Luna Black

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Luna Black is a retired assasin for the VHIA (Vampire/Human Interaction Agency), that is, until, she is called up by her motherly uncle with a mission. What will happen now?

Submitted: June 15, 2011

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Submitted: June 15, 2011



They discovered the first one in the cupboard. I rolled my eyes and took the glass from Kevin’s hand. I quietly filled the glass with water and handed it back to him. I did the same thing with the other two glasses. I should probably get a babysitter for these boys even if they’re 16 and 17.

“Thanks,” Antonio says.

“Whatever. Just go back to bed. I’m going for a walk and I’ll be back later.”

Kevin, Antonio, and Aaron nod and head back to their sleeping bags. I glance at the clock. The neon green light shone 8:15 pm. I riskly open the blinds. Pure darkness. I slip on a hoodie and take a walk outside. I quietly shut the door behind me. It's raining, but I don't mind, I actually enjoy it.

I turn around frantically to see if I was being followed. Nothing but the dark, empty street. I check in of front of me too. Again nothing. I put up my hood and continued walking. At one point I stop, pivot, and continue in the other direction. Eventually I reach the house with the "condemned" sign in front of it. I laugh at it for second. When we bought this house we put that sign up so no one would bother us. I get to the door and knock four times. Gabe answers.

“What are you doing out here?! What if-" He stopped automatically. That's what I love about Gabe; he knows when to shut up.

I pushed past him and into the dark room. Someone hugged me as soon as I got in. Layla was always such a lively vampire. Wow, that sounded weird. Antonio, Kevin and Aaron and were lounging across the only sofa. The only other furniture was a bunch of sleeping bags on the floor, a huge dresser, and a fridge. You might ask why a group of vampires would need a fridge, but do you really want to know?

There was a knock at the door.

Whoever was at the door knocked again impatiently. We all froze. Even freakishly happy Layla was quiet.

"Who-?" She questioned into my ear.

I decide since it's probably my fault this person is about to probably drive a stake through all of our unbeating hearts, I should be the one to answer. I walk sluggishly to the wooden door. I lay the hand on the knob. Why can't I get my stupid pallid fingers to work? I gripped the knob. It turned and I yanked the door open.

A hooded figure stared me straight in the face with its invisible eyes.

"Luna Black," his raspy voice wheezed.

I let my hair hide my face from him since he was hiding from me. I shakily answered, "Yes?" My voice cracked even on that on that one word.

He took a stupid crumpled piece of paper from his robe. Ok that just totally ruined his ‘I’m going to kill you’ look.

"You are requested for an audience with the Council of Elders. Please arrive three moons from now at one quarter sky." He read off of the paper. He bowed his hooded head and slowly walked in the other direction.

I slammed the door.

I sighed as I turned to the others. They stared at me like I had an extra head. I looked to my left to make sure I actually didn't.

"Luna..." Gabe swallowed dryly, "What have you done?" Was it an accusation? People can be so rude sometimes.

I shook my head. Then my cell phone in my pocket started to buzz. I pulled it out and squinted at the number. It read, "Uncle Vaughn." Layla crossed to my shoulder and peeked at the number and gave me a look that said, "Luna, it's your uncle. Answer it!"

I rolled my eyes and flipped the phone open.

"Luna," you could hear the stress in his voice. "The Council, they think..." He couldn't find words. "Luna, they want you to hunt a human."

"Any specific one they had in mind? I mean that really narrows it down. Plus I'm a civillian now. I'm not a tracker anymore. I retired remember?" I was a little angry. Are they destined to ruin my life? Ugh...

"Luna, I'm coming to visit you. Please try not to be dead by the time I get there, ok?”

I had half a mind to say "Yes, Mother!"

"Talk to you later. Bye." I shut the phone. Oh goody!

"Who's this Uncle Vaughn dude?" Aaron asked from across the room. Was anything private anymore?

"He's my biological uncle. He's the one who created me. He's kinda my second mother, even though I could happily live without him," ok now I was just rambling. Aaron shrugged at his answer and continued to tighten the wheels on his longboard. Gabe wasn't happy though. Why did he always think he was in charge when the truth is every one was their own leader?

