The Furies and Angels War(Payton Roxanne smith Togood Challenge)

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This is a story about two sisters who are furies that are trying to escape from gods and other creatures. This is the story I came up with for Payton Roxanne smith Togood Challenge. I was told to come up with a fantasy story using the name Addison. I hope everyone enjoys. :)

Submitted: January 19, 2010

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Submitted: January 19, 2010



The Furies used to be well populated, but ever since the war between the gods and angels there were only two Furies left and they were both sisters. One is Addison and the other is Serena. They were able to escape before getting killed.

Serena has much anger towards the gods and humans. She can’t stand any human being; if she sees one she will make them go insane. She is very ferocious and doesn’t care for anyone except her sister. Addison on the other hand doesn’t want to be a fury and wants to be human. She wants to experience being in love and living a normal life. She is tired of the killings.

“Addison would you stop, we need to move before they track us down!” Serena yelled.

“Can’t we just stay here I don’t want to move anymore? I want to live a normal happy life.” Addison asked.

“No we can’t you know I promised mom and dad that I would protect you. We need to move before they find us and kill us.”

“Why do they want to kill us? Did we do anything wrong?”

“No the humans were able to convince the gods that we were a menace and that we should no longer live.”

“Why would the humans lie? I don’t understand.”

“The humans are nothing but backstabbing creatures and liars. Just because mom and dad had to kill some of them they got angry. I mean the people we killed were killing innocent children they were evil. It is our job to kill or make the people go mad for doing this horrible crime.”

“I just want the fighting to stop can’t we just live in peace.” Addison cried.

“No we can not the humans and god created a war against us. Once I get you to a safe spot I am going after them to kill everyone.” Serena vowed.

“No I won’t let you kill all those innocent people. Serena let’s just leave I don’t want to see you die. I love you. Please let’s just forget about killing.”

“How could you say that? They killed our parents and our entire lineage of furies. I want revenge but I will wait till the perfect time to do it.”

Addison cried and just wanted life to back like it was. She used to be somewhat happy. She never killed anyone and refused to. Which kind of made her a freak but she knew the only reason why she was like this.

The gods were having a very difficult time finding the sisters and could not understand how these two young women were able to hide from them. One god in particular had doubts with the humans and thought the humans were lying. His name is Zasmor and he is a god for the good on the angels’ side. He wanted the sisters alive and to try to stop this war.

There is another god Otulkali and he is the god of the evil side and is very psychotic. He did not care for anyone not even his own kind. He only cared about himself. He wanted to rule all the worlds.

“Where the hell are these girls? I want everyone to search for them now! “Otulkali screamed.

“We can’t find them sir we have looked all over. I don’t know where they are.” One of his best man’s warriors said.

“Well you better find them. Or I will kill you and your family. Is that understood?” He thundered.

“Yes I will keep searching for them. I will find them and once I do I will enjoy killing them.”

The sisters were in a hotel with disguises so no one would notice them. Addison was putting a charm spell so no one could find them on the evil side. Unfortunately when she did this the angels were able to find her. She did not know this at the time.

Zasmor was surprised they picked up a signal for a charm spell and couldn’t understand who was chanting the spell. He wanted to find out immediately. He summoned Michael his best warrior.

“Michael I want you to go find out who is chanting the spell. It is unknown who is making this spell. I want you to find them and bring them to me immediately.”

“Yes I will find out and bring them sir. Do you know who this person could be?”

“I have an idea on who it might be. I am not sure but I believe someone broke the forbidden rule. I need to find this out.”

“What how can this be? No one would be stupid enough to break this rule. It would cause chaos.” Michael said.

“Yes I know. We need to find out immediately.”

Michael went on his way to find these two sisters. He was confused and concerned on what these sisters might be.

Selena was not aware that Addison chanted a spell and was surprised no one had found them. She knew she was good at hiding but these gods had specialized warriors with many skills. She didn’t understand why Addison had no anger towards anyone.

“Addison how is it that no one has found us? I don’t understand how this can be?” Selena said.

Addison was just about to tell her secret when all of a sudden they had an unexpected visitor show up. She looked at the window and noticed a creature with white feathery wings with a built body. This creature was wearing armor along with a sword. She believed it was an angel.

