Hey Little Dreamer

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Some words not everyone will agree with! But oh well.

Submitted: February 15, 2014

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Submitted: February 15, 2014



Hey little dreamer!

What do you seek?

Successes and wealth?

Well the future is bleak. 

Don't believe me? Look at my "fame"

Look at my "fortune"

Look where I am, 

And from where I came.

I am a believer,

One of big dreams,

I did once smile at the prospect,

Of one day being seen. 

But see little dreamer,

Tis is all a lie!

For I am not of the rich,

Not of the famous,

I'm of the elite,

And society cannot tame us.

You see I am one,

That dreamt long and hard,

Then surrendured my thinking cap!

And let down my guard,

I let it all flood in,

Reality that is, 

Because the truth little sweetheart,

Is that this is, what it is,

All but a farce,

No one really dreams,

It is but a moment of weakness,

In which you see what it could be;

A name in lights you dream,

The reality is, 

It is merely carved on a tree. 

So little dreamer, 

Come join the elite,

Accept your fate,

Predetermined, as it is,

No charge at a rate,

And you're allowed to remain the same,

But if it is the norm, 

That you wish to choose,

Then prepare for the storm, 

Whether you win or lose,

Because it will creep up,

When you dream as you snooze. 

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