O/our World

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To be blunt, i was caught masterbating one day by guests whom i forgot that my significant other had given her key to, so in they walk with me in mid pleasure. They blushed, said 'Oh my god' and left immediately, to which my significant other began to become upset with me asking why i would do such a thing. i really didn't want to feel badly for something like this, i'd never been caught before because i'd always been so careful, but this is what resulted.

Submitted: July 20, 2009

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Submitted: July 20, 2009



it's my body...if i want to fuck myself i will...
it's my body....if i want You to fuck me You can
slam me against the wall....short, fat, lovely tall
slap my face hard...take control...take me so very far

my sisters understand
those that wear the collars
you know the ones that seem so at peace at the end of a leash
with me at their side kneeling and crawling with pride
my brothers understand
those that wear the collars
you know the ones that act within the station of their Mistress's patience
and for Her will only do they abide

keep staring
keep talking
show me your big and tough
tell me what i am, show me what i am,
in things from which you just can't get enough

ask me questions for which you know the answer
give me moral delimas to ponder
save my soul
take my control
call me a deginerate
call me a freak
show your true colors don't fumble or stutter
when it's found you've done the same last week

i'm a Wiccan, within me is a slave and a submissive,
a whore, a slut, call me a spade and i'll say it loud
i'm all these things and more
i'll say it very proud
with my conscience clear and soring

But as a wise woman once said
Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius,
and it's better to be absolutely rediculous
than absolutely boring

Welcome to O/our world hope you like your stay
some of us hide but it's not due to lack of pride
some of us can't shout and stand
but we're just as proud and we're just as pleased
to let you visit and take a peek
at things for some reason you feel you want to do but can't
just keep in mind one of the lessons we teach is that the power is within your hands

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