Michael was at the door and sensed a fury was in the room. He was ready to attack when he noticed someone looking at him through the window. He was fascinated with this fury and surprised she did not attack him. She is so beautiful and such a calm creature. Wait what am I thinking? She is a fury a killer. He thought.

He came to the door and cautiously waited to get an attacked. While he was waiting he noticed two furies were there. Great, just what I need. Why did they also have to be in pairs? He thought sarcastically.

Selena noticed Addison stopped talking and was looking intently at the window. What is out there? She thought.

“Addison what is there? Is there someone here? Who is it?” Selena said.

“Yes there is someone here. I think it is an angel.”

As soon Selena heard the word angel she hissed and was getting ready to attack and kill this so called angel. She couldn’t wait she really wanted a fight.

“Selena calm down please. Let’s find out what this angel wants. Just be cautious dear sister.”

Selena was in her attack mode and waited for this angel to come in. She couldn’t understand how Addison was so calm. What is wrong with her? Didn’t she want revenge? She thought.

Michael slowly walked in and saw one sister by the side of him at the door the other one was standing calmly in the middle of the room in the center. He waited and was in a fighting stance just in case someone decided to attack him. He did not trust the one by the side of the door except for some odd reason he did trust the one in the center. As soon as he saw her he sensed angel ability in her body. How could this be? He thought.

“Who are you and what do you want?” Addison asked.

“I am Michael and I am here to take you back with me to the angel realm with your sister. My god Zasmor wants to meet both of you.”

“I am sorry but we are not going. You need to leave or you will get hurt.” Addison said in a menacing tone.

Michael walked closer her to and drew his sword to her neck slightly nicking it. She winced a little from the bite of the sword.

Selena was ready to kill this angel instantly and lunged to attack. That is when Addison stopped her with a force field. Wait how the hell did she do that? I didn’t know she had that power. What is going on? She thought.

Addison looked at her sister’s face and knew she would have to explain herself on how she was able to do that. She felt bad for doing that to Selena but knew if she didn’t there would be more bloodshed.

Michael grabbed her wrist forcefully and tried taking her out of the room. This ticked off Addison and she decided she was going to give him a fight.

She grabbed onto his wrist and was able to get out of his grips. She then took a hold of both of his arms and flipped him over her head. This caught him off guard which she took advantage of. She then kicked him in the leg making him buckle. He was surprised that this woman was able to knock him down. No one was ever able to do that to him.

He gritted his teeth and got back up to attack her that is when she used her force field which made him get thrown back into the wall. He was slowly getting up shaking his head. How the hell does she have angel’s powers? He thought.

Addison was ready to attack again but realized he was not going to. She saw his look of confusion along with shock on his face. She knew he was going to ask questions but she kept her guard up just in case.

Selena watched the whole scene unfold in front of her eyes and was appalled that her sister had this power. Why does she have angel’s powers? Something is not right here? She thought.

“Addison what is going on? How do you have angel powers? What are you?” Selena asked confusingly.

“I was going to tell you later. Why don’t we all go sit down at the table? This is going to take long time to explain.”

They all went cautiously to the table. Selena was kind of scared and what was happening to her sister. Michael was curious why she had angel powers.

“Okay let me tell you first Selena I am so sorry for not telling you this sooner. I was told by our parents to keep it a secret even from you. I had to keep this promise otherwise serious things could happen that would be bad. I found out from mom and dad that I am half an angel and a fury. Mom was a half angel and half fury. Her mother was an angel and her father was a fury they got together and made mom. Anyways then mom and dad met. Dad didn’t know mom was an angel until she had me. She was also told that she should not tell anyone otherwise she would be killed and there would be chaos. Dad was supposed to kill mom but he could not he loved her too much. They decided not to have any more children when they saw how different I acted. Before you say they had you I have another secret to reveal. Selena you were adopted you were not born from mom and dad. I don’t know who your biological parents are. I know mom and dad loved you as much as they loved me. I still love you like my sister and always will. You will still always be my sister no matter what. “She had tears falling streaming down her face when she was done telling her sister and Michael.

When she finished telling her story they all decided it would be a good idea to go see Zasmor. Although Selena was hesitant at first because she was afraid of what might happen if they showed up there. Michael was also concerned that Zasmor would say that Addison needed to be executed since it was forbidden to have a mixed race.

