Super Electric (Vengie's Old Skool Music Challenge)

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Two teenagers. One night. In a city with many lights, anything can happen and become super electric. This is for Vengie's old skool music challenge!

Submitted: December 05, 2010

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Submitted: December 05, 2010



This is for Vengie's Old Skool Music Challenge!

Song: Super Electric (isn't it obvious! :P)

Artist: Stereolab


As the metro station was being overwhelmed by utter stillness, two teenagers stood with hands in their pockets and looked towards the tunnel where their awaited train would come through. One was a boy and the other a girl, both attractive with modesty and youth, but still alluring by the way their eyes flicked over to each other. The girl had fidgety feet as she waited for the train and anxiety filled her body for two reasons; their destination, and, there were only two other people in the station besides them. The boy stood next to her with a tense posture and with untrustworthy eyes that scanned the station for any sign of threat or danger every once in a while. They had boarded off the Blue Line Metro about ten minutes ago and were now waiting for the Red Line Metro at 7th ST to head to Hollywood. They had planned this two weeks ago when they first heard that their favorite club was hosting an eighties and nineties night spun by their favorite DJ. They promised each other they would come tonight because they knew this night was going to be legendary.

"The screen says 10:05" the girl commented. She was a bit taller than average height, 5'5, and with pretty long dark hair, and creamy skin.

"So that means pretty soon" the guy replied. Now, he was about six feet with a modest built, dark brown eyes, and dark messy hair.

"But it's taking so long. It never takes this long." the girl replied. She looked around and crossed her arms. She wore a knitted black jumper that went down to her knees, gray tights, and long boots. She remembered destroying her closet for an outfit, and had finally decided on something simple.

"Ellie, don't be so anxious" he said and laughed. He put an arm around her and she laid her head on his shoulder and they both waited patiently for the train to come.

"Vince! it's here" she shrieked unexpectedly as the sounds of train neared. They both straightened up and moved closer to the edge. they both felt the gush of wind that followed as the train passed them by, Ellie's log hair blew in the wind and covered her eyes. The train came to a stop and they both boarded and sat in a two seater. They sat comfortably in their seats because it was going to be seven seats before they got to where they wanted. The windows were pitch black because of the underground and both stared at their reflection. Ellie waved at the window and Vince waved back to her.

"I can't believe I actually sneaked out of my house, and successfully I might add" Ellie said in triumph and smiled at him.

"That is yet to be determined" he said and and kissed the top of her nose.
"Way to be a bubble burster" she mumbled and slouched in her seat. She looked at her hands and noticed that her nail polish was chipped and in deep need of a new coat.

"Reality is a sad thing"

"Yeah so are you" she told him. He turned her head to her and smirked evilly. "Haha I'm sorry you set yourself up for it" Ellie sprung from her seat and headed towards the pole in the middle of the cart and held on as the movement of the train unbalanced her. Vince also got up and followed her to the pole. "What are you gonna do? Huh?"

"Don't temp me Elle" she gave him the finger and backed away from the pole as she waited for his move. She heard the loud speaker announce their stop and she planned and escape in her mind. "I'll get you, don't you worry about that." The train came to the stop and the doors slid open and she ran for it. She ran out of the train and saw the signs Hollywood and Vine. She sprinted down the station and turned when she saw stair ahead. There were no people so she didn't have to worry about bumping into anyone. She ran up the escalate and into the night. When she got out of the metro station she looked back and saw Vince right behind her. She decided not to stop and kept running she suddenly bursted out laughing as she ran down Hollywood Blvd. It wasn't as lonely, in fact the street was alive with people clubbing and sight seeing. She ran on top of the walk of fame, stepping harshly on each star on the street. She saw the Pantages Theater and knew she wasn't far from the club. After a minute more of running she came to an abrupt stop and stared up into the club. In red neon lights, The Frolic Room. Vince came thereafter and grabbed her from behind and accidentally threw her on the floor, he didn't expect her stop and just came crashing next to her. Ellie's laughter became louder than before and Vince's laughter was vibrant with genuineness. Ellie as she tried to get up looked at the star she had fallen on. Katherine Hepburn. How lovely.

"We're here" she then said simply. Vince grabbed her hand and they went towards the entrance of the building. The bouncer asked for the fee and they both paid quickly.
Music blared from the speakers that surrounded them pulsating with beats and melodies that the speakers gave out. Ellie and Vince stood in awe momentarily, staring at the people who danced and the lights that flickered among the room.

"Look" Elli said and pointed to a man who stood behind a booth spinning. He held a pair of earphones by his ear while his other hand touched the vinyls and Apple computer.

"Sinister!" Vince said and Ellie nodded happily.

