Halloween: A Love Story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

It's Halloween. The night when children dress up and ask for candy, when evil lurks in every corner and spirits become alive. But it's also the night where anything can happen, and where love can bloom in the most interesting places. **A/N this story changes setting from time to time, but it will say when, so please don't get confused. It's cut in to scenes, is all I can say. Thank you!**

**A/N this story changes setting from time to time, but it will say when, so please don't get confused. It's cut in to scenes, is all I can say. Yeah the structure is a bit...weird. but it's the only way I felt I could get the story across in the way I wanted. Thank you!**

Halloween: A Love Story

"Did you hear that?" A girl named Rooney asked with a shaky voice. It was a dark night, the wind blowing in their faces, and the moon shining bright with white light. The cemetery was filled with people but the undead had their way of making the place strangely, lonesome.

"Hear what?" Her friend Ariel said as she grabbed onto Rooney's arm and held tightly. She scanned the place as she did, but didn't see anything.

"Over there. But it was probably just the wind or something." Rooney responded as she pointed to a corner. "Come. Let's go, this is the creepiest shit." She lead her through the cemetery stumbling on the graves as they walked by. There was so many graves everywhere, it was a bit claustrophobic.

"Okay." She said quietely. As they rounded a labyrinth they saw suspicious shadows lurking through the trees but as a safety mechanism, they ignored them and kept on their way.

"Ahhhh!" they both scream frantically as strong hands grabbed them both from the shoulders.

"Cut! Cut! No, Ariel you are supposed to look frightened, not confused. Try that again." Another friend, Ivy directed Ariel.

"We should probably just go, we've spend a good amount of time filming the movie. We've got all the shots." Rooney cut in. She was a witch. It was Halloween, everyone dressed in costumes either handmade or store bought, boasting holiday pride. Her costume was semi home made. The dress she wore was vintage and lace, with a swoop neck and intricate detailing at the end. Her witch hat was one of her early childhood that managed to still fit her head; was simple and black. She paired the look up with black tights and booties.

"Yeah it's Halloween, we have so much to do and we're running out of time." Finnley who played the serial killer said. He was wearing all black, black jeans, a black button up shirt, with a plastic knife in his hand. Ivy, the director was dressed as a flapper and looked at them skeptically with her hands over her chest as she held on to her camera.

"Fine." Ivy responded. Finn bend down to pick up his real costume, a cape and mask. He was Zorro.

"Good. Maybe we can still go trick or treating." Ariel suggested as she fixed the headband across her blonde hair. She was a blond Pocahontas tonight, wearing the brown and suede material with turqoise detailing.

"Really?" Ivy said snootily.

"Yes, it's in the schedule" Finn said as he pulled out a paper from his jeans. "Watch The Most Horror movies As We Can Starting The Day Before, check. Bake spooky desserts, check. Film on location, check. Go trick or treating, and go to the Halloween Parade on Hollywood Blvd are yet to checked." He raised his eyes and stared at Ivy intently, challenging her to change the plans.

"Hollywood Blvd really? What are we...hipsters?" Ivy said.

"Hey! Last year they made it into the Guinness World Record for most people doing the Rocky Horror Picture Show Time Warp dance." Ariel said a little breathlessly and straight faced. "I want to be part of that."

After a few moments Ivy said, "Fine. Lets go."

"Yay." Ariel squealed.

In another place.

"Man this party blows." A cowboy by the name of Quinn commented as he and his friend stood shoulder to shoulder against a wall.

"Yeah, nothing but ravers getting high." Han Solo observed.

"It's Halloween for fucks sake, getting high is not the way I want to spend it. Maybe a bit drinking, some girls, but blazing it? Nah."

"Let's go then." Han Solo aka, Felix said. The two boys dumped their red plastic cups in the trash and proceeded to the house entrance. Out in the lawn, teenagers where dancing and drinking making it a sort of extension from the house. Felix went to his car hopped on the drivers seat as his friend Quinn sat in the passenger seat. "Where to?" Felix asked.

