The Lost and Forgotten

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

The same basic structure of a movie...but I forget which movie it was supposed to be like, I think maybe Jaws.

The sun peeked the horizon casting a mountainous silhouette upon the mirroring surface of the Caribbean. The colorful hues filled the sky as we sailed through, tearing the smooth surface with ripples.

"Sailors warning tonight, eh boys, there’s going to be rough seas," Announced the captain, staring at the vibrant rainbow that lit up the sky. The morning mist brushed his hair gently as the boat swayed in the soft breeze. With the soothing sounds of the ocean welcoming this sailor home once again, he steered slightly making his way to the end of the reef.

"How much longer cap’, ‘till we go diving?" I said patiently with my head hung over the bow, the sea splashing me with every passing wave.

"We’ve got just about half-an-hour," his scruffy voice called out clouded by the wind, "be patient." As we proceeded, closing in on the launch site he just stood there. Making unnoticeable movements, gazing out into the vast ocean ahead, sort of, daydreaming. It was like him and the Caribbean were in their own little world. He was one with the sea.

"All men on deck! We’re here!"

In excitement, I swiftly turned around to make a break for it towards the other end. Buoys, life jackets, and other various items blurred by as I quickly paced myself to the other side. I could slowly see the glistening sea coming out from the ships wall as I got nearer and nearer to my destination. There were two other adventurers along side me. One tall, broad man, blonde-hair, and blue-eyes the usual here in Cuba. And one woman always clamped to the males waist as if they were partners.

There was one SCUBA set left, my size. I rushed myself into the last rubbery suit; it quickly grabbed hold of my skin having no mercy. I quietly made my way over to the end of the stern looking out into the extensive marine, light reflecting off the surface. I placed the mask on my face, took a deep breath; overcome by force of habit, and jumped. For a minute it felt as though I had been floating in the air, splash, my feet broke through the barrier.

I leisurely opened my eyes to see schools of fish circling around me as if I were some sort of an alien. There were coral reefs everywhere, scattered across the ocean's floor, leaving an enriching mood in the deep.

Suddenly I felt a sharp pain come across my knee, I had tore my knee on a razer-sharp coral, rapidly the water seemed to get warmer and thicker. The fish seemed to vanish the longer the blood-warm water stay, as if they feared the newly heated water. I screamed louder and louder as the water churned darker, thicker by time. I wrapped my hands around the wound, tightly, fooling myself that the immense pain was in my head. The water clouded by blood, I searched for the other divers only to discover they were missing.

I probbed the air with my head for a split second searching for the diving boat to sit and heal my leg. There was nothing as far as the eye could see, the boat...was gone. I submerged once again to confirm whether or not I could have been disoriented in my suroundings. It was still quiet, and lonely, noone nearby, no creatures, no humans, only corals. Finally a figure appeared in the distance, a bit blurry but what could you expect shrouded by the pool of blood.

"Help!" I exclaimed, hoping for a chance, hoping for that last bit of luck as the big blur was getting bigger faster.

"Hello?" Still trying for that last ounce of karma. It turned out, that wasn't my luckiest day, instead, as it was getting nearer it got more clear that it wasn't coming for help at all. Or itleast I assumed it wasn't coming to help, because most sharks don't.

The End

Submitted: October 12, 2008

© Copyright 2020 MonkeyFace64. All rights reserved.

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cheeky sally

oh my god. i love the ending! its not exactly a cliff-hanger, but doesnt tell the ending either. wow... that was really really good :) i like this part:

'I rushed myself into the last rubbery suit; it quickly grabbed hold of my skin having no mercy'

it had real imagery to it. i coult picture the rubber clinging to the body of the person.
this was a really great short story! keep on writing :)

Tue, October 14th, 2008 10:31pm


A rather sudden change of events. You should make it longer! Good story, though; keep writing. =]

Thu, October 16th, 2008 2:59am


Lol thank you very much :P It was supposed to b only 500 words so I had to rush it a bit.

Tue, November 4th, 2008 3:04am

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