The Search for Emma--Chapter 6-- Trains and Sayings

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Sixth part

Submitted: June 13, 2012

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Submitted: June 13, 2012



Everything. Everything here reminds me of her. The kitchen table, where we enjoyed so many meals. The bathroom cupboard, her favorite place for hide-and-go-seek..but most of all the garden. I cant bear to go here anymore. One day, Mama came into my room. I was crying.

\"Baby, I know it seems bad.\" She said, hugging me.

\"But Mama, it is bad. She's out there, all on her own, in a different country.\" I said.

\"Well, she needs help, doesn't she?\" Mama withdrew to look into my face. \"I think you are the only one who an help her. She will only let you help.\"

I stood up. \"Mama, are you telling me to go to Canada, track down Emma, and send Tony to jail?\"

\"Speaking as your over-protective mother, I'm not telling you do that at all.\" Mama sighed, \" But speaking as someone who knows you well, I know you are going to do that anyway.\"

I smiled. \"Thanks Mama.\" I ran out the door.

\"Bring back my P.D.\" Mama called after me. Her Pretend Daughter.

I gabbed my coat and car keys, climbed into my car, and started it up. And off I was to Canada. It took a long time, but finally I got to the border. Only then did I realize that I needed a plan. I knew it would take a long time to find Emma, so I might as well move to Canada. I'll get a job, and a small apartment. Alongside my job, I'll search for her.

I drove all the way to Toronto, Onatrio. I passed the Staples center and the empire state building. I consulted a employment agency and they advised working in the train station. The very next day, I got a job selling train tickets. I used the money I got for food and a motel room, and eventually a small apartment. I worked very hard for months and months. I searched for Emma for months and months. After a while, though, I sort of lost hope that I would ever find her.

You know that saying, it says if you truly love something, it will come back to you? Well, the thing I love most came back to me.

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