A Perfect Stranger

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Nicole is a suburban housewife, but everything changes when she seeks revenge on her cheating husband. Her plan backfires and her marriage becomes abusive. Contemplating taking her life, Nicole flees. Along the way Nicole begins to fall in love with the least likely candidate, but will Nicole be able to overcome her emotional scars to keep her new love afloat?

Chapter 1 Jaide

I've seen many things. I've seen people fall apart, I've seen people come together. My life has never been very exciting. I had experienced heartache in the past and my life has had ups and downs, nothing out of the normal. I never could have predicted that I would be seeing my best friend self destruct right before my very eyes, and that I would change forever.


It was a cold Friday morning, late in November. I was sitting on the porch with my best friend Nicole. We were smoking a cigarette, enjoying a cup of coffee and watching our daughters get on the school bus. The conversation was full of small talk and gossip. Out of our 3 years of friendship, I never noticed how beautiful she was. I never noticed how slender her fingers were, and the lines that formed in her cheeks when she genuinely laughed. Nicole's black, un-styled hair was still long and silky, hardly any frizz. Nicole gave to charity, often. She volunteered during the holidays and would always spare a dollar to someone on the streets. Nicole was beautiful inside and out. “So what made you decide to move to Kent?” I asked. It was a pitiful attempt at making conversation. I am so awful at keeping up small talk. Even though Nicole wouldn't mind the silence.


“The weather, I am just in love with the rain. Arizona is so hot, dry, brown and flat. It made my soul sad.” Said Nicole.


I was surprised at this response? How can your soul be sad? Little did I know, I would discover this very feeling in a few short months.


“I know it sounds weird, but every single day I was unhappy. I had a beautiful home, beautiful children, and a wonderful husband. Just for some reason, I was depressed. I constantly hid in the darkness of my home, and when it rained I rushed around opening windows. The flat land and lack of scenery broke my heart. I longed for something different.” Said Nicole.


“So you chose somewhere soaking wet?” I replied with a chuckle in my throat.


Nicole replied “Yes, it's beautiful here. We can actually go for walks, and the kids can ride bikes and there are trees to admire. The people are more hospitable and friendly. It's everything I've ever wanted.”


I could tell she meant that with more than I could understand. Her eyes dimmed when she talked about her past, then became the beautiful bright blue I had looked at for the last few years when we changed the topic. “Do you, Evan, Savannah and Sarah want to come over for Thanksgiving dinner? Emma would love it.” I asked Nicole hesitantly. I knew she didn't have any family out here, but maybe pointing that out was insulting. I instantly regretted asking. The holidays were always a hard time for me. I didn’t have much family left to celebrate with. It was always a sad reminder of how lonely it really is sometimes.


“Yes that would be so much fun! The girls would love to play with Emma. Is Emma's dad making an appearance this year?” Nicole said.


Humph, I am wondering the same thing.


“I highly doubt it, he rarely does. Tyler is one of those when it works for him dads.” My voice cracked a little bit. I didn’t like talking about my ex. He is one of those guys that isn't a terrible person, just a terrible father. I think I could deal with him if he was all together terrible, but he wasn't. Just when it came to Emma.


Chapter 2 Nicole

I am happily married, I’ve seen many things in my life. Some good, some bad. Mostly bad, but I always seem to bounce back from it. At least most of the time. The upcoming months would prove other wise, they would test my ability to remain in tact, and they would test just how strong my bond is with Jaide. They would either break me, or make me the strongest I have ever been.


I was enjoying sitting outside with Jaide, watching the kids wait for the school bus. Jaide was one of those women who was awkward and quiet. I was the complete opposite, yet I loved her dearly anyways. She was like a sister to me in most aspects. I could tell that she admired me, and the life that I have. It is vastly different from hers. I have been married for seven years, her and Emma’s father rarely speak. I think she still loves him, but she would never admit it to me. I see men come and go in Jaide's life, and I have been with the same man for nearly ten years. I am not afraid to speak my mind, but of course I always keep myself composed and put together. No one wants to see a lady go off the deep end, not in the real world any how.


We were small talking about the weather and other things that I wont remember in a year. When out of no where Jaide asked me “Do you, Evan, Savannah and Sarah want to come over for Thanksgiving dinner? Emma would love it.”


