweetie you know it wasn’t your fault when your dad tried attacking you. You are not at fault. I don’t care what your mother says she is just a stupid jealous woman.”

“I just want to leave and forget about the incident. I don’t want to hear my mother complaining and telling me she hates me.”

“That bitch! I’ll kill I swear I will. How could she say such horrible things to you?”

“She doesn’t mean it she just is hurt and drunk all the time. Anyways I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

“Fine but you are not leaving that is final. You can come live with me.”

“Um thanks for offering, but no. I have a reputation to withhold and living with you would tear it to shreds. Thanks anyway.” She gave him a hug and told him goodbye.

It took all her effort to refuse his offer. She wanted to turn around and say yes and give him a kiss. She was really going to miss him. Oh well get over it. Stop thinking about him will you. Her subconscious thought.

She went to her home and saw her mother lying on the couch passed out. Things used to be so good until that awful day when her dad tried raping her. Cole saved her before that could happen. She still doesn’t know how he knew she was in trouble. She was so grateful for him and was thankful her father was in jail.

She went to her bedroom to start packing her things to get ready. She left a note on the kitchen table letting her mom know where she was. Her and her mother used to be so close now it was like they were just acquaintances.

Belle walked down the stairs and was about to leave when she heard her mother yell at her.

“Where the hell do ya think ya going missy?” her mother screamed.

“I am leaving mom to live with my aunt in Kentucky. I wrote you a letter and told you about it.”

“Ya are not leaving missy. Ya are staying right here.” She slurred from all the alcohol she drank. She walked up to her daughter and slapped her across the face.

Belle just stood there shocked her mother hit her. She couldn’t stand to see her mother like this. She had to leave immediately. She grabbed her things and rushed out the door.

“Git back here girl! Ya hussy! Ya destroyed my life ya will pay.” She screamed.

Belle ran to the train station and was sobbing when she sat down on the train. She wished things were different. She wished her life never changed and things were back to normal.

As soon as she was in Kentucky her life was turning out better. She still missed Cole and would actually send him letters throughout the week. She never thought he would reply back but was surprised when he did. He sent letters back all the time to her saying he wanted her back in Texas with him. His letters would sound so sad and lonely.

One letter he wrote to her made her think that maybe he liked her more than a friend. Here is what the letter said. You be the judge.

Dear Belle,

I’m missing you like crazy sweetheart. I want you back with me in Texas. Please say you will come back to me? Your mother is acting like a crazy woman. She has been seen in the brothel with other men and drunk asleep in the brothel rooms. You need to come back home sweetheart she needs you. I need you too. No I mean I miss you. Please come home with me sweetheart? I miss our talks and being around you.

Love I mean sincerely Cole

So what do you think? I mean come on that letter literally brought me to tears. God I love this man. I wish he would realize it. How can he? You never told him. Dummy. Her subconscious thought.

It’s been about a year and Cole has noticed Belle’s letters have decreased he wondered what she was doing. I mean come on why hasn’t she been writing more to me? She’s probably just busy. He thought.

Candy kissed Cole’s mouth and noticed his change in behavior. Before he used to kiss her first and then later on make love to her but now he hasn’t. What the hell is going on here? She thought.

“Cole baby what’s the matter honey? Didn’t you miss me? I haven’t seen you in a while.” Candy pouted.

“Nothing just thinking about something. Of course I miss you sweetheart. Now where were we?”

He was kissing her mouth softly while slowly rubbing her down there to get her aroused. He knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted him inside of her. He finished quickly which was so unlike him. He usually took his time but this time however he did not.

Candy was disappointed and it showed on her face. She got up and walked out the room not wanting to talk to him. Kitty came sauntering in when she saw candy leave. Yes the bitch has left. I can have him all to myself. She thought.

Kitty was very vindictive and glad that Belle left. She knew Belle had feelings for Cole. She basically told Belle to leave otherwise she would get hurt and make sure her mom would get hurt too. Cole didn’t know about this and she was glad too. She hoped Cole would eventually love her and no one else. She would make all the other women leave.

“Hey sexy you want a little more fun sugar?” Kitty said.

“Sure babe but no sleeping in my bed tonight. Just get it done and get out.”

She looked hurt when he said this, but quickly forced a smile on her face. She would tease him so bad he wouldn’t want her to leave.

Later on in the night Cole received a letter from Belle. Once he read it he literally fell of the chair. The letter explained why Belle hasn’t returned any of his letters. Here is what it said.