Michael was confused why he felt that he needed to protect her. It was like he was concerned about her safe well being. He never felt those kinds of feelings before unless they were his family. He was confused that he felt these strange feelings towards this creature. He knew that he was starting to fall in love with her. He also knew if anyone tried hurting or killing her he would fight to his last breath.

Addison also had these strange feelings towards this strange man. She wanted him to hold her and tell her that everything was going to be okay. She also wanted to kiss him and have him as her mate. She knew this would never happen unless the laws would be changed. She hoped they would but eventually realized she would most likely die.

Selena was shocked and hurt that her sister never told her any of this. She was also upset with her parents too. Wait they weren’t really my parents. God my life was just a lie. She thought. She was being very cautious of Michael and of what was going to happen next. She was tempted to call a chant that would help Otulkali find them.

Once they arrived in the realm there were angels staring at them with vengeance. These angels wanted to attack them making Selena hiss and wanting to attack them as well. She was getting ready to pounce at one angel in particular. There was this man that was well built but was smirking when Selena walked by him. She wanted to attack him and wipe that smirk off his face.

Michael saw this and immediately stepped in the way before Selena could do anything. Selena not meaning to accidentally lash out at him it was just a born reflex. She was taught to defend herself at all times especially when a man came by her.

Michael was not expecting the attack and it knocked him down. That is when the man that was smirking quickly grabbed Selena before she could do any other damage. She hissed and clawed trying to escape his hold on her. He held her strong with a firm grasp not letting her go. She was making so much noise that there now was an audience.

Selena noticed this angel was very powerful and not afraid of her. She even tried kicking him in the groin and he knew she was going to try and blocked her attack. How hell did he know I was going to attack him there? She thought.She was still trying to fight him and he tightened his hold making her gasp.

Raphael was getting quite perturbed with this fury. She thought that she would hurt him. What a pathetic creature? He thought. That is when he noticed another fury in the background and was coming up to him.

“Um sir can you please let my sister go?” Addison asked. She waiting patiently but realized that if this man did not let her sister go she would fight him.

“No this creature needs to be taught a lesson. She attacked Michael and now needs to get punished.” He said.

“No you will not punish her. She did not mean to attack it was a reflex that is automatic. You will release her otherwise there will be problems. “Addison growled gritting her teeth.

“Silly woman I can do what I want. You are nothing and you will just get hurt. Run along silly woman before I hurt you.”

That is when Addison was no longer nice. She was offended by his behavior and attitude. I will show him a lesson or two. She thought.

She put up her fists and was getting ready for a fight. The angel looked at her with amusement and laughed along with the others. She became mad and went up to his face smacking him right along the cheek. The audience gasped at what she did. He became very angry and was ready to kill her. He struck her across the face hard making her fall.

Selena was furious and was really trying to get out of his grasp. She wanted to kill this angel with a passion. No one ever struck her sister if anyone ever did they would be dead she would make sure of it.

Addison got up and was in pain but she would not back down she became even more determined to make sure this angel fell down. Oh that hurt. She thought. She went right back up to him and was getting ready to attack when all of a sudden she heard a shout.

“Raphael release her right now!” Some man said with authority.

Addison backed down and listened afraid of who this man was. She suspected it was the angel’s god Zasmor. She looked at the other angel and realized Selena was released. She then saw her sister give the angel an uppercut under his chin with a mighty force. The angel fell down surprisingly and was mighty shocked that a woman was able to knock him down. She then heard her sister screaming and yelling at him.

“No one ever touches my sister. You will not do this again otherwise I will kill you. Is that understood “Selena yelled.

The angel got up and was getting ready to teach this creature a lesson or two but then he saw his god and backed down. He did not want to anger Zasmor.

Selena noticed this and was trying to egg him on more. That is when Zasmor yelled so loudly everyone trembled even herself included.

“E-N-O-U-G-H no more fighting! Stop what you are doing and be quiet.” He roared.

Selena however wanted to still fight Raphael and Zasmor came up to her in her face. His face was filled with anger. She backed down when she saw this.

“Sir this creature needs to be taught a lesson she attacked Michael. I was just showing her what happens in our realm that you can’t attack unless you were attacked first.” Raphael said.