I wasn’t sure how to respond to this. I did not want to spend a holiday with other people, pretending to be thankful. Evan and I have been having problems for months now, and I haven’t cared to share it with Jaide. Evan has been working late, so he says. Quite frankly, I think there is more to it. What kind of high school teacher stays on campus grading papers until 2 A.M.? I just can't prove it, my gut tells me that something is wrong, but the lack of proof says other wise. I decided I didn’t want to let my suspicions ruin a perfectly good holiday. So I responded with a big smile, and a little to much enthusiasm. “Yes that would be so much fun! The girls would love to play with Emma. Is Emma's dad making an appearance this year?”


Why did I ask about Tyler? To deflect from my own marital troubles? Jaide doesn’t even know about them. God, that was rude of me. Thankfully she didn’t seem to offended by this question, almost as if she was wondering the same thing herself. Jaide and I went our separate ways, and I went inside to scribble in my notebook. I loved to write, poetry mostly. It wasn’t any good, and Jaide had never seen it. I began feeling bad, the more I thought about it, the more I realized- I don’t share hardly anything with Jaide.


I put that thought aside and scribbled in my notebook some more. It really helped me prepare for this performance I will have to put together so Jaide and Evan cant see how unhappy I really am.


Tangled in a web of lies,

Quietly stare into your empty eyes,

Tangled up in a web of fear,

To lose the ones I hold so dear,

Tangled in a web of sorrow,

Forget today,

Hold on for tomorrow,

These bruises on my body,

Cuts so deep,

Spin out of control as I slowly weep,

I bite my tongue and close my eyes,

As my tears become my lullabies.


It broke my heart to think Evan could be cheating. I knew the love wasn’t there anymore, but we had children together. Didn’t that mean anything? I guess it didn’t to him. Admittedly, a part of me was hoping I was

wrong and crazy. I don’t want to get a divorce, at one point in my life I was crazy for him. A part of me was hoping we could feel that way for each other one more time.


Chapter 3 Jaide

It was later at night, the night before Thanksgiving, and I heard voices coming from my porch. Not expecting anyone, I grab my shotgun and turn on the porch light. I opened the door like a crazy woman who's got one to many voices in her head.




I couldn’t even get the words out of my mouth. Was I imagining things? Tyler was sitting on the porch, and

Nicole was standing against the railing with her hand on her chest.


“What the hell is going on here?!” I demanded.


“I came over to see what you wanted me to bring to lunch, and this weirdo was just sitting on your porch. I asked him who he was, and he wouldn’t tell me. So I started to call 911 and then he got pissed saying his daughter lives here! That's about when you walked out.” said Nicole. Oh lord she was pissed off. Maybe I should go back inside for 5 minutes, give her an opportunity to hit Tyler then I can come out. Oh well, to late.


“That's Tyler...” I had a draw in my answer, it became very apparent I didn’t want him there. Our break up had not been pleasant. We were on and off for many years before Emma was born. I wanted a white picket fence, 3 kids and a dog. Tyler wanted to travel the world, party with celebrities and do cocain out of their navels. When I became pregnant with Emma, he insisted I 'take care of it'. It? What was growing inside of me wasn’t just some life sucking clump of cells. That was our baby, that I had wanted for my entire life. Tyler didn’t feel the same. So, he disappeared and decided he wanted to be involved when she was around 3. It became obvious that he didn’t know what involved had meant, because he would pop by when he didn’t have anything better to do. Tyler never called on birthdays, or holidays. Months would go in between visits. Every time Tyler didn’t show up, or call, my heart broke all over again. Just like it did when I was 3 months pregnant with no one to hold my hand during this scary time.


I snapped out of my thoughts full of self pity and focused back on the situation at hand. Why was Tyler here and arguing with Nicole? Nicole looked shocked, she removed her hand from her chest and just looked confused. I guess she wasn’t afraid anymore. “Well, this is awkward. I will just see you tomorrow?” Nicole had this look in here eyes like what the fuck is going on?


I shook my head and watched her walk off. I began asking Tyler a million questions like why didn’t he knock? Why didn’t he tell me? Where had he been for 18 months? He had little to say. He didn’t even seem sorry that he had missed out on Emma’s life. Her precious and adorable little moments that he didn’t see. Still I knew, as soon as Emma learned of Tyler’s arrival she would be ecstatic that her daddy was here. No matter how much my heart broke for Emma, she never complained. She only rejoiced every time they were together.