"Let's get some burgers." He responded. Felix made a right onto the street going in the direction to the place with the perfect hamburger. In-N-Out. The guys parked the car, got out, and went to their burger heaven. Ordering their favorite things they sat in a nearby table and waited for their meal.

In the streets.

"Yeah we are trick or treating! Yeah! Wooh! I want some candy!" Ariel chanted as the group walked down a street full of kids trick o treating.

"Guys, we are the oldest people here." Ivy commented as she fixed the red feather in her hair.

"Yeah so? There is still free candy everywhere." Rooney told her. "Let's go to this one."

"It seems lonely. Maybe there is no one there." Finn said.

"Let's just check it out." Rooney told them. The light by the door was on, but there were no decorations or signs of life there. But it was a Halloween rule that if someone kept their house light on, that meant candy. The gang walked down the pathway hesitantly expecting to be rejected. Then, out of the bushes came out a man with a mask and knife in his hand, everyone screamed as he paraded around them and then returned to his hiding spot.

"I guess there are people here." Ariel said breathlessly as she pressed her hand to her heart.

"Guess so...is someone going to knock or are we just going to stand and stare at the door." Finn said.

"I feel embarrassed saying Trick or Treat." Ivy told them. Finn shook his head and rang the doorbell. A few moments later an elder woman with graying hairs opened the door with a smile on her face that soon changed into a frown.

"Trick or Treat." The gang said as they held out their decorative bags.

"Aren't you guys too old to be trick-or-treating?" She asked them.

"Told you." Ivy whispered.

"No, we are younger than we look." Finn said quickly.

"Alrighty then." She gave their bags a candy each. The gang walked down with their own frowns.

"Well that was lame." Rooney said as she looked at the one candy she had. "After being humiliated we should have at least gotten two."

They walked down the streets enjoying the ambiance, ever so often houses hosted their own haunted houses and boasted their lucrative decorated houses, while others were plain but with good candy. Kids roamed the streets with their scary and cute costumes hand in hand with their parents. At times they did feel out of place but enjoyed it nonetheless. A couple of times they had to respond to the question of the day, 'Aren't you guys too old to be trick-or-treating?' with the same answer, 'No we aren't too old'.

At the end of the night, they did what all kids do at the end of a trick or treating session, sit in a circle and compare candy. Some got the traditional candy, candy corn, Reeces Pieces, Hershey's, and Snickers, while others received the more exotic but equally welcomed Mexican candy with all the chili.

"Alright. Everyone up." Finn rose as he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper and small pencil. "Go trick or treating, check." He said and scribbled something in the paper. "Now to the Parade!" everyone rose a bit frazzled and by the looks of it, tired, but the night was still young and the main event was yet to come. "A little faster now. We have a bus to catch."

In In-N-Out

"That was awesome." Quinn said as he balled his paper napkin and threw it on the plate. "Nothing like animal style fries at night." Felix looked at him with an eyebrow raised. Yes Quinn was definitely...weird.

As Felix finished his own burger, he observed the people in the restauraunt. Besides it being a holiday the place was still full with people but this time people in costumes. He looked back at his friend as he pushed a mint into his mouth. Quinn raised the tin box over to Felix and he also popped one to his mouth.

"Now where?" Quinn asked as he leaned back in his chair.

Quinn thought about all the things they could do. It was a bit frustrating. Since they weren't children anymore they couldn't go trick or treating; he'd stopped doing that when he was fifteen. Movies? No. It would look like he was on a date with Quinn. Another party? And do what? Nope.

"What about Hollywood? There's the parade." Felix suggested.

"Yes! That's cool. The chicks are half naked down there. Genius, man." They stood up with trays in hand and threw their trash away. And out they went to the Halloween Parade.

Halloween Carnival: Hollywood & Vine

"Yay! We've made it!" Ariel said happiliy as she twirled in her Pocahontas costume.

"Please stop saying yay." Ivy told her flatly.

"This is so cool." Rooney commented. The streets were filled up to the brim of people walking. Everyone in crazy and elaborate costumes, it all seemed like a big party. People with big hair, exaggerated make up, people who were walking in high platforms towering over the people, yes they were definitely there. There were also those girls that used Halloween as a means to show people their lady lumps. But it was all good. At least tonight they won't be sluts....maybe. There was scary, unique, beautiful, simple, and fun costumes everywhere and people sashayed with no worries.