"How long is he going to stay?" Gabe asked.

"I don't know, he didn't say." He started to talk to himself and left the main room to one of the empty rooms.

All a sudden Layla said, "I can't be here."

"But I want you to meet him!" I protested. So what if Uncle Vaughn is annoying? I think he still has the right to know who I live with.
What is up with her?

"I just can't. Your Uncle and I have a bit of a shaky past." Um...WHAT?! Has she EVER met my motherly Uncle? I didn't even know she existed until I met her. What is going on?

Then she turned to leave when something stopped her. After a few seconds I smelt it too... blood. Gabe flashed into the room then and smiled. "I think it's dinner time," He said devillishly.

I walked over to the window and looked to see who our next victim was. Through the darkness it was as though our little hide out was invisble, but I had a perfect view of him. A nerdy looking kid who totally tripped and just landed on his face. The red stuff was gushing out of his nose. An easy target.

Everyone stared at me, so I shrugged and said, "I got it," and I headed out of the back door.
I slipped on my black hoodie again and walked down the sidewalk to check out the geek. Ok even his outfit screamed loser. Collar shirt with a sweater vest, pants that were obviously too small for him, and his ultra advance math books covered in his nose blood. Don't even get me started on his calculator belt buckle.
He looked up when he saw my shadow.

"Can I help you?" I asked as politely as I could. I always loved to butter them up before the feast.

"Uh," He shoved his glasses up the bridge of his nose as he got up. "Um, sure. Thanks." He stopped and just looked at me practically drooling. 'Yes vampires are beautiful, but would you mind?' I thought.

I gathered the books off the ground and then handed them to him. He held them but he didn't take his eyes off of me. Ok, this was getting a little annoying.
To keep him from staring I grabbed his face and kissed him as tenderly as I could without gagging. He stood like ice while I kissed him. I stopped and breathed into his ear, "Do you know who I am?"

"An angel," was his answer. This guy really needed to find a girl or a life outside of Castles and Dragons. I rolled my eyes and traced my lips up his neck. He couldn't stop shivering. I paused at the hollow of his neck and whispered, "Wrong answer," and sank me teeth into the tender skin.

As soon as my teeth touched his skin he froze. And literally I mean FROZE. Our venom paralyzes their senses. They can't see, touch, smell, hear, and hope fully will never have to taste us. The only memory he will have is of a mysterious "angel" kissing him and with his luck, he'll think it's a dream. I picked him up and took him in the house. Everybody crowded around me as I got into the main room.

He still had a smile plastered to his face when I set him down. "Love attack again?" Gabe asked as he looked at the dweeb's face. I nodded and everyone laughed. That is my favorite method of attacking. I like to have a little fun with my dinner.

We all chose a different part of him to take a sip from. I always got the neck since I was the attacker. We weren't gonna kill him of course! We'll just put him back where found him and let him wake up with that wonderful dream of his.

I finished first and looked up at the window. A shadow was standing there looking in on us. This can't be good.
I fled out the door with Gabe yelling after me. I wanted to yell back at him to be quiet, but I was afraid that would give me away. I ran out onto the dark empty street. I could vaguely see someone running away. I charged as fast as I could after that person. I sniffed the air real quick to see if the person was a human or a vampire. Strange enough I came up empty. I slowed a little so I could take a deeper breath. Still nothing. I gave up and continued sprinting toward whatever that thing was.

When I got close enough to where I could touch him, I pushed aggresively on his back. He landed on his face. I leaned over to see who my victim was. In the pale light it was hard to see, so I got so close to his face that I could kiss him. Still couldn't tell what he was. I knocked his head to the side when I noticed a marking on his neck. It was a tatoo. The design was two stakes crossed with blood dripping from either end.

I recognized the tatoo immeadiately... It was the marking of a vampire hunter.

I look up to find seven other shadows pointing silver guns all over me. Three guesses of what's their ammunition. I leave the guy laying on the ground as I slowly stood up. I pray that Gabe didn't follow me. Then he would get stuck in this mess I've made.

I lift my hands lamely. "Ego pertinax haud difficultas," I say in the native vampire tounge, Latin. They looked at eachother in a disbeliving way. I just wanted to slap them for it.

