Nameless Feeling

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it's something we all have

Submitted: August 02, 2009

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Submitted: August 02, 2009



There is a particular feeling with no name that washes over us when we fail, or are rejected. This feeling is nameless because we refuse to admit it’s there. To describe that which has no name, is near to impossible but I am here to give it a try. When we lose there is a rush of anger followed by sadness, in the moment we are weakest we also become the strongest we will ever be. After we have nothing to lose, we can raise our bets and go all in. With failure comes loss of fear, and with anger comes impulse. Deception and rejection are things that burn and the fire is like an engine bringing a beast to life.

This is nameless thing I talk about it, that is how it feels. Pain of the worst kind that makes us stronger every minute. It isn’t fear, or free, it is a drug that intoxicates. This nameless drug is what we fall into after our hearts are broken, after we lose a loved one, after we are told we cannot do something. We fall into it and fight back harder, or drown deeper, whichever road we chose after falling the drug always has it’s effect. It’s the thing that makes us scream, break everything, punch someone, even kill. That nameless feeling no one is prepared to admit into our bubble.

Perhaps I don’t know much, but I know this. I name this nameless feeling today my best friend. This nameless feeling is now going to be the rock I stand on top of, the shield that protects me. I will fight back, I will scream and push and punch and nobody will stop me. They won’t because my best friend will be in me lighting the engine that will never stop.

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