"Well let's start parading." Finn told them and led the way. The gang barely managed to fit on the sidewalk seeing that the street was even more filled, but still they walked down with the same fearless nature of the others.

"I wonder where the stage is going to be." Ariel asked as she stared at a man with something that looked like a working chainsaw.

"Who knows? But we'll find it." Finn told her. As they walked down the street they took in all of which was displayed and as music played they danced and sung, just like everyone else. At some point Ivy took out her camera ready to capture anything and everything that came their way.

"People, tonight we will be dancing to Thriller, at the main stage!" They heard someone in a speaker yell. Everyone looked to the man who was speaking and listened to him carefully. "Last year we did the Time Warp, this year we are trying to break the record for the most people dancing to Thriller!" As soon as the man finished everyone started running to the direction where the main stage was located at.

People bumped into them and shoved them out the way to make it to the stage and get a good view. Finn Ariel, and Ivy ran too and as Rooney tried to follow them, she was bumped into and fell. She immediately lifted herself up and looked in the direction of her friends, but couldn't track them anymore. Rooney found herself surrounded by strangers and she began to look frantically around. She reached into her candy bag and got her cell phone out. No bars. Shit, she was screwed.

Hollywood & Gower

"Look at those girls." Quinn the cowboy said as he slyly pointed to a group of girls in basically their underwear. One of the girl turned around and made eye contact with Quinn. They exchanged a few glances to the point where the girl actually came over. She sauntered her hips side to side and her big hair moved with her.

"Hey. You looking for some fun tonight, Cowboy?" She said. Felix analyzed her and immediately knew that this kind of girl would never be his type. She was too made up, too forward, and a bit other things.

"Sure. What you have in mind." Quinn responded as he played with his hat.

"Well, I have some friends over there," she said and looked back, "that want someone to hang with."

"I'm your man." He said and grabbed his collar.

"What about you?" She asked Felix.

Felix shook his head quickly and responded, "No thanks."

"Felix, this is a great opportunity for you." Quinn whispered to him.

"Nah, I'm fine." Quinn looked at him questionably but nodded.

"Alright, but leave your phone on, your my ride." He said as he put his arm around the girl and walked off. Great even though there were hundreds, even thousands of people here, he was spending his Halloween alone.

Some where between Hollywood & Vine and Hollywood & Highland

Rooney roamed the streets with no phone, or any means of finding her friends. She was basically lost in the midst of hundreds of people and she was alone. Halloween was a sketchy night with sketchy people, anything could happen to her at this point. As she walked around looking for help, she spotted a guy who seemed about her age looking at his phone. He was dressed at what only could be Han Solo, so she approached him carefully.

"Excuse me, Han Solo." She said and tapped his shoulder. He turned around and she was left a bit thunderstruck. He had chestnut brown hair, that was waved at the tips, and beautiful green eyes.

"Yes?" he asked. Felix was in awe. A pretty witch approached him as he was standing and replying to some texts. He was expecting something else, not this girl.

"Uhm can I use your phone for a minute?" She asked slowly . "My phone discharged and I have to call my friends." Felix looked down his phone and wondered if that was a good thing, pretty girls stole phones. It was possible. But he just couldn't resist.

"Alright." He said and handed her the phone. Rooney dialed Ariel's number until she finally picked up. She explained to her where she was, she to her, but after hearing the disappointment in meeting up with her, Rooney quickly suggested they meet up at the end of the night and that she'd be alright alone.

"Here. Thanks." She said and looked around for a place to go.

Felix had heard the conversation and it seemed she was in the same situtation that he was in.

"Alone?" he asked.

"Yeah." she said with a sigh.

"Me too."


"Yeah." He looked at her and noticed a significant light in her brown eyes. "Do you, want to hang out for a while then?" He asked hopefully. Rooney thought about his offer, knowing that if he might turn out to be a creep there were other people around that would help her.