A large, biker looking dude says, "You're decieving the laws set down by Vampire Lord Vladimir Tepes and Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, that clearly states that it is illeagal to be so much as seen by a mortal." He gave me the stink eye.

"Well being spied on isn't really fair now is it? That totally doesn't count!" I screamed in creepy biker dude's face.

"Yes, he," Biker dude pointed at the guy on the ground, "Was spying, but that mortal you just fed off of saw you, therefore the law has been broken." Shoot!
I was hoping that he hadn't seen that! This sucks...
They start toward me. I back up and say in English, "I mean no trouble," But they come after me still. One comes up behind me and holds a stake to my neck.

"Now, now vampire. We don't want to have some problems do we?" He breathed in my ear. Now I was freaking out. I tried to get me teeth into the hand or arm holding the stake. When I couldn't sink my teeth in, he pressed the stake harder into my neck. "I told you vampire. We don't want to make hastey mistakes."

This really was annoying me. I rammed my elbow into his gut and then made a kick between his legs and split. I was charging down the street when I heard a familiar voice say, "Ok, gentleman. I think we've done enough."

I turn around to find Uncle Vaughn walking down the dark street. "U-Uncle Vaughn? You're siding with... them?" Ok, I've seen a lot of weird things in life, but this totally peaked my list. What the crap is happening?!

"Luna, You have to understand-"

"Understand what? That you're a disgrace to all vampires and a traitor?"

"Luna, this is just a test. We really didn't intend to hurt you. This was just training to see if you could act under pressure." He stepped forward into the lights, so I could see the sincerity in his eyes.

"Oh, sorry." I just realized the faces of the hunters were familiar. They were actually Council members. Oops!

"So who was he?" I pointed to the guy who was on the ground. The one that was looking into our window earlier.

"Oh dear."


Uncle Vaughn looked at me. "He's not one of us."

"Ungh," He groans as he tries to prop himself up on his elbows.

"What now?" I lean over and whisper to Uncle Vaughn.

He looks at me, then at now conscious hot dude's face, then back at me. He bent over and bit the hot dude's arm, but he still kept moving. Uncle Vaughn looked confused. He bit again. The guy still kept moving. Wasn't he supposed to be like... FROZEN?! This time Uncle Vaughn bit him and drank heavily.

"You're going to kill him!" I tried to pull him, but he shoved me off. When he was done, he wiped his lips.

"What was that for?" I demanded.

"Luna, he made himself immune to vampire venom. The only way I could freeze him was if I slowed his heart," Uncle Vaughn wiped his mouth again.

Suddenly we heard someone walking down the street. We turned raipidly to see who was walking down the street. It was Gabe. Uncle Vaughn looked alarmed and started to charge toward him. I grabbed him by his jacket sleeve before he could run any faster. "Don't-!" I warned, but it was too late.

He easily ripped free of my grip. I realized Gabe was looking quite alarmed too. I could see Uncle Vaughn's facial expressions in the windows of the houses he passed. He looked like Chucky on redbull, which was enormously freaky. His hands flung out from his midnight colored cloak. The placid white hands gripped Gabe's neck.

"Wha-What are you do-ing?" Gabe rasped, trying to pry the strong hands away from his valuable neck.

"You have no business here young-man! This is a Council affair, only those involved maybe present," Uncle Vaughn tossed him against the hard asphalt.
"Which doesn't include you!" He kicked his foot and turned toward me.

