Mayburry Middle--Chapet 4--Lorena

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

The fourth chapter

Lorena's insides were fluttering inside her body. This was THE day she was waiting for, pretty much since she heard the words \" Middle School.\" Lorena knew that her friends were caught up in the whole wierd text drama, but she didn't really mind. Someone was just playing a prank. Probally.

Lorena and her friends reached the school. Kids were gathering outside the doors, waiting to be admitted into the school. There were many, \"Missed you over the summer\"s and \"Oh, you again\"s. Lorena craned her neck to look over the crowd, which wasn't hard since she was one of the tallest people there. She caught Chis' gaze but quickly blushed and looked away. Lorena spotted people from last year, whom most of them either hated her or vise versa. But there wee many new kids too from other Elementry schools.

As Lorena and her friends made their way through the crowd, many of the boys from their school turned their heads. Lorena smiled. She was popular and beautiful and she knew it. Although, the other boys didn't even glance their way. Lorena knew that these boys would need working on.

Lorena made note of what the other girls were doing. Some were rolling on lip gloss, others were flirting with boys, and the rest were reading a book.

Pretty soon, the doors opened. People rushed in, jostling Lorena. She heard Harper say, \"Every girl for herself!\" And the group broke apart.

There were teachers who were shouting, \"Over here! To the gym!\" And so Lorena followed them to the gym and sat on the bleachers, where she was reunited to with her friends.

\"I think we are getting our schedules.\" Evelyn whispered excitedly.

Soon, the teachers shouted, \"Everyone! Listen up! We are going to call your name, and you will be assigned a schedule. Alright, first up--Harper Anderson!\"

\"Go on Harper!\" Shea nudged her. Harper stood up, and, like a zombie, went over to the teachers. One handed her a piece of paper.

They called everyone, including Evelyn and Delia, and finally Lorena's name was called. Shea went next.

After they were all called, Delia grabbed Shea's schedule. \"Crap. I dont have any classes with you, Shea.\"

\"Del!! Language!\" Evelyn squeaked. \"Oh, come ON, Ev.\" We are in Middle School now. Everyone talks like this.\"

The girls did a round of cursing, then went off t their home rooms. Harper, Shea, and Evelyn were in the same homeroom, whereas Delia and Lorena were in different ones.

Lorena hugged her friends goodbye. \"See you at lunch!\"

Lorena went to her homeroom. It turned out to be pretty boring. There was a bunch of \"getting-to-know-you games\". The only interesting thing that happened was that a hot, blonde haired, blue eyed boy winked at her. Lorena smiled. This was going to be an interesting year.

Submitted: June 15, 2012

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