"Okay. My name is Rooney." She said and held out her hand.

"Felix." he said taking her hand. Her palm was warm and soft, he immediately liked her. As they started walking side by side, he noticed her candy bag.

"You go out trick or treating?"

"Yes." She said with a blush.

"That's cool. Better than my night."

"Tell me about it."

"Well we went to a party. Really bad idea by the way, teenages trying to be cool so I quickly left, went to eat and here I am. Nothing more nothing less. You?" He asked her.

"Uhm, well we filmed a 'horror clip' in the cemetery." she said with a laugh. "Then as you can see we went to trick or treating, by the way would you like some candy?" she lifted her and bag and he picked out some Reeces Pieces.


"Your welcome. And well anyways, yeah we came here, and that's it."

"I wish I'd been there." She looked over to him and saw how his eyes looked down to the floor. Felix felt a bit awkward being around this girl, when it came down to it he always became extremely nervous around girls.

"Well we can have fun now. You wanna go to the main stage?"

"Yeah what's happening there."



"Yes." They ran towards the big mob on the next block and found a spot with a good view from the stage. The same man that had made the announcement earlier was up on stage with a microphone.

"Welcome everybody to the Hollywood Carnival!" Screams followed as he finished. "This year we want to top last year's successful event by bringing in something bigger. Thriller! What is bigger than Michael Jackson, right?" People went wild as they waited for more. "Tonight we want all of you to dance to Thriller just like Michael Jackson did, right here! Right now! Alright everyone give each other space, we might need some room."

Rooney and Felix looked at each other with huge grins. "This is going to be something, huh?" Rooney said as she gave him and the person on her other side some room.

"Hell yeah. I've only danced this a couple of times."

"Don't worry me too." After a couple of minutes where people settled into their positions the iconic song blared out of the speakers. With her bag in one hand she recalled the movements and danced. Everyone in the crowd knew the moves, all dancing in sync with one another...it was epic. They did the zombie walk, with their hands turned into claws above their heads, they went to the side to the other side, spun around, lifted their right and left leg, went forward, went down and rose back up, and even moved their hips. They repeated the same sequence a couple of times until peole were tired. After the song ended everyone clustered around once again cheering as they waited for the man to get back to the microphone.

"That was amazing! We did it!" He yelled. Everyone jumped up and down and as Rooney glanced to Felix he was yelling too. He had a spark in him, that she noticed he would hide, she knew that if he let himself he'd be great. "Now we have some acts performing with us, please give them a hand." A band then came out, instruments in hand and assembled quickly. They played some oldies and even some Halloween hits, which was also appreciated.

After the band finished with their set, Rooney and Felix decided to leave the mass of people to walk some more. Most of the masses were scattered about seeing as the main event had ended, but there were no signs that the party was slowing.

"You were really good, Felix." Rooney complimented and bumped him with her shoulder on purpose.

"Humor me."

"Really." She said and looked at him, he looked at her too and she looked away quickly feeling she was caught doing something bad.

"Right." He looked over to her noticing the way she played with her dark bangs, the way her hair cascaded down her back and shoulders, and that look of innocence in her eyes. She was strong, but he noticed vulnerability there too. She didn't dress like most girls here, she was modest in her dressing but in no way stumpy.

"So why are you dressed as Han Solo?"

"I love Star Wars. And Han Solo is the man."

"I know! He got the girl at the end." She said and smiled at him. She looked at him, really looked at him, and the costume was perfect on him. He was nerdy but with a nice built, and she liked that.

"Yeah he did get the girl at the end." He repeated. He thought of himself. He always admired that Quinn had guts, he didn't care what people thought of him, so he always got the girl in the end. On the other hand, he never got the girl; he was undeniably shy since he didn't know the power of his own charms. He wished he was more like Han Solo.

"So..." Rooney began. She wasn't really sure what she wanted to ask him, all she knew was she wanted to hear him talk. "Uhm, so why did your friends leave you? You know I got separated from mine, now it's your turn."

Felix ran a hand through his hair and looked at her. "My friend found some girls to hang out with."

