Winters grave

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kinda dark

Submitted: July 22, 2010

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Submitted: July 22, 2010



Cold and lost in a winter Storm
A lonely man and his newborn
Wrapped real tight just to keep warm
Just to survive this winter storm

He walks forever day and night
Not giving up without a fight
One step at a time he was always told
Trying to embrace the winter cold

He sees a shadow in the distance
Perhaps anyone... someone could provide assistance
As he gets closer his heart grow warm
He'll find some cover from that winter storm

He arrives at the house and slams on the door
Icicles fall on the hard wood floor
"Is anyone here, is anyone home?"
Praying to his god he was not alone

The door cracked opened and a voice cried out
"get in before your frozen, no doubt"
He hurried on in and the warm filled his heart
His son still in his hand, never been apart

The man he see large beard and came
He was a old man, cold and insane
He heated some water with the fire that roared
He lived all alone and must of been bored

The father started to remove his heavy cloths
Layer by layer, before his tempature rose
The he took the blankets of his son head
Revealing his worst fear, his son was dead

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