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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Diary of a cutter!

They ask me why I do it,

They say I crave the attention,

I do it not for high praise,

More so, my only means of redemption.



How must one express themselves,

With unseen barbed wire coiled around their wrists?

How must one articulate their distress,

With an unseen gag positioned closer than a fist?








My method is not mad I tell you,

My method brings solace,

My method is not a burden on you,

My method helps me save face.



Each slice creates something so neat,

The tidiest thing in this melancholic life,

I begin where and when I wish,

I end with one small instruction,

To my companion this glistening knife.



The spill is my expression,

No knots or gags,

No fists or rags,

Can ever stop this dripping confession,

Tis the newest of sensations to have command,

Of my darling crimson incision.



And as it is imminent,

That heal I must,

Well my expression forever leaves me with a gift,

It leaves behind such a glorious disfigurement,

So that reality learns of my sinister tryst.



And so do gag me with your fist,

Do bind me by the wrists,

Because my scar will show the world that silenced me,

That I too am a lost human creature,

In this malicious life, this never ending abyss.

Submitted: April 29, 2014

© Copyright 2022 MOmObeena. All rights reserved.

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Hey there :) Although im generally againts cutting and really dramatic stuff i have to say that this poem really brings out the logic behind self-hurting. The act alone isnt beautiful but the way you have described it makes it appear this way.
I'd say good job :)

Tue, April 29th, 2014 2:27pm


Hello there, let it be known I am not a cutter!! I spoke to a few and asked them why they do it and the bottom line was, they can't express themselves and this plays as a sort of release/expression.

I am really glad you liked it, I know it won't sit well with many lol! Thank you! Mobeena

Tue, April 29th, 2014 7:30am

J. Edgar Cooper

My word, a poem of pure emotion! I thought it was an interesting read Mobeena and I think you've done a terrific job of writing a piece that involves the diary of someone who is a cutter. The way you describe it and in such detail is amazing and you really put across a sense of such hurt and sadness that people who cut themselves must feel. It must be hard to know that the only way to truly express themselves is to cut their own skin, to feel the blood drip and to gain almost a sense of euphoria or as you put it "It brings solace." I myself have never experienced cutting, but I have known a few people who have and it must be so hard. I cannot at all say that I understand because that wouldn't be fair of me to say at all, but I can only begin to imagine that it must be so hard for some people, feeling down and sad about different things and feeling the need to resort to cutting themselves. There is not one part of your poem that I feel is lacking because it's written in such a descriptive and emotive way, I'm truly lost for words on how you describe things in such detail, for example when you wrote "I end with one small instruction, to my companion this glistening knife." Another part which I thought was superbly written, was "No rags, no fists can ever stop this dripping confession." "Of my darling crimson incision." Wow! You really do delineate in such great detail, what a person who cuts does actually go through when they cut. It's not just a case of cutting for the sake of it, there's a reason why people do what they do and you convey that so well. The part that seemed quite sad was the part that read "Because my scar will show the world that silenced me, that I too am a lost human creature in this malicious life... This never ending abyss." To me, it almost feels like in a way people who cut fee trapped, that they cannot reach out to society for help and thus, the only relief from the struggles of everyday life is to inflict harm upon themselves. It's not very nice to think of people as being lost in life, not knowing what to do or who to turn to. :( Fabulous work Mobeena at writing such an informative and true to life piece that really does convey such emotion and such sadness. Thank you for sharing this with us. Take great care and all the very best to you. :)

Tue, April 29th, 2014 5:15pm


James, firstly my apologies for not having replied sooner! Your feedback was fantastic, a big thank you for knowing and deciphering the true meaning of this poem, and so well I might add! I loved writing this poem, though very sad as a topic but I think the sad topics are the ones that need to be publicised so that people can know and understand the real meanings behind certain behaviours. It is unfortunate that people feel the need to release their emotions in such a harmful way but not everyone has the right shoulder to lean on or the right pair of ears that will listen to them. Again A BIG THANK YOU for such great feedback as I must admit I was skeptical about writing this poem. Kindest regards - Mobeena

Tue, June 17th, 2014 3:04am

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