Dear Cole,

Sorry for not writing to you sooner. I have been so busy with college lately. I have some good news I met someone. At first I did not like him at all he was so conceited. Then I found out what an awesome guy he was. We have been going out for about 9 months. Isn’t that great? Anyway that’s not the news I was going to tell you. I will be coming back home but only because I am getting married. I would like you to be the person who gives me away since my dad is in jail. Please say you will do it for me? It would mean so much if you could. I can’t wait till you meet my fiancé he is just like you. No bad pun intended. He is great and I can’t wait till you meet him.

Love your best friend Belle

See what I did I tell you? She is engaged how could this happen. She was only supposed to go to college and then come back here like it used to be. How could she do this to me? Wait I should be happy. Why am I not happy? Do I have feelings for her? No I couldn’t possibly she is my best friend. He thought.

Belle was so excited to be going back home and seeing Cole she did miss him but no longer had the infatuation of loving him. She loved her fiancé and couldn’t wait to marry him.

She can’t believe that she is back. She hoped Cole would give her away. She was kind of concerned since he didn’t reply back to her letter. I hope he is okay. She thought.

She came to Cole’s place alone to talk to him first. She wanted to know why he didn’t respond. She knocked on the door and guess who was there it was Kitty with Cole’s shirt on with no pants. Belle was jealous and wanted Kitty gone. Wait I love my fiancé. Why am I getting jealous? She thought.

“Why if ain’t little Belle? What are you doing here?” Kitty drawled.

“I’m here to see Cole. Will you let him know I need to speak with him?” Belle said.

“Why don’t ya go back to Kentucky where ya belong? He doesn’t want to see ya?” Kitty screeched.

“Look will just let me talk to Cole? It’s really important. I want to know something okay.” Belle said gritting her teeth. She couldn’t stand Kitty and wished Cole saw how much of a vindictive woman she was.

Cole walked by the front door since her heard Kitty screeching. God that woman is annoying at times. He thought. He walked over to the door and guess what he saw. He saw Belle all by herself with no fiancé.

“Howdy Belle Where’s your fiancé?”

“He’s at the hotel waiting for me. Why didn’t you reply back to my letter? Are you mad at me?”

“Now why would I be mad at you sugar?” Cole said sarcastically.

“I don’t know maybe because I didn’t write to you in a long time. Are you going to give me away?”

Cole told Kitty to get out and leave. Kitty glared at Belle when she left slamming the front door in the process.

Cole grabbed Belle and gave her a hug. He realized he didn’t want to let her go. He wanted to hold her all day. What the hell is wrong with me? He thought.

Belle slightly pushed him away but she really wanted to stay there too. What she really wanted to do was kiss him? Stop you have a fiancé! Don’t think about it. She thought.

Cole noticed Belle was looking at his lips and he wanted to badly kiss her. Fool no you will ruin the friendship. He thought. He didn’t listen and kissed her on the lips slowly waiting for her to stop him. She didn’t stop him and actually opened her mouth so he could thrust his tongue in her mouth. He slowly thrust his tongue in her mouth while picking her up and telling her to wrap her legs around him. She realized what she was doing and didn’t want to stop but knew she had to. She was engaged and it wouldn’t be fair to her fiancé. She unwrapped her legs from around his waist and slowly backed away from him.

Cole looked at her with confusion and shock of what happened. Damn she felt good. Why didn’t I ever kiss her before? He thought.

“Honey I don’t think you love your fiancé I think you just care for him.”

“No! I do love my fiancé. You kissed me first remember.” Belle replied hotly.

“Babe I admit I did kiss you but you kissed me back if you recall.” Cole replied back sarcastically.

“No I didn’t. You’re just saying that.” Belle argued.

Cole grabbed her quickly and kissed her again to see what her reaction will be. She immediately responded kissing him back. He pushed her against the wall and slowly rubbed her chest. She moaned. He took off her shirt and continued kissing her neck giving her love bites. She pushed him away and told him to stop. He barely had any control left and almost ignored her. She quickly grabbed her shirt on the floor to put it back on. She was confused and didn’t know what was happening. She decided to leave before things got out of control.

She was running to the door when all of sudden Cole was there to stop her. She stopped and tried turning around to go another way except Cole grabbed onto her.

“Don’t you dare walk away? We need to talk about this sweetheart. Something is happening here.”

“No there is nothing going on. I will be marrying my fiancé. I love him not you. Please let me go Cole.”

“No sweetheart if I have to drag you to my room so be it. We will talk about this and you are not leaving.”

“You can’t do this to me. My fiancé will be worried about me. Please Cole just leave me alone.”

“It’s funny you can’t even say his name. You just call him my fiancé. Don’t you think that is weird?”