"Come, let's dance" Ellie took Vince's hand and led him to the middle of the dance floor. The DJ spun old school music, seeing as it was not anything current. They recognized a lot of the music, from their early childhood, or were big fans of the band. Vince, although he always told everyone he was bad at dancing with earnest, he was actually really good. He swayed to the rhythm of Ellie and kept her really close to her body. Ellie seemed entranced with the music, ever so often closing her eyes and drowned out everyone except for the music, and she just let her body do all the talking. Song after song they both danced to the songs, their rythm changing with the diversity that the DJ was playing. They even heard music from bands like Garbage, which they jumped to for a little while. When they got tired they stepped out from the crowd and walked over to the bar.

"Can I have water" Vince told the bartender, that didn't really look like one because he was dressed in jeans and plaid shirt. He went over to a clear door refrigerator and pulled out an Arrowhead bottle.

"That's gonna be four dollars."

"Four dollars? For bottled water" Ellie asked outraged. The bartender just shrugged and handed them the water. Vince handed him the money and they both drank from the bottle. They looked at each other for a long time without a single word because it seemed that no words could speak the emotions they both felt. Ellie opened her mouth to say something, but then quickly closed it.

"Can we go take some air" she asked him.

"What?" Vince asked her.

"Can we take a breather?"

"I can't hear you!" He yelled and pointed to his ears. She tip toed to his level and whispered in his ear.

"Can we go outside?" She asked and she saw him nod. They passed by the bouncer who stamped their hands to indicate they paid already. They stepped out of the building and they felt the cold air on their skin. The city was alive with multicolor lights, buildings had their lights on, businesses with the name of their product, and billboards that illuminated. There were as many weirdos as there were hipsters that roamed the streets, and that just gave the street and air of mystery. It was bright with lights, but still dark because of the night. They stood side by side and both stared at the lights in the entrance of the Pantages theater. "I - I..." Ellie was fumbling with her words and her mind was racing as she decided the way she was going to tell Vince exactly what she wanted to tell her. She suddenly turned to him and startled him.

"What's up?" he asked her as he raised an eyebrow.

"I need to tell you something...."

"yeah, okay what is it?" He studied her in order to get a sense of what she was going to say. She looked nervous and worried which sequentially made him worry too.

"I wanted to tell you before. Way before. Like when I found out before, but Ijust didn't have the guts to tell you"

"Ellie, you're scaring me."

"You wanna sit?" She motioned to the sidewalk and they headed over to the edge of it where they both sat. "Well a month ago my dad found out that he was offered in ViaTech International...."


"Well ViaTech International is located in London" She saw him sigh and his eyes wandered down the street to the direction of Highland. "And that means we will be moving there."


"End of the semester"

"That's in two weeks"



"I'm sorry I didn't tell you...really I am sorry. If I could I'd take it back but, but - I just couldn't do it"

"No, I get it. So what now"

"Well my dad already found a place, and we actually started packing yesterday."

"This is a lot to take in, Elle, I mean, you're going to be celebrating Christmas in London, not with me. You know we always watch A Christmas Story on the 23rd, and all those Christmas movies.

"I know. We can always Skype."

"That's not the same"

"Yeah Iknow" Ellie leaned her head on his shoulders and breathed in the fresh air. Even though she knew about Ellie was still awe struck about the whole situation. In a matter of days, she'd be leaving L.A for a whole new setting, one she was foreign to. And above else she was going to leave behind the one person she loved the most besides her family. She loved Vince like the best friend she's always had ever since the first moment she met him in the sixth grade. But she knew that love she felt for him was much more than that, she loved him...loved him like a lover. She always wished he'd ask her out or one day confess his secret love for her, but he never did that. She'd seen him with girls before and it always hurt her, but never did she say anything, and never would she, especially now. Nothing was ever going to happen because she will always be miles apart, seas apart, worlds apart. It would never work. As she thought about the love that could have been she began reminiscing about the old times. Like that one time when they decided to go to as many them parks as possible. They had gone to Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, Knotts Berry Farm, Six Flags, Legoland, and Sea World, but still she knew there were more out there in CA. Or when finals were over and they spend the whole night walking the streets of West Hollywood, down Melrose Ave trying to be a riot. When they drove a car to a pole and all they could do was laugh. When they had movie marathons at his house and ate tons of Red Vines and buckets of popcorn with chocolate or even Tapatio hot sauce. Or when all the concerts they went to over the course of High school. "I'm gonna miss you, Vince"

"Ellie...don't start, not now" He stood up and offered her his arm. She took it and with his help stood up. They went back inside and showed the bouncer their hand. As soon as they walked in they heard the familiar beat to one of their favorite songs. It was one by Stereolab who were really popular in the nineties. They went directly to the dance floor and began dancing accordingly. It was the perfect beat because it was catchy but not overly happy, just what she was feeling. Epic, that's what it was. She knew she would never forget this moment, because it was one of the last she would ever have with Vince.
After a while they knew they had to retire, it was getting really late and there were still buses to catch. They walked arm in arm out the door and into the street. It seemed right to be in his arm, like that was where they were meant to be. The future seemed different now, and more unpredictable than she could have ever imagined. Everything they had planned together for their last semester in High School was over and although it saddened her, she didn't want it to define their last days together. Last days together as teenagers, because they could always find each other later on in life. Just when Ellie was about to turn and head for the metro station Vince pulled her the opposite direction.

