Sick of it!

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Families of Smokers unite! it's time we tell the ones we love how we fell about them smoking. Read this and then tell them about it, or write you own thing about smoking. It could be the difference between life or death.

Submitted: July 12, 2012

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Submitted: July 12, 2012



Sick of it

Dear friends, family, and other readers,

Cigarettes They stink, and not just in the sent way, but in every way. The can cause cancer, second-hand-smoke, and illness. They can make your life shorter, and give you less time with the ones you love. Every time I see one in someone I love's moth, I resist the urge to rip it from your hand and let it meet the floor and my foot and I put it out.

Cigarettes are known to cause cancer. Yet you smoke. They can put people like me at risk. Yet you smoke. You could live the rest of you life relying on tubs and meds to keep you alive. Yet you smoke. It's as if you're saying that "I don't want to see you graduate, or see you get married, or meet my grandkids." It's as if you don't want to be around for a long time.

Anger. That’s the firs thing I fell when I see you smoke. I resist the urge to rip it out of your hands and tare it up between my foot and the floor. I want to choke to death when I smell them. I want to scream at you what you're doing, what you're giving up every time; but never do. After all of these years I have kept it in wishing every Christmas that you would stop, ever New Years that that would be the thing you change. You never do.

So it comes down to this- die, suffer, cause me to suffer, or you could quit smoking. You tell us never to smoke, so start leading by example. If you're going to risk all you have, all you cherish on those poison sticks, you might all well sine your death certificate right now. I don't Know if this will make you quit, I just hope it will make you think about every thing you put on the line.

With love,

Emma Garness

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