“His name is Colt and he is a better man than you can ever be!” She replied hotly.

Cole picked her up to carry her to his bedroom. They were not leaving until this was settled. He would find out what is going on if it killed him. He thought.

“Cole you can’t do this. Please I need to leave. Colt will wonder what is going on. You have to let me go.”

“No tell me the truth dammit I want to know if you have feelings for me. I won’t let you go until you tell me.”

“Fine I used to have feelings for you. There are you satisfied? Happy now! I love Colt not you.”

“Sweetheart I think you still have feelings for me. I think you are just scared. Admit it damn you.”

Belle was quiet and slowly realized she did love him and not Colt. She would never tell him that though. She did have her pride.

Cole became to realize he did not want her to get married and that he cared for her deeply. How did this happen? He thought.

He just wanted to hear her say that she likes or loves him. Unfortunately at the time her cell phone was ringing it broke the silence. She looked at the phone and saw it was Colt she felt guilty and told Cole that she had to answer her phone. He did not look happy about it but let her answer it.

She tried leaving the room to privately talk to Colt on the phone except Cole grabbed her arm and told her no. She gave him a dirty look and was really mad.

“Hey babe what’s taking you so long? Are you coming to the hotel real soon?” Colt said.

“Um yeah I will be there in a couple of minutes. I’m just talking to Cole about the wedding.” Belle lied.

“Okay sweetie I will see you when you get here. I love you see you soon.”

“Okay I love you too. See you in a bit.”

Cole looked at her and couldn’t believe she told him those lies. How can you love someone when she reacted to his kiss? He thought.He was really mad and confused at her.

He waited till she was done with the phone and grabbed her again kissing her harder. They both lost their thoughts. He picked her up and slowly dropped her on the bed kissing her more. He started taking off her clothes and waited for her to say no. She didn’t say anything and returned the kisses. He also took off his clothes and then made love to her.

As soon as they were done she felt so bad since technically she was engaged. She went to get up but Cole grabbed her and said they needed to talk. He wanted her to drop the engagement and start a relationship with him. She told him yes and was crying since she finally was able to have him.

She quickly got dressed and was getting ready to leave when Cole gave her a quick kiss. She wanted to stay with him but knew she had to talk to Colt. She felt so bad because she knew it was going to break his heart. She left and wasn’t looking forward to telling Colt what happened.

Once she left Cole’s apartment she was having second thoughts. How do I know Cole isn’t going to break my heart like the rest of his girls he had? She thought. She was thinking more about getting her heart broken by Cole and realized she would have to marry Colt. It would never work with her and Cole.

Belle was crying and went into the bathroom first before seeing Colt. She had to get herself together before seeing him. She told Colt the truth which he wasn’t too happy about it. He gave her an ultimatum that they needed to leave and get married in Kentucky without telling Cole. She nodded her head in agreement but why did she feel so horrible.

She waited till Colt was asleep and wrote Cole a letter to explain what was going to happen. This is what she wrote.

Dear Cole,

I am so sorry but I realized that a relationship with us would never work. I have a feeling you wouldn’t be faithful to me. I know you would try to stay faithful but I don’t think you are possible to have a faithful and committed relationship. I also know that it would never be your intention of hurting me but I think you will. I am leaving with Colt in the morning to Kentucky to get married. I don’t want you to come it will just cause problems. I will always love you but you must find someone else. I just can’t bear the thought of you having sex with other women. I want you for myself only.

Love always Belle

Once she was done writing there were tears streaming down her face. She knew she was doing the right thing but it really hurts. She would have a good life with Colt she knew he loved her with all his heart.

Belle had to make sure Cole wouldn’t get the letter before they left. So she decided to hide the letter under the rug at Cole’s front door. She was in a hurry and when she left the note it was kind of sticking out.

Cole woke up and was excited that Belle would be with him. He had a smile on his face who would have thought that he would be in a real relationship. He couldn’t wait to see her and give her a kiss. He was surprised on how good Belle was in bed. She was an animal in bed which he did not mind that.

He went downstairs to prepare breakfast and was waiting for Belle to show up. He knew she loved him omelets and was making her favorite kind. He had everything ready and was just waiting patiently for her.

He was becoming concerned when it was a couple of hours and decided to give her a call. He dialed up her number and all he got was a voice mail. Weird, she usually leaves her phone on. He thought. He hoped everything was okay.

More hours came and went and still no Belle. He became concerned and tried calling her again still no answer. He decided to go to the hotel to make sure she was alright.

Cole grabbed his things and walked out the door. While he was walking he noticed a little piece of paper under his rug at the front door. He bent over and picked up the rug and saw an envelope with his name on it.

