Life's Sorrow

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This story is about a boy named Max who seems to have such a happy life with his adopted family. Never has he felt that they did not want him and everything seems perfect in his life. But can this sense of happiness last, or will something more dark and sinister rise to change Max's world forever?

Submitted: September 18, 2014

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Submitted: September 18, 2014



August 1st

 My name is Max, I am 14 years old, and I’m adopted. I've decided to start this journal to keep track of my day to day happenings. I have a pretty good family with a Mom, a Dad, and my older brother Jack. We've had some great times together like playing Frisbee in the yard or having a walk in the park so I really can’t complain. Sometimes I wonder what my real family was like, but I guess at the least I have a family.  Speaking of family, in a week we were supposed to visit our grandparents for a month in Connecticut. But then I overheard Dad talking of leaving me behind with a babysitter because of my “behavioral issues” the last time we visited them. I am disappointed in my parents, because they didn't even tell me to my face.

August 2nd

Today Jack and I went outside to rake up the leaves (well I kind of just jumped in the piles) and after that we played baseball, so we had lots of fun together. I've made up my mind and decided to try and enjoy myself as much as possible when my family is away in Connecticut.  I’ll show my family that I don’t need them to have a good time.

 Tonight after dinner Jack and I watched TV while Mom and Dad were at a party with the neighbors. While we were watching Saw, I looked out the front window and saw a strange man in a long, black overcoat looking at the house from the sidewalk. I told Jack about the man but he just kept telling me to be quiet so he could hear the TV.  When I looked outside again the man was gone, leaving me with an unsettling feeling. 

August 3rd

This morning when I woke up, I had a horrible stomach ache. It felt as if I was being ripped apart and I couldn't even get out of bed. Mom and Jack had to take me to the doctors because of the excruciating pain. The doctor took my temperature and told Mom that for the rest of the day I would have to rest in bed. When I heard that news it made me extremely sad, because I would miss one of the few days I have left with my family for a while. While I was lying in bed Mom brought me some food and water, and Jack brought me a blanket. I’m really glad I have a family that loves me; I just wish that I understood why they were leaving me here while they all go to Connecticut without me. When Dad got home, I was watching TV with Jack because Mom had let me come down for a little while.

August 6th

I can’t believe that it has been three days since I have written in my journal. I thought that I was recovering quickly from whatever had made me sick, but I guess that that was not the case, because I became so ill these last three days that I was on the verge of unconsciousness.  During those three days, the only memories that I can recall are the horrible nightmares of that strange man that I saw a few nights ago. All of the nightmares seemed so real that I feel as if they had actually happened. The worst one of all of them was when I dreamed that I had woken up but was unable to move. It took a while for my eyes to adjust to the darkness but when they did, the only thing that I wished for was to have the strength to close them. Right in-front of me was that strange man, staring at me with dark and intense eyes that seems to burn holes through my very self. The dream felt as though it lasted for hours and I finally awoke in a cold sweat this morning. Even though I seem to be recovering quickly, I can’t help but feel despair and uneasiness as my family leaves for Connecticut tomorrow.

August 7th

Today has been such a horrible day. I awoke early in the morning to discover that my family had left for Connecticut without even saying goodbye! I can barely believe that they would do such a thing and it has hurt me very much that they would do this. Another problem is that the babysitter never even came today leaving me all alone, which is fine by me seeing as I am old enough to take care of myself. In a month I’ll ask my parents why they had to leave in such a rush, maybe they had a good reason.

August 8th

Last night, last night is all that I can remember. He was there, the entire time it’s been real. The nightmares, I thought that they had stopped but…. I guess they never were nightmares in the first place. I am writing all of this down to help keep my sanity, or at least what is left of it. It all began last night; I had another nightmare of the man. I was strapped down to a table, unable to move, and he was standing above me telling me such horrible things. He told me that the car crash that had killed my parents never really happened, that it had been me who had died as a baby. My parents, stricken with grief, were open to anything that could save them so much pain. He never said what he was, but I can only assume that it is something other than human for what he told me next seemed insane. A week after my death, he approached my parents, saying that he could let their son live out some of the years he, I had lost for a price. My parents, being rational people called him insane telling him that he was only making it harder to move on. But he was persistent and after hours of arguing he said, he finally struck them a deal. I could have the first 14 years of my life to live out with my family and do as I pleased on the condition that in the 14th year of my life, he could have my soul. My parents he said accepted the deal to be rid of him, for what had they to lose? That night, they found me back in my room at the house and in there rejoice, there was also sorrow for this miracle could not have come without a price. I awoke screaming, and nearly died of fright as I saw the man staring at me so intensely that I froze rigid. For what seemed like an eternity he stood there watching me and finally he said something, sweet dreams he seemed to whisper to me, as he melted into the shadows of my bedroom. I am writing this now still in bed this morning knowing that my fate is sealed, knowing that no matter what, my family will always love me.





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