"Let's take a walk" She looked at him curiously but eventually said yes.

"Have you ever had the sensation to run down a crowded street before" she asked him suddenly.

"All the time" he said with a laugh.

"So let's do it now. Yeah it's not crowded but we can still run."

"Okay, I'll race you to the Chinese Theater"

"Alright, looser has to buy dinner"

"Deal" he said with a nod.

"Ready positions," Ellie said. "ready...set...go!" And off they went. The ran down the streets leaving all their inhibitions behind, leaving all their worries and concerns and just being the free spirits they really were. Vince was ahead of her and he turned back to look at her once in a while just to see where she was. Since there were no cars rhey didn't care about the stop lights, so they just ran. They passed by Zara and H&M and Forever 21 and the other stores. They even passed El Capitan theater and crossed the middle of the street to get there. But something happened Ellie won when it was clear that Vince was going to win.

"You jerk, you let me win" she said as she bend her body to catch her breath.

"No I didn't" he said as he did the same.

"You so did!" she went over to him and shoved him playfully. Vince laughed and stumbled backwards but didn't fall.

"Okay maybe I did..."

"Hmph" she said and turned around to see the Chinese theater. It had all the mechanisms that any structure in China would have but with bunch of hand prints on the cement signed by celeberties. "Look how nice" she said and pointed at it. "So many lovely lights"

" much electricity do you think they use?" he asked her as he put an arm around her. She felt a rush of heat coming from his body and because she felt really giddy.

"A lot. It's probably super electric in there. Imagine someone getting electrified...scary thought, yeah?"

"Hell yeah I know this guy that had to have his arm removed beca-" Suddenly there were many sparks coming from the lights and they both stepped back a couple of steps. The lights were flickering like they were about to turn off while many tiny sparks were flying out. But then it stopped flickering and it lit with twice as much force as before, its brightness had increased. It was like it was giving up and then found courage to keep going twice as stronger.

"Okay maybe we should get going." Ellie began walking away in the direction of the closest metro station which was now in Hollywood and Highland instead of Vine.

"Ellie!" he called out softly and made her turn.

"yes?" she asked curiously. They were standing feet away and Vince suddenly felt like there was something the had to do. He walked to her and the stood directly in front of the Chinese Theater. Vince looked down analyzed the hand prints.

"You're leaving in two weeks, and I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that if I don't tell you this I will regret it for ever"

"Well what is it?" she asked softly.

"I'm afraid Iwont ever see you...that's a scary thought...and you have been my best friend"

"you're my best friend too"

"No, that's not where I was going...I love you. I love you so much that sometimes it hurts to be around you and know you're not mine" Ellie looked at him with wide eyes which just made Vince nervous all over again.

"I've loved you since I first met you. And I feel like I have just wasted all these years doing shit about it. And now you're leaving and I won't ever be with you. I hate myself for not ever telling you" He held her hands and caressed her palms. "I know it's too late now but, I've always wanted to tell you. And now is the perfect moment. I love you...I love you goddammit! And i want everyone to know. I always get this feeling when I'm around you, like the world doesn't matter and nothing else matters but you. You are the one who invades my thoughts, and Iknow I sound like a fucking looser telling you this because I can hear the cheesiness coming out of the words I speak. Tell me it's not too late...or tell me it is"

"It's not. It will never be, because I have felt the same way." She hugged him tightly and wished that the could stay like this forever.


"really." she responded. He touched her chin ever so slightly with the most softest of touches, and raised her head to a tilt. Their eyes met, in that moment, and suddenly they knew that it didn't matter that she was leaving town, it didn't matter if their time was going to be limited all that mattered was that it eventually happened. They happened, and that's exactly what they wanted. She looked into his eyes and saw the years they were together. He looked into her eyes and saw their potential future. Slowly their faces got closer and his lips touched hers, willing it to be real, and it was. Her lips were soft as the silk in gowns, and his were rough and careful. When it was right, they closed the space between them and kissed each other with all the courage they could both muster. Her hands went behind his neck and his arms went to her lower back bringing her closer. Their tongues intertwined slowly and roughly taking their breath away. They slowly drew apart and touched their foreheads together. They stood their silently for several moments until Ellie broke the silence.

"Let's go home" They drew apart and clasped their hands together and walked down the street down to the metro station hand in hand.

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