“Enough I saw everything. She did not mean to attack if she did Michael would have been more injured.” Zasmor said. He waited to see if Raphael was going to question his authority.

“Fine but I will not apologize to this creature. She should not even be here. What is she doing here sir?”

“You question my judgment! I sent them here to find some things out. Now leave at once. I no longer want you here.” Zasmor yelled.

Raphael gave Selena a dirty look and stomped away angrily. Selena looked pleased until she saw Zasmor’s face. She did not like the look at all and was preparing to attack if needed. Selena saw Addison and motioned her over to be by her side. She wanted to make sure that if anything bad happened she would be able to protect her sister no matter what.

Zasmor noticed this and was very interested on how the sisters acted towards each other. It was like they would protect each other from any danger. He was amused when he saw Selena that she had her hands tightened into fists. He summoned Addison to come with him and noticed Selena came with her. So be it but if he only wanted to talk to Addison he would make sure Selena wouldn’t be able to come. He thought.

Addison gave her sister a weary smile when she saw her. She knew that Zasmor would kill her if he ever found out she was a mixed race or so she thought. She hoped that he wouldn’t and try to change the laws except both sides would have to agree.

“So you have something you want to tell me?” Zasmor asked.

“Um, no nothing sir.” Addison replied.

“Come my child surely you have something you want to tell me. Like how were you able to disappear from both sides without getting caught.”

“I knew some magic spell that was able to make us not be traced.”

“My dear child do you believe me to be stupid. I know that is not the truth. You better tell me otherwise there will be severe consequences.”

Zasmor summoned Michael in and asked him questions. He knew Michael was lying and proceeded in punishing him. He grabbed Michael’s wings and started tearing them out which was excruciating pain. Michael screamed and Addison looked on biting her lip. She knew she wouldn’t be able to watch Michael be in pain and was going to give in.

“Please stop. You are hurting him. I will tell you. Please just stop.” Addison cried. She knew she was starting to have some feelings for him. Zeus let him go and watched her run up and caresses Michael’s cheek in her hand lovingly. He also saw her give Michael a hug and was amused at the moment.

“I am a mixed race. I was born that way. I am a fury and an angel.” She said.

“How is that possible?” Zasmor said.

“My mother was a mixed race also it started with her parents falling in love and then conceiving her. Then my mother met my father and they conceived me.”

“We will have a meeting about this. I will have to bring in Hades and we will make our decision.”

Addison looked up at him surprised she was not struck down or killed by Zasmor. She knew he was a powerful god. She was scared of what their decision will be especially when Hades comes. He never liked her family and wanted them all to die.

Someone was summoned and was told to bring news to Hades that they needed to have a meeting about something important.

Otulkali came to the angel realm with his two skilled warriors just in case of a surprise attack. He walked in and that is when he saw Addison. He looked at her with surprise written all over his face. He then knew something was up. Why is she still alive? She should be dead. He thought.

Addison saw Otulkali and his two skilled warriors that she knew. One was her best friend from childhood until he decided to no longer be her friend anymore. The other was her ex boyfriend who looked at her confusingly.

She knew these warriors were born killers and did not have any conscience whatsoever in killing anyone. She was scared of what the meeting will entail and started pacing back and forth. Michael was there right beside her trying to keep her calm. He knew the only way to stop her pacing was to kiss her.

He unexpectedly grabbed her hand and stopped her from pacing. Then he grabbed her chin and slowly moved towards her face to kiss her. Her eyes widened at this and were surprised that he was going to do this in front of Otulkali and the warriors. He kissed her slowly on her lips biting her lower lip which made her gasp he took advantage and thrust his tongue in slowly. She grabbed onto his neck and deepened the kiss.

That is when all hell broke loose. Her ex boyfriend snarled and lunged to attack Michael. Michael pushed Addison out of the way so she wouldn’t get hurt. Michael grabbed his sword and raised it to attack the intruder. He swung hitting the guy in the face but barely hurt him. The ex boyfriend attacked back hitting Michael in the head knocking him unconscious. That is when he saw Addison scream and attacked him. He was caught off guard since he didn’t know Addison knew how to fight. She was always so gentle. What he saw was a ferocious creature ready to kill him. He was hurt and confused on why she would attack him. She kicked him in the face knocking him onto his backside. He looked up and glared at her. He did not want to fight her but knew he would if he had to. He was about to punch her when she blocked him with a force field. What! How is that possible she is not an angel? Or is she? He thought.