"Ah. I see. Don't want to be a cockblocker?"

Felix coughed nervously and replied, "No. Yes. What I mean, I was invited but that's not my thing." He saw Rooney nod and he expanded. "I mean girls are my thing, it's just...just-"

"I get it." Rooney told him. There was a pause both not really knowing what to say. "Oh gosh I'm tired. It's been a long night."

"Want me to carry you?" Felix asked.


"Or sit."

"You'd really carry me?"

"Yeah. I work out." He said and flexed his arms.

"Alright." She went to his back, touching him carefully but as she let everything go she hopped on and straddled him. "I can't believe you're carrying me."

"Well believe it." He didn't even believe it. What did he just do. She felt the way her arms were delicately placed around his neck and the warmth her legs around his waist brough to him. He also felt the way her breathing was speeding up just like his were. They walked down the streets, looking at all the shops and famous landmarks, discussing their own experiences in those places, and sharing chocolate as she was on his back, it was surprisingly comfy yet exciting at the same time. He stopped looked up to her and Rooney gave him a smile shared by lovers, she pressed her lips upon his head lingering there for a while.

"I think you'd look better with my witch hat on." She grabbed her hat and placed it on his head. "Can you put me down please?" As soon as he bend down and let her hop down she went over to him and stood in front of him with her arms crossed. "Yes, I was right. Much cuter." She stepped closer to him, laying her fingers on his cheek; he became completely still and waited for her. As she leaned up to him, to his lips the Star Wars theme song played making Felix step back and fish his cell from his costume.

"Hello? What? Yeah, yeah. Fine. I'll meet you there."

"Leaving?" Rooney asked.

"Yeah, my friend got beat up and I have to take him home."

"Oh okay." She said then fixed her bangs across her forehead.

"So I guess...wait your hat, here." He handed her the hat and she placed it back on her head.

"Go to your friend."

"Yeah, I'll see you around?" he asked.

"For sure." She said with a stare so heartbreaking, he felt that he needed to tell her something.

He nodded and said, "Yeah. Bye. Nice meeting you Rooney."

"Nice meeting you too, Felix."

He turned around and walked back to where he had parked his car. It was one of those moments when he wished he'd said something, or done something, but couldn't bring himself to do. But now he'd regret it. Now he'll never forget tonight. He passed all the people in crazy costumes, and thought if they were actually this free in real life. God, he loved Halloween, the day when you had the chance to be someone else and do crazy things. The night when there were no rules, no one to impress, but be the person you want to be, and he'd chosen Han Solo. Though he didn't have the courage he did. Now he'd have to wait until next year.

And then he stopped.

Shit, today was Halloween. The night to do outrageous things. And to him this was going to be outrageous.

He turned around and rand down the block. He ran like he was being chased. Bumping people, and trying not to shove them he called out her name, "Rooney! Rooney wait!" He ran even faster and people in their costumes watched as he ran to the girl he wanted to be with. "Rooney!" By some miracle he saw her as she stopped and turned around looking for the person calling to her, and he jogged up to her. "Rooney, I...I" Fuck it. He grabbed her by the arms and crushed her to him into a kiss, embracing her with his warmth and letting her know that tonight meant something. Though they'd only met hours ago, she marked him, and he wanted to let her know. As his lips moved with her, he heard cheering and hollering. As he stopped he noticed people were around them clapping. He blushed madly and looked at Rooney, who was blushing the same way too.

"I was hoping you'd kiss me the whole night." She whispered and laughed.

"It's Halloween and people do crazy things." he responded.

He finally asked for her number. He kissed her a couple of more times. He told her how much he liked her, and she likewise to him. When he finally left, he had no regrets, and listened as Monster Mash played in the background. He had gotten the girl.

Submitted: July 31, 2011

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Now, off to read...

Sun, July 31st, 2011 6:51am


lol Yes you are! Okay go on:D I'm cringing right now...

Sat, July 30th, 2011 11:57pm


ILOVED IT!!!!!! That was really cute!

