Accomplished Everything, Accomplished Nothing

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Though aimed at a Muslim audience as the poem makes reference towards the end, to Islam, this poem could be for anyone, with or without a faith. Just a gentle reminder about how it is so easy to get lost in daily tasks and end up ignoring the bigger picture.

Enjoy.. x

Submitted: September 13, 2013

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Submitted: September 13, 2013



Lie in your bed admiring darkness,

Thinking of all you’ve accomplished today,

You wander timidly through your thoughts and gradually get led astray:


You’ve cleaned your room, the washing’s done,

Prepared for work and the lack of sun.

Suit looking sharp to make an impression

You need this job to beat the recession.

Meetings booked for tomorrow, completed tasks for today,

Tired, run-down, nearest pub

Now lets f**k work, it’s time to play!

Outfit ironed, shoes polished, hair straightener at the ready.

Sandwiches made, foil wrapped, blood pressure checked – going steady.

Weekends sorted, McIntyre’s great,

Holiday money’s been exchanged, at the going rate

Paid your phone bill, text your friend,

“Coffee tomorrow? Kiss kiss” send.

Tyres checked, full of air,

In case of emergency, you’ve bought a spare.

Cat’s tray emptied, fishes are fed

Pj’s, brushed teeth, doors locked, bed.


Among your checklist on the ceiling

Where did you prepare for Judgement Day?

Within your schedule compiled and complete

Where did you fit in the time to pray?

A Muslim you are? Islam you love?

Look for me, where am I above?

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