I shivered. He still had that crazy sadistic face. Suddenly a war-cry broke out from beyond the darkness. I squinted, but even with my powers I couldn't see the person. I looked behind me to make sure hot vampire-hunter was still unconsious. There he was lying useless on the street. Then who was-?
I was stopped mid-thought by another war-cry, and another. Was it just one person? Or a whole pack? Uncle Vaughn started to notice the noise now, too. As soon as he looked away I grabbed Gabe by the arm and threw him over my shoulder.
I ran as fast as I could inside the house. I made it, but as soon as my foot tapped the doorstep, yet another cry exploded. I set Gabe down and ran to the window. Just beyond it, I found two Uncle Vaughns standing in the street.
I watched my uncle, or uncles I guess, circling eachother in the street. Now that they were next to eachother, I could see minor differences in each of them. Of course I knew which one was the real Uncle Vaughn. I was curiously gazing out the window when Antonio, Kevin and Aaron came up behind me.
"Hey, Luna. What are you looking at?" Antonio questioned as he and the other two looked out the window.
"Whoa! Am I seeing double or are there really two freaky looking guys out there?!" Kevin said, rubbing his eyes repeatedly.
"Yeah," I replied. "That one is the original," I pointed at the one with more weapons in his hands than I could count.
"That explains a lot," Aaron mumbled under his breath. I was tempted to smack him, but I resisted.
That's when Gabe suddenly woke up rubbing his head. "What the hell?" he said repeatedly. I just laughed at him. Then I remembered something.
"Gabe!" He looked up at me. "Where's Silver Moon?"
He pointed to the closet near the door.
I turned and walked to the door. I opened the closet and found a fire box sitting under a pile of (smelly) clothes. I plugged my nose and dragged out the box. I didn't bother looking for the key so I just ripped the metal lid off. Gabe groaned from the loud noise.
"Oh, suck it up!" I threw over my shoulder. Aaron's eyes widened when I pulled out the silver gun. "What?" I demanded to his frightened face.
"I just think that you and a gun aren't a good mix," He said cautiously.
I rolled my eyes and stared at the beautiful gun in my hand. It had the words "Silver Moon" carved into the side with excellent craftsmanship. Me and Silver Moon go way back. When I used to be an assasin for the Council, she was my primary weapon. She could kill any beast of the night. Shapeshifters, Vampires, Seraphs, you name it... she could kill it.
I cocked Silver Moon and ran outside and into the street. When I got to the two Uncle Vaughn's I raised the gun right to one of their faces.
I pulled the trigger and an explosion of sound followed. Uncle Vaughn's face exploded and violet colored goo covered his face. It was enough to make you do an eww! and maybe shiver. I felt a light tap on my shoulder and turned around to the other Uncle Vaughn smiling at me.
"That's my neice!" he said proudly to the others. He hugged me and I rolled my eyes and hugged him back. "Hello there, Luna! I'm sorry if he-" he gestured to the faceless Uncle Vaughn, "- frightened you and your friend." He smiled brightly.
"Hi to you too," I grumbled in his direction. His smile faltered a little but he continued chattering nonsense.
That's when Hot Vampire-Hunter got up and walked over to us. Uncle Vaughn looked startled when I wielded my gun to point at the vampire-hunter.
"Stupid vampires," He said quietly to himself.
He used his finger to push te gunpoint to the ground. I was pissed! No one touches Silver Moon but me! "Damn it, don't touch the gun! We are taking you under captivity for the murder of many harmless vampires and... other stuff," I finished akwardly.
"Nice. And no need to get too pushy. I'll come willingly. I'm really not a hunter but you can have me anyway." He smiled stupidly.
"What do you mean? You have the vampire hunter's symbol on your neck," I was not in the mood for games. This kid better give or Silver Moon is gonna get 2 shots in one night.
"Oh this," he pointed to the tatoo and laughed. "Yeah, well that's just what I used to be. I retired like a month ago. Got tired of it," he said in a bored tone. This guy was seriously getting on my nerves.
"So then why are you here?" I asked raising my gun again. "If you don't wanna kill us then what do you want with us?"
"I don't know. I just wanted to get away from him. Oh yeah and my name is Malcolm." He said still sounding bored.
"Well, do you wanna tell us who 'him' is?" I said through clenched teeth. This guy was on my absolutely last straw.