Chapter 4 Nicole

I approached Jaide's front porch, wondering what to bring tomorrow. I knew she wasn’t great at cooking, but she was the host, I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. “Hi there” said a males voice in the darkness. It scared the hell out of me. I demanded to know who this was, just sitting out in the dark like a weird-o?


“Who's that? Where are you?!”


He got up and walked a little closer to me, even though he was a stranger. He was a perfect stranger. He had glorious slicked back brown hair, and had eyes that reflected the moon and stars so perfectly. His lips, man if he wasn’t a complete stranger I would want to kiss those lips. I’m sure Evan wouldn’t care, I’m pretty sure hes kissing another strangers glorious lips as we speak anyhow. “Does it matter who I am? Who are you? Just walking up to peoples doors in the dark?” He said.


“Me? You are the creepy ass hole just sitting out here!” That's it, no matter how good looking this stranger was, I was calling 911. I pulled out my cell phone and he became furious.


“My daughter lives here, what the hell do you think you are doing?!” The man exclaimed.


“Well why didn’t you say that t-” At that moment, Jaide had burst outside with her gun. Wow she does not take burglary lightly does she? Turns out this mystery man is Emma’s father, Tyler. Great, a perfectly good looking stranger can't stay a stranger. Why does everything become so complicated and awkward? After we had all gotten calmed down, it became obvious to me that she didn’t want him there. Jaide never did share their history with me, other than the fact that he only popped in when it was convenient for him. I decided this was not my place, so I excused myself. I could have done it more gracefully, or even just walked away. In that situation, no one would have noticed me slipping back down the stairs.


“Well, this is awkward. I will just see you tomorrow?” Before I could even get that complete thought out, I was going down the stairs. I had no idea what the fuck was going on, and I wanted out of it. I started heading back for my house when Evans car pulled in. Wow, it was eleven o'clock at night, and he just got home?


“Why are you getting home so late?” Evan jumped like he had no idea I was behind him.


“Jesus Nicole, why are you even still awake?”


“I was waiting for you, were you grading papers or something again?”


Evan paused for a second. “Yea, something like that.” As he turned around to walk to the front door I smelled an unfamiliar perfume lingering.


“Hey Evan?”


He jerked around “What Nicole?!”


“What is that smell?”


“I don’t fucking know Nicole, I am hungry, I am tired. Lets go inside.” I knew there was more to the story, but it was a matter of me proving it. By the time I could even get inside, Evan was asleep. He dumped his briefcase next to the door, left a trail of dirty clothes leading into the bedroom and was snoring away. I couldn’t help but stare and wonder where the time went, where the love went. Even if he wasn’t cheating, this marriage was doomed.


Chapter 5 Jaide

Thanksgiving morning had arrived and I began cooking. Despite the events that happened last night, I was pretty excited. Emma’s mom and dad were together for a holiday and we had friends to share it all with. Tyler walked into the kitchen in his pajamas, poured himself a cup of coffee and asked me if Emma was still asleep. I had replied yes and went back to cooking. “So is your friend Nicole single?” Tyler asked.


“What? No she is married. Besides she is my best friend, she would be off limits anyways.” I was disgusted and slightly jealous. Why didn’t he want me again? I am the mother of his child for Gods sake. But I know that would end terrible. It was unfortunate, I had not imagined this is the situation I would be bringing my child into. I think I wanted my picture perfect family more than I actually wanted Tyler back.


Emma came running out of her room like a child on Christmas morning screaming “DADDY!” She wrapped her arms around Tyler like she was never going to see him again. That made me sad, but I was also happy that in this moment her heart over flowed with joy. Man, when is this turkey going to be done cooking? Oh great! I forgot to turn the oven on? I hissed at myself under my breath.


“Look, I have a lot on my plate today, can you be please keep your thoughts to yourself? Just be Emma’s dad, quiet and respectful?” Tyler laughed like he thought I was kidding. The door bell rang, it was Nicole, Evan and their daughters. This was going to be weird for me now that I know Tyler has the hots for Nicole.


“You guys I am so sorry, I forgot to turn the oven on so the turkey wont be ready for another hour or so. Do you mind?” I asked.


