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About a girl who is a vampire. She's been alive since 1581. He best friend is Jem. She has recently dealt with pain. She is also a rule breaker. What she looks like will be in the next preveiw. Jem will have his turn talking. Liz and Jem are both having turns speaking. I also had to use notepad because word wasn't working. If you can comment some good programs to write with!

Submitted: November 21, 2010

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Submitted: November 21, 2010



Good things happen to good people. Bad things happen to bad people. But that can change if karma gets mixed up. For example. I used to get good grades in school. I knew lot's of people. My dream for when I got older was to help people, who well needed help. Then everything changed. The worst part is that is was on my birthday. On that day, I lost everything, and everyone I cared for. On that day, I became a monster. My birthday was on April 15th, 1581. Right now the date is January 1st, New Years day 2010.

\"Don't do that! You know you'll get in trouble with the Coven!\" Jem yelled at me. Jem's my best friend. I've known him since 1616. He was dying of small pox in a small town in Massachusettes. I had no choice but to turn him. By the way, were vampires. You'd probably think were blood sucking monster, but we only feed on the blood of animals and dying mundanes. We refer mundanes as humans. Back to Jem. His mother knew what I was, and she'd rather have him live a long time. I thought it would be dangerous, not only because he could die during the process, but because I was scared to fall in love with him. When I first met him at a local shop, he looked like my kind. His skin was so pale. His hair was a perfect sun blonde color. His eyes were an icy blue. Whenever he moved he looked like a prowling cat. When I turned him, any girls heart would have fell into their stomach. Every bit of him doubled their own magnifigance. I just hate to look him in the eye, for he is just to stunning.

\"I don't care. Jem, have you seen my record for breaking the rules? If the head vampire found it out, I'd be burning in a fire by now. Anyway, Alen is MUCH to genorous to me to let him about me. Jem, there's nothing to worry.\" I told him.

\"But Liz-\"

\"No but's got it? I'll be fine. Trust me!\"

There are three rules in a basic coven. Number one. Never expose yourself in the sunlight, out skin may burn the eyes out of a mundane or other species. Number two. Never gain a relationship with a mundance. They could die if your starved enough. They don't tell us the other reason not to though. Number three. Never slay a vampire unless they wish to be slayed. If they are slayed on purpose without permission, it WILL be accounted to as murder. I was only breaking one of the rules. Rule number two. A relationship with a mundane. Her name is Maggie O'Donnell. She was the only person I could be able to talk to about things I couldn't talk about with Jem. I met her while I was walking back to the Covens meeting place. She was walking alone. She looked scared, so I asked her if she wanted company. From there on it just sorta, clicked. By then she was 19. Now shes 74. If been a good 55 years. Shes like a mother to me. I haven't even had any thoughts of biting her at all.

\"If they catch you seeing that lady, you'll be in big trouble Liz! Don't bite her!\" Jem yelled at me. He's always worrying for me. I don't know why though.

\" Ha ha! Don't worry bout that Jem! Ain't no way they'll catch me! And as I said, Alen just LOOOOOVES me.\" I told Jem in a in-your-face kind of way.

Maggie lives on the other side of town. She has a small house. Good enought for a lady her age. She knows what I am. She doesn't mind. She thinks it's kinda cool and that. But once your used to it, it's kinda sad about all the not dying and stuff. It's also very dangerous to walk around at night without a companion. Sometimes werewolves, warlocks, and sometimes fairies will attack vampires. It's like were the main target. I guess it's just cause we drink blood and all. There was only one time I got attacked. It was by a werewolf. He thought I was a rouge vampire that was running around town drinking and moving things blood. I didn't mind at all. Mostly because I got my apologies from a werewolf.

\"Hey! Watch it blood sucker!\"

I stopped. Then when I turned around, I saw a fairy. He was dressed in some fancy mundane clothes. I could tell her was going to a local club for mundanes. We don't get our own seperate hangouts because some humans are stupid enough to walk into them. This fairy was a living example. He looked kinda scary to me. His eyes were as dark as the deepest pits in the earth. Usually there not that all dark. When he moved closer to me, he kinda looked like a lion, creeping on it's prey. I had a obvious reaction to move further from him. I don't know what was up with this guy. He just seemed to, scare me.

\"Oh, I'm so sorry sparkles.\" We all have mocking names for other kinds. Even if they don't sound hurtful, they hurt us in some strange way. Iono I guess it just hurts us on how we can't change out, weirdness.

\"Look who's talking sunshine!\"

\"Ahhhh give it up duster. Just lemme go, and I'll HAPPILY let you go.\" I snapped at him.

\"Ah fine you bloody bitch. I'll let ya go. But next time I see you, watch were your goin. Or else I'll eat cha.\" I just laughed and walked away from him. I could tell he was giving me snake eyes.

I was about 2 blocks away from Maggie's. All of a sudden, behind me I could hear sirens. Ambulance sirens. I could tell they were heading to Maggie's, because I just had a heart feeling. I ran to her back porch. I got there before the ambulance. Sometimes they call me Zippy cause I can out run half of the vampires I know. Once I stepped into the house. I just felt so down. Then I heard crashing in Maggie's room. I ran up to her room in a panic. I was worried for her because, she got so many heart surgeries and check ups. I knew where her bedroom was off by heart. She mostly spent her time in there since she was so old. As I was standing in her doorway, she was sprawled on the ground, gasping for air. Her eyes as huge as an owls. Fear overcame her face. Her long black and gray hair in strangles all over the ground. The cordless phone next to her hand. All of a sudden, memories of me and her filled my mind. On how when she was younger, I'd sneak out with her to watch late night movie shows, since I couldn't go out in the day. How we used to pull pranks on the neighbors and her little brother. When she was growing up we would go for walks and just talk about stuff. But the only thing I saw, was an old women laying on the ground. Gripping for her life. I ran to her side.

\"Maggie! What happened! Can you talk!\" I could feel hot liquid welling up in my eyes. Or as some people may say, tears.

\"Liz. It's time.\" She told me in short breaths. \"Your my best friend. Don't ever forget that.\"

\" Mags, don't talk so much. Please. Mags, your not my best friend. Your my sister.\"

\" Your right. You are. Liz. I love you. You were always there.\" I could tell she was getting closer to death. My stomach felt like it was in a huge knott.

\" I love you to Mags!\" I hugged her close to me. Streams of tears falling down my cheeks, onto her baby blue blouse. I gripped her hand harder. Her breathing was shortning. I heard the paramedics pull into the driveway, and they started kicking the door in. I didn't want to move an inch.

\"Liz. Run. Remember. Don't get noticed. I love you.\" Then she choked. Her whole body went limp in my arms. They kicked in the door and were now running upstairs. I guess these were the same guys who helped her last time. Then, I obeyed Maggie's last words. I ran into the room across the hall, so no one would notice me. I jumped out the two story window. It wasn't really much of a deal. Then I ran. I ran my fastest towards the park where I first met her. I ran with tears in my eyes. Maggie's face stuck in my head. I couldn't help myself. I guess this is why we can't love mundanes. They don't live as long as us. We live longer, so we'd be able to be there for them. We will be the ones seeing them grow old, while they watch us keep our younger age. Then, sooner or later, they'll end up dying. We'll have to be there to watch them die. Then we'll have to continue. If we loved them alot, we'll never be able to see them again. I've lost everything to me. But, losing Maggie was the worst. Far more hurtful then losing my whole family. Now that she's gone, I'll never get to see her again.

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