Many Unspoken Words

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ITS A POEM.....enjoy................:)plz.

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011




Many Unspoken Words...




A girl with a disease gets made fun of

you dont do anything

but 2 weeks later you find out that girl with that disease DIED.


you didnt stop the shouldnt you be the one to blame if you would have stepped in that girl with that disease would be alive. but you didnt do anything


i think everyday "its my fault,its my fault..." with a gun to your head you concious says "PULL THE TRIGGER" but the other side says" dont think of all the people that will miss you.


"I cant do it".eople do feel bad for a innocent thing that happened to someone who died.

"I love Tonie were my last words.BANG.

Little did i know you dont go to heaven for SUICIDE.

i have very many unspoken words. I let them out , many unspoken words.


R.I.P Kimberly Ann Smith

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