Sun, July 31st, 2011 2:13pm


Aww I'm glad you did!!! Thanks for reading:D

Sun, July 31st, 2011 9:34am


That was awesome and so incredibly sweet. I was so, soo glad when he ran back to her, and would have cheered to, because he was running back to her like he loved her :) great story.

Sun, July 31st, 2011 3:09pm


Oh shucks! I reLly appreciate it! Definitely sweet! Lol he finall had the guys to do something crazy if I saw that on the street I would have cheered too:)I'm Glad you liked it! Thanks for reading:)

Sun, July 31st, 2011 9:37am


awwwwe ! so sweet ! i love it please kmu.

Sun, July 31st, 2011 7:59pm


Awww Thank you!! lol well I'm glad you liked it:D Well if I post more things up, for sure! Thanks for reading:]

Sun, July 31st, 2011 1:47pm


Awe, that was too adorable!!
Go Felix! Wow what a brave guy!! :P

Sun, July 31st, 2011 8:00pm


Haha yeah! He finally had the balls to do something! lols :D Felix is the man:P thanks for reading!

Sun, July 31st, 2011 1:48pm


it was good, not my type of story to read but you did a good job on the characters and the settings and making sure that in the end, all was clear to the reader. Good Job. :)

Mon, August 1st, 2011 1:40am


lol I wasn't sure myself if I wanted to publish it, but it's good to hear that despite everything, you liked it. :D Aww thanks!! Yes I hope everything tied up at the end. Thanks for reading!!

Sun, July 31st, 2011 11:04pm


Great story
I loved it
& he got the girl

Mon, August 1st, 2011 2:04am


:D Thanks! And I'm glad you liked it:] Yes he did. He got the girl:) thanks for reading!

Sun, July 31st, 2011 11:05pm


nice! :)

Mon, August 1st, 2011 1:26pm


Haha thanks:D And btw, thanks for reading:]

Mon, August 1st, 2011 9:09am


Oh my gosh! This is so great, AMAZING! I'm in love with this story! :D

Wed, August 3rd, 2011 3:19pm


:D Really? I was so skeptical, I thought people wouldn't like it! Ahh, so glad you think so!!! Thank you!! you are so nice:]

Wed, August 3rd, 2011 1:31pm

alvin buyinza

That is sooo good luv the story great outline perfect transitions

Wed, August 3rd, 2011 8:34pm


You think so? aww Thank you! Wooh *swipes the sweat of forehead*, I though people were going to hate the transitions and say it was unprofessional or something. Well anyways, thanks for reading, I really appreciate it!!

Wed, August 3rd, 2011 1:39pm


Oh Monica that was perfect ^.^ I mean, people always do love stories about christmas and new years and valentine's day, so to hear one about halloween warms my heart c:
Well done sweetheart!

Thu, August 4th, 2011 6:40am


:]] Oh gosh, you're making me blush, really!! Yes, I wanted to shake the bottle a bit, by writing a halloween love story. That and because Halloween is my favorite holiday:) Awww I hope it's warm enough:P Thank you Madi!!

Thu, August 4th, 2011 9:39am


This was wondeful!! I love it.I love the ending also! lol. I love Holloween love stories'.

Sun, October 30th, 2011 4:54am


Ohh, I'm glad you think so! :D Gosh, I look like the Chesire cat right now! Gah, aren't they always the greatest? Thanks for reading!

Sun, October 30th, 2011 1:29am


Awwwww this was insanely sweet I couldn't stop smiling at the end when he was running back to her and when he kissed her I was squealing like a little girl! (Laughs) Also I loved how you introduced the characters. Another job well done Monica! Looking forward to reading more of your works :)

Sincerely, iliana

Wed, November 16th, 2011 10:04pm


Haha well that scene is why wrote this short story. :) For a while now, I had this picture in my mind of a guy running threw a crowded street to catch up to a girl, so I decided to incorporate it into this. Haha don't worry I squeal like a little girl too! XD Oh, well thanks I thought it was going to confuse people so I'm glad you liked it! Aww well you are so sweet to be reading my stuff, gahh it makes me so happy! Alrighty you go on ahead :D Thanks for reading!

Wed, November 16th, 2011 2:21pm

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