The French Vanilla

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When Alex and Lexie go out on their first date, its everything they dreamed. The romantic dinner, getting to know eachother! But when they go to a cafè they have never seen before, everything changes...for the worst.

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011



\"Yeah, I'll be right there.\" said Alex. \"You better hurry up, Your friends all said you are late on the first date.\" So this is where the story begins, it was a dark night in Truro, Nova Scotia. This was Alex and Lexie's first time going out with each other. Alex was a jock type guy who won all of the girls over, every football season. Lexie is the leader of the cheerleader sqaud and is well...lets just say she has a bad temper.

Alex walked up to Lexie's door and pounded on the door like a construction worker pounds a hammer. Lexie's father Chris opened the door with a shotgun in hand. \"Now you listen to me, you stay away from my daughter, you prick!\" Lexie came down the stairs screaming \"Daddy! Put the gun down, he is my date tonight!\" \"But I just don't want to lose my daughter to one of those jock type losers who cheat on all twenty of their girlfriends!\" said Chris. \"Sir, trust me this is only my third relationship and trust me they were the ones doing all the cheating.\" said Alex \"Oh, ok well have my daughter home by eleven o-clock, you got me!\" \"Yes sir, and I think you forgot the part where i treat her like a lady and not like a hooker.\"

After having a nice gentlemen talk with Lexie's father, they were off on their first date. \"Wow I pulled that gentlemen act off really nice, didn't I babe?\" said Alex. \"Oh honey, yes you did, and this body is all yours after our dinner!\" said Lexie seductively. They arrived at the fanciest resturant in town \"Ricardo's Italian Diner.\" The dinner went great, well for the couple at least. The people were getting very upset with their behavior. The worst part was when Alex asked Lexie so see her \"meatballs\" she flashed them quicker then you could say Ricardo. They were asked...forced to leave, but they were still thirsty.

They drove until they found a cafè called \"Tim's Cafè\" they never heard of this place before, as a matter of fact this cafè has never been promoted or seen until tonight. \"Well since this is a cafè, want a french vanilla?\" asked Alex. \"Yes please, and for offering we're going to go all the way tonight.\"

When Alex walked in he noticed everything was classic about this place. The lights, walls and even music were from the 1960's. \"Um, one french vanilla to go please.\" Alex said. \"Fifty cents please.\" said the cashier. \"One question, how long have you guys been in buisness?\" asked Alex. \"Oh we've been here forever, here is your french vanilla, we hope you enjoyed your life...I mean stay at Tim's Cafè.\"

Alex ran out of the store and in to his car. \" Here is your french vanilla.\" Alex tried to start the car, but it wouldn't start. \"Honey, I left my cellphone at home I'm going to use the phone at the cafè. Keep your hot body here till I get back.\" \"Ok.\" said Lexie. Just as Alex got out of the car the town had a power outage, but the cafè stil had power. When Alex got to the cafè, something was strange. No one was there, all he could hear was 60's music playing in the kitchen. He decided to take a look, when he walked to the back it was like a human holocaust. Bodies were packed up in one pile with blood and guts all over the walls. After five minuites of shock, the music stopped. Alex knew that he had to get out of there, but when he turned around, the cashier was standing there with a bloody knife in her hand.

It was done, the cashier had killed Alex, three stab wounds in the stomach ended him. After half an hour Lexie got really worried so being the normal cheerleader she is...she called her ex to pick her up. But the thing she didn't know was, three nights ago her ex went to the exact same place and his car broke down as well, he was never seen again, but the cashier was playing tricks on people, calling as her ex and telling everyone he had moved away. But this time the story was different, \"Hello, Lexie? want me to pick you up?...ok meet me in the parking lot at Tim's Cafè.

Lexie did go to the parking lot as she really thought it was her ex, but this sick freak showed up and shoved her in the oven. When Lexie was found she was burned to death and the killer got away.


It was the funeral of Lexie and Alex, they were buried together. It was very sad not because they were dead but it was because no one showed up. Believe it or not the family and friends heard of a new cafè called \"The Casual Cafè\" it was a modern cafè. The family and friends were all found dead the next day. It was murder, the cashier had struck again!

The cashier was caught and sent to jail for the rest of his sick life. But don't be relieved yet, there have been a recent chain of these exact same kind of murders throughout the world. When someone asks you to come to a cafè don't go...because you could be next...

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