When the Wind Howls

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Denver Samuels is just an ordinary girl working at a diner, until she meets a mysterious stranger one night. There something she is suspicious about, but she can't quite pin point what it is. All she knows is someone is killing girls in the city and she is somehow now, involved.

Table of Contents

Midnight Stranger

Ch. 1 Midnight Stranger “Denver, that table over there looks mighty lonely, don’t you think?” My boss Manny told me as he punch... Read Chapter

Something in the Air

*A/N This chapter is boring I gotta say, so I apologize for that! I'm trying to introduce the characters and everything so that's the mai... Read Chapter


Ch. 3 Nighttime I stepped out into the brisk night air, suddenly bombarded by the juxtaposing warmth of the diner and the cold of t... Read Chapter

Teenage FBI

Ch.4 Teenage FBI I slithered my way in between the crowd of students stalling out in the hallway, everyone was chatting or doing so... Read Chapter

It's What You Know

*A/N I want to apologize for the long wait, it's been a rough week and I haven't had the time to update. It's also a short chapter, so so... Read Chapter

The Unlucky Don't Cry

Ch. 6The Unlucky Don't Cry When I turned around to Emilio, our English teacher shoved all the students nearest her inside th... Read Chapter

Don't Stop the Party, Part One

*A/N It's my third year anniversary on Booksie! :) Let's have a party ;P* Ch.7 Don't Stop the Party, Part One Sometimes scary thi... Read Chapter

Don't Stop the Part, Part Two

Ch.8 Don't Stop the Party, Part Two I held my breath. Or at least tried to breathe softly, deliberately muffling the noises that wo... Read Chapter

When Rivers Run Wild

Ch. 9 When Rivers Run Wild I woke up Monday morning feeling a bit tired, not because it was Monday and Monday's are always miserable,... Read Chapter

Understanding a Moment

Ch.10 Understanding a Moment Emilio and I walked wordlessly down the street, my head hung low staring at my shoes, and him staring ... Read Chapter

The Kennedy Curse

Ch. 11 The Kennedy Curse Things that happen in people's life that are so memorable, need to be forgotten. Like a death. A person will... Read Chapter

A Sudden Disposition

Ch. 12 A Sudden Disposition I told myself not to look back as I ran, but I did. It’s psychology; people do what they shouldn’... Read Chapter

Believing in the Man

Ch.13 Believing in the Man Waking up at seven in the morning is not what I want from a weekend , especially having the leftovers ... Read Chapter

Believing in the Cause

Ch. 14 Believing in the Cause When Jack finally gathered his things, along with a bag with nifty equipment that would make the CI... Read Chapter