Searching For Emma--Chapter 2--Promises and Violets

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The second part to Searching for Emma

Submitted: June 13, 2012

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Submitted: June 13, 2012



Emma came over all the time. We played together in my Mama's garden. Emma's favorite flowers were the roses. She would lie down on the grass, surrounded by the roses. \"Emma, why do you like roses so much?\" I asked her one day when we were in first grade.

Emma sighed, breathing in the sent. \"Because. It symbolizes life. Life is beautiful, but it has it's sharp edges. Just like a rose.\" Emma reached out and touched one, pricking her finger. \"Ouch!\"

We had alot of good times in that garden. We would play hide-and-go-seek behind the hedges until Mama would yell out the window, \"Stop stepping on my violets, you rascals, you!\"

And then Emma would answer, \"I don't see any violets here, P.M!\" and then I would follow her voice and find her.

When we were in third grade, we we lying down on the grass, watching clouds together. So far I had seen a pig with wings, and Emma had seen a baby carage. I was just about to say that I saw a dancing giraffe when Emma said suddenly, \"I have a dare for you.\" She stood up.

\"Um, okay.\" I stood up too, uncertain.

\"I dare you to kiss me.\" Emma said.

I was taken completely by surprise. But I leaned in and closed my eyes. Emma squealed and ran away into the lilies, golden hair flying behind her. \"Why did you run away?\" I asked.

Emma giggled. \"Gav, I was joking.\"

I sighed in relief. \"Oh. Good.\" We lay down again. I took a deep breath and said, \"Emma, promise me something.\"

\"What?\" \"Promise me you won't ever leave me. Promise me I an always keep you.\"

Emma scooched over to where I was lying and whispered, \"I'll always be yours.\" then she wrapped her arms around me.

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