He wondered why there was an envelope under his rug. Suddenly he realized the printing of his name was Belle’s handwriting. He had a sick feeling come over him and was afraid to open the envelope.

Cole opened the envelope and read the letter. He couldn’t believe she left without saying goodbye to him. He was so hurt and mad at the same time. He made up his mind that he would go after her and demand an explanation.

Belle was sad and really wanted to be with Cole right now instead of Colt. She was so upset with herself and is having second thoughts of leaving Cole. She knows she loves him and should have stayed with him.

Colt looks at Belle and realizes that she isn’t happy. He wished they never would have gone back to her home. Everything was fine until she saw that man Cole. Why did he have to ruin everything? He thought.

Colt wanted Belle for his wife but sadly was thinking that things were not going to be the same. He realized she would always love Cole. He did not want that kind of marriage.

“Belle I don’t think it is a good idea to get married. You obviously have feelings for Cole. I don’t want that kind of marriage. I don’t want to marry you anymore. “

“What! Are you kidding me? Why did you tell me to leave with you?” She exclaimed.

“I was jealous and really didn’t want you near Cole. I realize though that things are never going to be the same. I wish you all the luck but I think it’s for the best. Don’t you?”

“Yes it is. I am so sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you or for this to happen. I will always care for you. Thank you for understanding.”

Colt gave her one last kiss and quickly walked away from her.He was hurt and really wanted things to be like they were before.

Belle realized that she needed to go back to her hometown and talk to Cole. She hoped he would forgive her and they would get back together. She took the next train ride to get back home.

Cole was still in his apartment trying to figure out what went wrong. He was really hurt and wanted Belle with him. He heard someone at the door and thought it was Belle. He opened the door and it was Candy with a provocative outfit on.

“Hello stranger. Did you miss me? I sure missed you baby.” She sauntered in.

“Candy what are you doing here? I need to go somewhere. You need to leave.”

“Aww… baby are you okay? “ She pushed him slightly against the wall rubbing all over him.

“Candy stop I need to go. Just leave okay?”

She decided to take more action to get him to stay. She slowly rubbed his chest and kissed him on his neck. She nipped lightly making him flinch. She slowly moved down and grabbed him slightly.

He groaned because it felt so good. He knew he should leave and go look for Belle but was mad at her so he stayed. Candy grabbed his hand and walked him up to his bedroom. When they went into the room she pushed him on the bed to tease him.

Belle arrived and rushed quickly to Cole’s apartment to talk to him. She didn’t bother knocking and just walked in. She heard some noise coming upstairs and knew what was going on. She quickly walked up the stairs and hoped to god she didn’t see Cole having sex with another woman.

There was Cole groaning and a woman moaning she knew then that he was having sex with someone. She was tempted to turn and run but decided to open the door. Belle saw Candy teasing Cole and he was groaning while he grabbed Candy’s chest teasingly.

Cole heard the door open and saw Belle in the doorway. He saw her look at him in shock and then hurt. He knew she was going to cry but was holding it in. Shit! I hurt her. He thought.

He told Candy to leave while he quickly put on his jeans. He was trying to get dressed before she ran away from him.

Belle looked at him and turned to run downstairs but he was quick and grabbed her before she could run. She had tears falling and tried wiping them away.

“What are you doing here? I thought you were going to marry Colt.”

“No we didn’t marry. We both decided we couldn’t marry each other. He knew I was in love with you.”

“You love me. You have a funny way of showing it. Why did you run away?”

“I ran away because I was scared. I also knew you would eventually hurt me. I have the proof I just saw today.”

“No Belle that was just sex I don’t love her. I care for you and we make love.”

“No I was right. You will always break my heart. You were born a Casanova and will always be one.”

“That’s not true. Anyways we weren’t together so this shouldn’t count. Right?”

“No. I will always love you but I can’t be with you. Goodbye Cole.”

“No you are not going to run away again. Fight for me. I thought you loved me. Prove it.”

She gave him one last kiss before she left him for good. He grabbed onto her and deepened the kiss not wanting to let her go.

“Goodbye Cole.” She whispered.

She turned around and Cole followed her. She told him to leave her alone and that she needed to leave. Cole wouldn’t listen and continued following her.

Cole shouted “I love you Belle please don’t leave me. Stay with me and I will try to make you happy!” He never ever said these words to a woman. Belle knew this and realized that he did love her. They eventually had a committed relationship. Cole never went near another woman and finally proposed to Belle. They now are married and have five children. Everyone knows Cole is no longer a Casanova and that he loves his wife and kids dearly.

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