Searching for Emma--Chapter 3-- Boats and Broken Promises

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The third part to Searching for Emma

Submitted: June 13, 2012

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Submitted: June 13, 2012



A few years had passed since she promised that. It was the summer before high school. My relationship with Emma was the same. Nothing could come between us. But Emma began to change.

On the fist day of summer vacation, Emma and I went to get frozen yogurt together. She was looking at he different flavors when I noticed something. There was coloring on her eyelid. And--and her lips were shiny! Emma noticed me looking at her and said, \"What? Do I have something in my teeth?\" she began rubbing her touge to her teeth.

\"No, no. It's just...Emma, why as you wearing makeup?\" I asked.

She shrugged, \"I don't know. Is just what boys like.\"

I was shocked. Since when did she care about what boys liked? \"Well, I'm a boy, and I dont like it.\"

She sighed, and paid for the yogurt. \"It's different for you. I mean, the boys who want to date me.\"

\"Who wants to date you?\" I asked.

I could tell Emma was getting annoyed. She tucked a wisp of golden hair behind her ear. \"Alot of people, actually.\". I disided to leave it alone. Besides, Emma didn't really get a boyfriend until senior year.

It was spring of senior year. Emma and I were lying in the garden again. Tulips shot up from the ground around us.

\"Gav, I have to tell you something.\" Emma rolled over to face me. \" I have a boyfriend. \"

My heart dropped o my feet and shattered into a million pieces. \"That's great!\" I tried not to sound gloomy.

Emma smiled, \"You think so? Well, I would love for you to meet him!\" She rouse and pulled me up from the ground. \"Let's go.\" We walked to the edge of town. Emma led me to the harbor, where there was many big yachts. But there was a small rowboat , too. In the rowboat, the was a scruffy burley teenager who looked and smelled like he needed a bath. Really bad.

\"Tony!\" Emma called out. The guy in the boat turned and waved. He climbed out of the boat and onto the dock. Emma's boyfriend came up to me, grabbed my hand and started pumping it like there was no tomorrow.

\"The name's Tony. And you must be Gavin. Emma has told me everything about you. Now, don't get any ideas. She's my girl now.\" Tony smiled.

I looked at Emma she shrugged. But she promised! She promised that she'd always be mine! But now she have herself to this Tony guy. I couldn't take it anymore. I ran from the harbor.

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