He was about to attack again and then heard his master and the other lord shout for him to stop. Addison went down to check on Michael to see if he was okay. She knew a spell on how to revive an unconscious person. She chanted and Michael was slowly getting up.

Addison noticed Michael’s head was bleeding and was concerned. Once she saw this she chanted another spell to heal his injury. While doing this she noticed the others looking on curiously. She knew this was causing trouble but did not care she loved Michael.

Michael looked at her and hugged her tightly not wanting to let her go. He then slowly grabbed her head kissing her softly on the lips making everyone gasp. He knew what he was doing was forbidden but no longer cared he loved this creature.

Both gods saw this and gave each other worried looks. They knew that these two could not be together it would cause too many problems. So they decided to have Addison stay alive but she would have to go with Otulkali and to never return here again. She would not see Michael ever again and would eventually have to fight the angels.

Zasmor did not really want this but knew he had no choice the other gods joined the meeting and it was already decided. He could not break the decision otherwise all his people would perish including himself. He could not do that to his kind. He was saddened because he wanted Serena and Addison to stay here. He also wanted Addison to be able to mate with Michael they were so good to each other.

Otulkali looked on disgustingly and went over to Addison grabbing her to get the hell out of here. When he did this though, Michael tightened his hold on her. She was crying and grabbed harder onto his neck to stay with him.

“No please let me stay. Please I love him. I don’t want to leave.” She cried.

“Please sir let her stay. I love her she is my life. Just let us leave together.” Michael said.

“No it is forbidden she is coming with me. She will become my wife and will help me rule the demon realm.” Otulkali said.

“Never you will have to kill me. She will never become your wife. I will kill you if you ever touch her.” Michael yelled.

That is when he saw the other warriors grab her more roughly and his hold wasn’t strong enough ripping her from his arms. She cried because her arms hurt and that she would never see Michael again. She kicked Otulkali in the groin escaping him to run back to Michael. She was able to hold him one last time and give him one last kiss.

“Please remember I love you. I will always love you.” Addison said.

Before he was able to reply he noticed the two warriors were coming towards them. He didn’t realize he was going to get betrayed by his own lord. Zasmor snuck up on him from behind and touched his head which made him fallen into unconsciousness. Zasmor used his power on his own kind which he has never done. What have I done? I love Michael like my own son. Please say he will forgive me. He thought.

Addison looked at Zasmor with such hatred in her eyes. She wanted Michael to say I love you to her.

“What have you done? How could you do that to him?” She cried.

“I am sorry my dear child I had to do what I was told. You and him it is forbidden and I can’t go against the other gods. Please try to understand.” Zasmor said.

“I will never understand. I will never forgive you for what you have done. Leave me alone. I just want to stay with him. I love him.” Addison said.

“I know my child. Peace be with you. I hope in time you will be able to forgive me. I wish the best of luck for you.”

She turned away and walked slowly towards Otulkali crying the entire time. Selena came with her and was furious at everyone. She didn’t like seeing her sister in so much pain. She hoped her sister would have been able to stay with Michael. She knew that they were in love with each other.

Otulkali grinned evilly and couldn’t wait to marry this creature and bed her. She was an innocent and he could do horrible evil things to her. He was looking forward to this. All he had to do was worry about Addison’s sister and eventually Michael.

In a couple hours Michael awoke and wondered what happened. He sat up and then remembered what happened getting angry. How could his god betray him? He thought. He got up and screamed when he felt a pain on his back like someone was stabbing him. No she is in trouble. I have to go find her. He thought.

Back at the demon realm Addison was getting tortured by Otulkali since she kicked him in the groin. He loved punishing and torture. He had a metal-studded whip slashing her back making blood ooze from her back she cried out when he kept whipping her. Her sister looked on smiling evilly with pleasure. Her sister was no longer her sister anymore. That’s what happens when someone tortures you for hour’s end not letting up until you pledge to become pure evil. They did wicked and unimaginable things to her. They tied her up upside down hanging from the ceiling while slicing her body with sharp claws from possessed demons. Then they sucked most of her blood making her so dizzy she would pass out. Addison was yelling and screaming when she saw this. They wouldn’t let up till she pledged. Then they started in on Addison and she still did not pledge. Addison was saddened by what her sister has now become. She would most likely kill me.Please Michael come save me. I love you. I miss you. She thought.