“Its okay, maybe the kids can ride their bikes and we can sit outside. I could use a drink.” Nicole’s suggestion was the greatest thing I’ve heard all day. I could use a drink, a few and a cigarette actually. We made our way out to the front porch and began drinking, and laughing and chatting. I saw those laughter lines in Nicole’s cheeks again. Nicole was beautiful, and seemed so in love with Evan. She stroked his leg and rested her head on his shoulders between sips of wine. Despite their acts of affection though something seemed off. They kissed and cuddled, but there was still an awkwardness of how they went about it. They never looked each other in the eye.


“Excuse me, I need to step inside for a minute.” Said Evan. He kissed Nicole's forehead and went inside.


bzz bzz bzz bzz


Evans phone had fallen out of his pocket and was going off. Naturally, Nicole picked it up to check. It was a text message. As she read it, her face went pale, her eyes went gray and I swear for a second she stopped breathing. Nicole still didn’t say anything, but she looked up at me.


“Whats wrong?” I asked Nicole, she looked like shes seen a ghost. Still not saying anything, she handed me Evans phone. I got to read what drained Nicole of her perfect color.


“hey sexy, I hope you have a happy turkey day and I can't wait to see you tomorrow.

Xoxoxoxo Evan <3 Allisa”


I was going to puke. Was Evan really cheating on Nicole? Was this Allisa really stupid enough to text him on a family holiday, or did she even know he was married? Did Nicole have any idea? This was so unreal to me. Nicole set the phone down where she had found it. As Evan came back, it was dead silent. We all just stared at him. She swallowed and took a breath, and told Evan his phone went off. I don’t think he even realized Nicole had already read it. He quickly punched on a few buttons. “Let me see your phone Evan.” Nicole demanded before he had a chance to delete them.


“Why Nicole?”


“Because I want to see what you said to Allisa, that’s why!”


Evan paused for what seemed like eternity, then hesitantly handed over his phone, the color drained from his face too. I don’t know what Nicole read, but she immediately began sobbing. “Have you fucked her?” Nicole asked.




“Evan, I asked if you have fucked her!” He didn’t say anything, only nodded. Yes. Nicole lost it, she ran out into the street and began smashing his phone. She was screaming inaudible words and stomping the life out of the cell phone. Then she stopped, and just fell to the ground. Nicole hung her head and cried for what seemed like eternity. No one went out to the street to ask if she was okay, no one knew what to do or what to say.



Chapter 6 Nicole

I was sitting there like a fool. Crying my eyes out over an affair that I had known was happening, but I had no proof. I didn’t want to admit it, but now its all so real. To real for me to wrap my head around. We have kids, what am I going to do? I was so angry, I felt like my insides were going to burn inside of me. “Will anyone take a walk with me?” I pleaded. I needed to get away from Evan.


“I don’t feel comfortable leaving either of these baboons with our children.” replied Jaide.


I looked at Tyler, I didn’t know him, but his company had to be better than none. He agreed to come with me. We began walking and we talked, but I wasn’t really listening. All I could think was how was I going to get back at Evan? How was I going to recover? The feeling of really knowing that its over, was nothing like what I had expected. My anger and sadness came in waves. The unsteadiness of my emotions was nauseating. I’ve given my life to Evan, and my body. I cherished my body, I cherished his, I cherished what we did with them. I thought he cherished the love we made together, but that was obviously not the case. Evan was just looking to get his dick sucked and dinner cooked. At least its how I felt. An idea popped into my head that would change the course of my life forever. “So, Jaide said you thought I was cute. Is that true?” I asked.


“How in the world did she have time to tell you that? I said it maybe an hour and a half before you got there.” Said Tyler.


“She text messaged me, women spread things like wildfire.” I chuckled back at him. Tyler grinned and replied “Yes, but I didn’t know you were married.” Because that was relevant now right? I took his hand and led Tyler behind the coffee shop.


“What are you doing Nicole?”


“I’m doing what you wanted to do when you thought I was single.”


“I wanted to take you out on a date.” said Tyler, he was trying to create distance between us.


“Don’t lie to me. All men want the same thing and it isn’t to go on a date.”


“You are only doing this because you are mad at your husband” Said Tyler. His breath became heavy as I kissed his neck. No matter how wrong it was, I had him hooked.


“So what? Evan fucks around, so now it's my turn.”


