Everyone Had Something

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
Everyone has something to hide, worry about, lie about, or even not talk about. In the short story EVERYONE, you see the lives of four characters. They all have something about them...and they are a connected through the death of Blake Harrison.

Submitted: June 12, 2012

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Submitted: June 12, 2012




Am I ready, you ask? Well, if I wasn't, would I be here right now? You ask me to start with the beginning. I don't know where that is. If there was only a beginning, then this whole thing would be so much easier. I won't start at the beginning, but I'll start all right.

My name is Month Noth. Yes, I know it is a very unusual name. I have been made fun of because of it. I guess you could say that I'm bitter at the world. I am. Everyone is bitter at me.

ALLYSA: I don't want to talk about him. He never liked people talking about him behind his back. Yeah, I knw it has been seven years. I don't care. I can't talk about him. My sister? You want to know about my sister? Well, what can I tell you? Month is a brat, just like every other seven-year-old. Of course I don't accept her. How would you be friendly with the kid that--oh, see what you are doing here. You want me to talk about him. Well, haha. I'm talking about Month.

I don't know why she was named that. Wierd, I know. Month herself is wierd. Her way of thinking is very mature for her age. The way she speaks sometimes...it's almost scary.

DREW: Yeah, I guess I'm ready. You want to know about my childhood? Um, well, I moved to the U.S.A when I was eight. Let's just say, I wasnt a very happy kid. Why? Um, that's sorta personal. I don't wanna announce to the world what happened to me back in France. Sorry. Can I go now?

OWEN: Why am I even here? Did my mom ask you to talk to me? Well, she doesn't really know what she's talking about. Don't know what she said to you, but I'm fine. My so called \"problem\" is getting better. And don't treat me any different than the other kids to Interigate here. If you do, I'll be mad.

Wait, what? You are asking me about that dude I saw at the drug store? That was--what?--seven years ago? Umm, I mean, how am I supossed to remember that? He was just somebody... Okay, fine. I'll tell you. Seven years ago, I went to the drug store to pick up my mom's medicine. I was...I guess twelve. When I was in line to pay, he bumped into me. What was his name again? Oh yeah, Blake Harrison.

MONTH: My sister is especially mad at me. She has never acted like a normal sister. Of course, she is twelve years older than me, so of course we wouldn't be close. But she has never talked to me. Ever. In the seven years that I have been alive. She ads as if I'm not there.

Allysa is a very superstitious person. She will Beileve anything that makes sence to her. She won't stop and think about it. If the idea comes into her head, BAM! It's there and you can't get it out.

Of course, Ive heard Allysa talk to other people. One day, when I was four, I got an idea of why she is so mean to me.

She was crying in her room. Our mother went in. \"Stay out here, Month. Don't bother your sister.\" Mom said sternly. I did stay out there, but I pressed my ear to the door.

\"Mother! She killed him! It's all her fault he's dead!\" Allysa's voice screeched.

The calming voice of my mother said, \"How could you blame her? She wasn't even a minute old when it happened.\"

I could tell that Allysa was getting angrier and angrier. \"A minute after he died, she was born! She took his life! My own sister took Blake's life! C'mon, Mother! You can't say that doesn't make sence!\"

\"But sweetie, it DOESN'T make sence. And it was a long time ago now. I think it's time for you to move on.\"


I hurried down the hall, because Mom burst out of Allysa's room. You have to understand something; Blake was Allysa's boyfriend. He passed away a minute before I was born. Personally, I think Allysa needs someone to blame. And being Allysa, it made sence that I \"took his life\". So who would be better to blame than me?


Yes, maybe it's true that I tend to jump to conclusions. I don't know what Month told you, but my conclusions are usually right. She killed Blake, my boyfriend. That you probally already knew though. Blake was wonderful. He was sweet, kind, comical, thoughtful...and that horrible--horrible night just took him away. Took him away from me.

What happened? (Allysa burst into tears. She could not say anymore.)

DREW: Sure I knew Blake Harrison. He was the only one who knew. You ask, Knew what? Well, he somehow understood what I went through in France. You see, my mother was bipolar. Look, I know all of the jokes about bipolar people. Now, at age twenty five, I could have dealt with it. Y'know, the spankings, the shouting for no reason, the talking to people that aren't there, and the insane ideas that are dangerous and don't make sence. But for a little kid, it was a bit too much. So I ran away to live in the U.S. Blake immediately became my best friend, because he was the only one who could speak French. He taught me English. We were friends up until a week before he died. We got into a fight. Then, a week later, they found his body in the river. They said that Blake's body showed no signs of what couldn't caused his death. It didn't even look like he drowned himself. No one knew what happened.

But that was seven years ago. Why are they just investigating people now? Who are you guys anyway?


So Blake looked at me. We sorta stared at each other for a bit, but then he went and paid for whatever was in the bag he was holding and dashed out the door. They say that I was the last person to see Blake Harrison. What happened to him? How should I know?

Look, if my mother wanted you to talk to me about it, tell her that Harrison isn't what I would get \"worked up\" over. Okay, fine. I'll tell you. I have nothing to hide. I have an anxiety disorder where I get stressed out over little things. The day I ran into Blake Harrison, I was having one of my \"tantrums\". Later on, I got so stressed out with my life that I took a little walk to the river. Yes, i admit, i was going to kill myself. It was then I found his body.


I know I should get over him.


His memory will live with me--with all of us, with everyone--forever.


Finding Blake was what prevented me from jumping into that river myself and committing suicide.

MONTH: Blake Harrison taught everyone a valuable lesson. For Allysa, that is okay to live your life, even when someone else is not. For Drew, someone can change your life forever--but is up to you to diside wether it was a good or bad change. For Owen--it was obvious. Don't end your life just because it's hard. Everyone has something to deal with. Is how you choose to deal with it that matters.


Month was in her room, reading when there was a soft knock on the door. Allysa stood there. \"Hey, sis.\" Month was stunned. \"Hi.\" she mumbled. \"Wanna go get some ice cream?\" \"Okay.\" They drove to the store and got ice cream. They sat in silence until Month whispered, \"I'm sorry.\"

Allysa looked startled. \"I guess I am too. You are my sister, and I love you--whatever time you were born. I'm sorry I took so long to realize that.

Month licked her ice cream. \"I love you.\" she breathed into the warm summer afternoon air.

© Copyright 2020 Monica Newberry. All rights reserved.

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