Michael felt like he was being tortured also he felt everything. He couldn’t imagine what they were doing to her. He was coming for sure and didn’t care if he was breaking the law. He would save her and they would stay together.

Addison saw her sister and flinched when her sister picked up the metal-studded whip. Oh please I can’t bare this. She thought. Addison knew Selena would never purposely hurt her in any way. She wished she could get to her. Selena raised the whip and struck her sister on the back laughing evilly. She was relishing in the fact of hurting her sister.

“Selena please no more. I beg of you. I am your sister please snap out of it. I love you.” Addison cried.

Selena stopped and shook her head trying to get out of this sick violent mindset. She was trying to fight it and was struggling to keep it under control. She raised her hand for the whip to strike her sister but threw it away from her. She untied her sister to get her away from here.

“Addison listen to me run. Don’t come for me. I can’t control this I am too far gone. Don’t come out no matter what you see. I love you and I am sorry for hurting you.”

“No please let’s just go. I will save you.” Addison said.

Selena pushed her away growling at her she picked up the whip to strike and Addison ran away from her crying. She couldn’t stand to see her sister like that. That’s when she heard a blood curdling yell that sounded like her sister. Her sister was fighting another demon and was losing. Her stomach was slashed blood flowing out. Her sister staggered but still was fighting trying to stop the demon from going after Addison. The demon picked her sister up and threw her across the room Selena struggled to get up but she did and attacked the demon again. He grabbed onto Selena’s neck and snapped it like a twig.

Addison was watching this in her hiding place. When she saw that she lost control and ran straight towards the demon. She attacked him and was so furious she used her all her powers to kill the demon. She was in so much pain and the powers she used were making her weak. She slowly left the demon realm and started to feel dizzy.

Michael felt dizzy and realized Addison was going to faint real soon. He needed to find her that is when he noticed a slump figure outside the demon realm unconscious. He went next to the creature and realized it was Addison. Thank god. He thought.

He picked her up and flew into the air to leave the demon realm. That is when he saw Otulkali following them and realized he needed to land on the ground. He didn’t want to try to fight Otulkali when he was holding Addison. They went onto the ground to go fight.

“Give me back my intended wife you thief. She is mine.” Otulkali yelled.

“No she will never be yours. She is mine till the day I die.” Michael said.

“We shall see let’s fight.” Otulkali said.

Otulkali took out his metal-studded whip and was able to wrap it around Michael’s neck. He sliced Michael‘s neck causing blood to fall. Michael grabbed his sword and sliced the whip in half. He was in pain but ignored it. What he didn’t realize was Hades had poison that would kill an angel in matter of minutes.

Michael was attacking him and noticed his strength was weakening. What is the matter with me? He thought. He realized that Otulkali poisoned him and was slowly loosing. He took all his strength and swung his sword high slashing Otulkali in the neck almost cutting off his head. Damn I need more strength. He thought. He struggled and came up with his last bit of strength and was able to chop Otulkali head off. Once he did this he fell onto his knees looking at Addison one last time. I love you. I am so sorry my angel. He thought.

Addison awoke not only moments later and saw Michael lying on the ground not breathing. She went to him quickly and chanted her spell to save him. She used all her power to save him making her dizzy. She cried unto his chest thinking he was dead. She realized there was movement on his chest and saw him breathing. She looked up into his eyes and kissed him passionately on the mouth. He grabbed her head and deepened the kiss.

“I thought you were dead. Please don’t ever do that to me again. I love you. I couldn’t bear if I lost you.”

“I love you too. I am not going anywhere. I will always be here for you.”

They got up slowly and he grabbed her placing her onto his back and flew up into the sky. They knew if they wanted to be together they would have to hide from anyone. Michael found his hiding place no one knew of.

Years later they were married and had children of their own but still were not able to see their own kind. That was okay with them they had each other and their own family.

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