One and only Dilgay

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Just for you Dilgay ;)

Submitted: February 06, 2013

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Submitted: February 06, 2013



Annoying, irritating he's the world's biggest pain

Many nights I have dream pushing him under a train

Or maybe I could just kick him from an airborne plane

Then I'll hide his dead body in a smelly old drain

He annoys me! oh! he kills me every single day

Even though he is some thousand miles far away

God please make sure that's where he shall stay

For if he comes near me, him I will slay

Maybe I will sell his organs for cheap on E bay

or I'll toss his body to some dogs on the roadway

Or like Dexter I could freeze him and use to play

Or I could grind his heart and make some puree

I am telling you this guy makes even Satan look gay

Since the day I met him my hair is starting to grey

He is the reason October 31 is now the doomsday

I hear he was born on a dark Halloween day

Even though he was the devil from the very first day

And even though I'd love to kill him in a swordplay

With him I must speak, from every Monday to Sunday

For he is my bro, away from him I cannot stay

So, this once, just once to God I must say

May he be blessed with every happiness I pray

Luck and success should forever come in his way

Forever in my thoughts, every second of everyday!!!

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