Tyler caved, he kissed me passionately like he had been thinking about this moment for years, and pushed up my skirt. I don’t know if it was the anger, or just that I had been neglected for a long time before hand, but oh my god, what we were doing felt so good. He bent me over and just ravaged my body. Neither one of us cared that we were on the wet muddy ground and semi in public, we were caught up in the moment. The very last time he thrusted into my body was the best. I screamed. I could feel all my anger instantly disappearing. The rage in my gut seemed to melt away and I no longer felt betrayed. My heart rate slowed down, I caught my breath. Evan and I were even.


Chapter 7 Jaide

After 2 hours or so, I finally saw Nicole and Tyler walking back. What had they been doing? Whatever it was, it took forever. Nicole seemed oddly happy, she and Tyler were laughing and the color had come back to her face. Her legs were bruised, her beautiful burnt orange skirt was dirty. What in Gods name had they been doing?


No. They couldn’t have. They didn’t. Did they... fuck? Nicole walked back up the steps, put her hands on Evans chest and asked “Were you going to leave us for her?”


“No, I swear, when I saw her tomorrow I was breaking it off. Please believe me.” Evan pleaded with Nicole, like he couldn’t see what I was seeing.


“Okay. Then I forgive you. We will make it work, no questions asked.” Evan looked confused. He was probably as confused as I was. My confusion began turning into anger, that was my ex! The father to my daughter, did she not know I still wanted him? She would really sleep with the first guy to console her just to get back at Evan? Honestly I understood, but I didn’t want to. Nicole and Tyler walked back in the house to check on the kids. “What just happened?” Asked Evan.


I didn’t know how to say it, and I had no regard for Evans feelings at this point. So I just blurted it out. “While Nicole and Tyler were out, I’m pretty sure they fucked.” I walked back inside, and slammed the door behind me. Evan stayed behind. I think he was processing what I had just told him. What she just did is exactly what he had been doing to her. Somehow, what he did was worse. Nicole slept with Tyler out of revenge, Evan slept with Allissa out of pure disrespect for his wife. There had to be more than that though. I just didn’t understand it. They always seemed so happy. I looked up to their relationship, I used it as an example for what I was looking for. This had made me question the entire idea of love, marriage and monogamy. We all sat down at the table. We ate in silence, the kids laughed and ran around and no adults told them to stop. God, this was the worst dinner ever.


“Did you two sleep together while out for your pity walk?” Evan demanded. Everyone looked up from their plate, and looked stunned, the children included. Nicole smiled and answered simply. “Yes. More specifically behind the coffee shop 2 blocks up.”


“Nicole you have got to be kidding me. What is wrong with you?!”


“Me? Are you serious? You have been screwing around for months now.”


“This is bullshit Nicole, I don’t want your forgiveness!” Evan stormed out the front door. Nicole and the kids shortly followed. Tyler and I just stared at each other, shocked that Evan would say something like that in front of everyone. My mind was overwhelmed with everything that happened that afternoon. As I was cleaning up, Tyler came back in and offered to help. I said no and yanked the dishes from his hands- his disgusting hands.


“What's wrong with you Jaide?”


“What's wrong with me? You met my best friend yesterday, then today when she found out her marriage of 7 years was over, you decided it was okay to take her behind a building and fuck her!”


“It wasn’t even my idea! She said her husband was screwing around, so she wanted to too. You and I aren’t together, I’m leaving soon and Nicole is hot. Why the hell WOULDN'T I do it?!”


“Because you were supposed to be here visiting your, our, daughter. Not chasing tail. Jesus Tyler!”


“Fine, I wont even talk to her over Christmas. Okay?” Said Tyler, like he would be coming back.


“Christmas? Please! You will not be coming back here. Not after this.” I said.


“Jaide, I don’t understand why you are pissed at me about this. Okay I shouldn’t have done what I did but, its not like I cheated on you. You can't keep me from our daughter because you’ve got some weird thing going on in your head.”


“I keep you from her? You have that backwards. I beg you to come see her, I beg you to call her. When we call you, no answer, no call back. Nothing! I don’t have anything going on in my head Tyler!” I slammed down the pile of plates and broke the plate on the very bottom of the stack. I was so livid. How dare he?


“Yes you do! You act like we are together but when I actually tried to fix things with you, you turned me down. What the hell is that?” Tyler was beginning to yell. I had no answer. I stormed off into the bedroom. He was right, I did always say no. Why? Was I playing hard to get? Who knows. After tonight being with Tyler would be impossible. My vision of one big family had been destroyed by the friend I loved the most.


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Submitted: February 25, 2014

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