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mermaids women

Submitted: August 01, 2009

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Submitted: August 01, 2009



There is no such thing as the science of a woman.

A woman, a girl.

There is no way to understand the power or the essence of a woman. The overpowering eyes and the elegant walks.

The way the sun can shine on a girl’s long hair, and make it look all the different colors in the world. It makes everyone stare.

Their lips are the tools that can crumble palaces and kingdoms. The stuff of tales and legends. Always a woman to be blamed for the destruction of something incredible.

Great men have fallen to them, marvelous plans have come out of them, and they seem to always have the last word.

A woman is the greatest beauty in the planet, so fragile and vulnerable. Yet she can also be the strongest pillar out of them all.

Something so poetic about their forbidden tricks and their secrets.

Yes women and girls always have secrets.

A woman without secrets is empty and without mystery. A woman without mystery is not beautiful. A secret is empowering, it’s dark and sexy. Women are so sexy.

The essence of being a women, something so simple and yet so tangled is something a man will never understand.

A girl is a desire. A dream hard to catch and everything that appears to be a myth.

Mermaids, that’s what women are. Creatures who call men out to sea and eat them alive. What a beautiful way to live.

It’s not that they are real; it’s that their minds wander out into places men can never reach. They know things, and feel things that the male gender can never know.

How much can you really know a woman? Not at all.

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