"No not really." And that's when I pounced.
Uncle Vaughn yanked me back by my shirt collar. I pulled harder and he let go with a look of concern.
"I know," I growled quietly.
"You're a hunter, too aren't you?" He said in his still annoying tone. "This doesn't make any sense!" He shook his head at the thought.
"You don't make any sense," I whispered but Uncle Vaughn gave me the guilt look. "Ok fine."
"Can I study your lifestyle from a closer perspective?" His voice suddenly got very serious.
"Uh, Um, Er..." I was still shocked by Malcolm's change in tone. "Sure, but if you're gonna stick around, I kinda wanna know who you are." His contemplated that, which made me raise my guard a little. It was a simple enough question... wasn't it?
"I promise I won't lie to you," He said immediately. I gave him another crazy look and so did Uncle Vaughn. "My name is Malcolm Wells. I'm an ex-vampire hunter, but I actually find vampires interesting to-"
"Luna," I forgot about the crap load of Council members standing nearby. "Do you want your mission?" Oh yeah, almost forgot!
"Uh, yeah. Sure," I said stepping back up to them. "What is it?"
"It's a hunt and kill mission," Biker dude council member said. Oh goody! The best of the best.
"Now you get to see my job," I threw over my shoulder at Malcolm. He laughed at that, and my heart might of actually let slip a beat. It kinda hurt, but in a good way.
Biker dude continued, "Your target is located at 246 Hemmingway Boulevard, Colorado Springs, Colorado. You can only study your target until we tell you otherwise. Study their living habits and anything else you'll need to know. Your target's name is Alpine Chylle. She knows about the vampire race," He said simply.
Huh, strange. She knows about us? How? I guess it doesn't really matter. And Alpine? What kind of name is that? Whatever. "Well I guess I should get going," I said. I started running back into the house with Malcolm and Uncle Vaughn running behind me. Malcolm was quiet which was a bit unusual.
I got into the house to find Gabe digging in the fridge for a glass of blood, and Aaron, Kevin, and Antonio staring openly at the three of us. "Uncle Vaughn, you mind giving the introductions and news? I gotta get my stuff together."
"You can't go after Alpine!" Malcolm suddenly burst out. Everyone just gawked at him.
I stopped packing and put my hands on my hips. "And why not?" I asked snootily. He looked nervous. "Yeah, that's what I thought." I kept stuffing random clothes into the duffel.
"So what's going on?" Kevin asked lazily.
"Uncle Vaughn do you mind explaining? I'm kinda in a hurry," I didn't even turn around.
"Yes, of course. You see, Luna here-" He stopped suddenly. I noticed Layla was standing in the open archway staring carelessly at my uncle.
"Layla?" He questioned with genuine shock.
She immeadiately looked down at her feet. Oh now she wants to be shy? What's that about?
"Vaughn," She whispered to the floor. Vaughn? This is getting a little too weird.
"Look," I said slinging my bag over my shoulder, "I don't know what is going on, but I'm leaving. See ya."
I walked out the door and down the street.
"Wait!" A voice called after me. Ugh. Malcolm. I walked faster hoping he'd get tired and give up. "Luna!" He zoomed up right next to me. Just my luck.
"WHAT?!" I shouted
He pulled car keys out of his pocket. "Need a ride?"
"Need anything to eat?" He asked.
I sighed for the billionth time. "No, I don't need food, Malcolm," I grumbled.
He took his eyes off the road for two seconds to stare at me. I was slumped in the passenger's seat, black leather converse happily residing on the dash. I've been jammed in this car for almost four days. You can imagine I'm feeling a little grumpy.
I sat up straight in my seat. Malcolm glanced over worriedly, but I ignored him. I could sense her. Alpine.
"Turn that way!" I pointed to a dirt road on the left.
"Just do it!" I shouted at him.
He directed the car into the direction I was pointing. It was getting dark, so Malcolm's sleek, black car would go unnoticed in case we encountered some one. The car was really nice, but a little showy. Never mind, he was being A LOT of showy. Actually could it be any more showy? Damn.
"What ever you're insulting me about mentally, I swear you're just really judgemental," He said, eyebrows raised.
I listened for a moment.
"Really, Luna, it's not my-"
"Shut up!" I cut him off.
"God, you can be so rude and-"
"Seriously! SHUT UP!" I listened again I heard voices, then Malcolm heard them too. We passed a patch of trees to find a mansion nestled in the surrounding wood. I knew she was here.
"Got to go," I muttered.
Malcolm stared, mouth agape, as I slammed the door in his face and jogged across the front lawn. I went right up to one of the windows and hid in the bush below it. I silently stared in to find a whole coven of vampires watching tv. That's not natural.
"Shoot!" I grunted as something very heavily hit me.
"Luna?" A voice asked through the dark.
I squinted and then nearly gave myself a heart attack. "Victor?!"
"Victor, Holy crap! It's you! What are you-"
"Luna! What the hell are you doing?!" Grrr. Malcolm.
"Look Malcolm just go back to the car. I'm busy!" I shot him a few daggers. Unfortunately that wasn't enough to shut him up.
"Where is Alpine? Who are you?" He turned to Victor and so did I.
Vic sighed.
"Alpine's inside, but-" Vic was interrupted by Malcolm.
"But what?! Is she ok?!" Malcolm actually sounded worried. What was with him?
"She's fine, but...there's a hunter coming for her. She knows and the V.H.I.A. found out about it. She has thirty days," He sighed sadly. Oh no. There's no way-
"Luna, are you alright?" At first I thought Vic had asked, but then I realized Malcolm was looking at me. He grabbed me by the shoulders and stared deeply into my eyes. There was a pool of, what was that, fear? He actually cared. Kudos to you, kid.
"Vic, ummm, that hunter... It's supposed to be me," I looked up at him through my hair. He shook his head in disbelief.
"Alpine is my victim," I said quietly.
Vic and Malcolm stared at me. "I'm so sorry, Vic."
"Victor?" A young girl's voice chimed from a window.
"Alpine, don't-"
"It's ok, Vic, I won't do it," I assured him. He nodded in understanding.
"Hi, I'm Luna," I said as I stepped out of the bushes and into the porch light.
The girl looked alarmed as I came toward her, but as soon as Vic came out behind me, she relaxed a little.
“Alpine, this is an old friend of mine, Luna Black. She’s here to help,” He flashed me a warning look. I smirked.
“Hi,” She said cautiously. Did I seriously look that scary?
I glanced back at Malcolm, who stood glued to his spot on the sidewalk. “And this is—“
“Malcolm?” Alpine’s young voice whispered out over Vic and I.
Wait, what? Did I miss something?
“Do you two know eachother?” apparently Vic was as shocked as I was.
Malcolm absolutely ignored the question when he said, “Hey little sister.”
My jaw dropped a million miles. Now that I think about it, it does make sense. I mean, back at the house, he didn’t want me to go after Alpine. Then he decided to give me a ride, probably to keep an eye on me. Smooth. I can’t believe I didn’t see this coming!
“Vic, do you mind if we come inside?” I said suddenly, wishing the awkward moment of shock would end.
“Um, no, come on in,” he said quietly.
He walked past Alpine and took her hand as they continued through the house. I glanced back Malcolm as he followed Vic into the house. I shrugged and emerged into a grand entry way. It had white marble floors and colorful paintings upon the walls.
“Luna!” Teri ran up and hugged me.
“Mom, please!” Vic whined from the kitchen.
I snickered as Teri threw him a threatening look.
“Hi, Mrs. Rose. Is there any chance I can use your phone?”
She strode into the kitchen, took the phone off the cradle, and handed it to me.
“Just let me know if you need anything else, sweetie.” I nodded and started dialing.
I waited few rings.
“Hello and thank you for calling the Vampire/Human Interaction Agency. Can I help you with anything?” The lady on the other end sounded extremely disinterested.
“Yes, can you please redirect me to Council Member Tepes?”
Without a word she hung up and the phone rang again automatically.
“Luna Black, how long has it been?” A smooth voice spoke into my ear.
“Too long. Hello Mr. Tepes. I was wondering if I could have a favor?”
“Anything for you, Luna,” He said without a flaw in his voice. I sighed quietly. “The Hunting Department, they expect me to…kill a completely innocent human. She knows, but she doesn’t care. Can you convince them otherwise?”
It was quiet for a moment. I swear my still heart just let slip a beat.
“Please?” I whispered.
“I will do my best. I am the most respected Council Member on the board,”
“And modest too,” I added. We laughed. “Thank you.”
“I will be in touch. Stay out of trouble.”
“I won’t,” I replied with a grin.
“Goodbye, Luna.”
“Bye, Mr. Tepes.”
I hung up as Vic walked in.
He looked at me, a little frightened with my grin.
I winked at him. “You’re lucky your little girlfriend has Luna Black for a guardian angel.”

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