A French Wedding of Mexican Independence

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An 1800's play taking place in Nice,France.

Submitted: November 08, 2012

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Submitted: November 08, 2012



A French Wedding of Mexican Independence

Act 1

Scene 1A Nice Courtyard

(Enter Sophie and Marquesse)

Princess Sophie Wihelmine of Sweden:  A more perfect day I could not imagine do you not agree Marquesse?

Marquesse de Fourier:  Yes  it appears that fate has found it in his will to bless this special occasion.  Look all around you and you will find that the cedars have been imported from Lebanon and the rich flowers we have had shipped from Africa shine bright in their new land.

Sophie:  This courtyard is quite a spectacle to behold why I have just seen that at noon the sun shines through those cedars so brilliantly it is as if the hand of god himself acquiesces to preserve this spot on Earth. 

Marquesse:  Your words are flattering but unneeded you are my Maid of Honor and thus have nothing to prove to me.  I only want you to enjoy the beauty and luxury of this Chateau de Nice on the day of my wedding to the Marquis de Fourier.

Sophie:  I myself was far less enthusiastic for my marriage to Leopold I Grand Duke of Baden.  He is sweet and kind, yet I still feel a deep emptiness knowing I must be with him til death we part.  Leopold is faithful to me yet I cannot say the same on my part.Speaking of the Marquis where is he as of now?

Marquesse:  The Marquis is preparing for the ceremony and I have not seen him today it is bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.  Love comes in many forms and emerges through various venues my marriage came out of financial reason, but resulted in a love firm and strong. 

Sophie:  Some are fortunate to love and be loved in return maybe in another life I will be as lucky.  Marquesse you earlier told me that the First Man to the Marquis is a highly distinguished man of military background, who is this eccentric figure.

Marquesse:  His name is the Marquis de Lauriston Marshall of France and Commander of the Royal Forces.  He is a hero of the Napoleonic Wars and Bourbon Restoration the best of both worlds.

Sophie:  Is that right well I anticipate his arrival.  Many people have come in their best dresses and aristocratic attire we must have over eighty people and the most important are yet to come.

Marquesse:  Giovanni is expected any minute we sent him a carriage furnished with fine French wine from Champagne and exquisite clothes from the tailers of Marseille.

Sophie:  You are far too kind that must have cost more than 50,000 francs.

Marquesse:  55,000 to be exact dear princess.

Sophie:  You are fit for this courtyard my lady. 

Just past the Cedars do I see a carriage of golden and bluish hue?

Marquesse:  Yes youre right, I believe that is the duke of baden and the first man Lauriston.

Scene 2  A Gravel Road

(Enter Leopold and Lauriston)

Leopold I Grand Duke of Baden:  We have finally arrived Lauriston Nice is more beautiful than I had imagined the markets the luxury and most of all the food.  It is much different from those I am accustomed to in Germany.

Marquis de Lauriston:  Germany does have its fine qualities in life Duke.  I am excited to see what this wedding will bring ,however I have not seen the Marquis in five years so I was surprised when I got the letter asking to be the First Man although I am greatly honored.  Come Leopold lets exit and join our hosts.

Leopold I:  You are quite right there are many interesting characters here that ought to bring about a most colorful ceremony.  Speaking of ceremony where is my wife where is Sophie?

Sophie:  I am here husband.

Leopold I:  At last we are reunited how was your voyage here?

Sophie:  Fast enough, but I have been talking with the Marquesse have you met her?

Leopold I:  I’m afraid not although I would love the privilege.

Marquesse:  The privilege is all mine to receive Duke.

Leopold I:  You have a glorious home the many elements prompt the memory of a fragment of the Garden of Eden itself.

Marquesse:  Thank you how was your trip here?

Leopold I:  Fine enough ,myself and Lauriston had enough drink to keep us busy and alive with conversation. Is that not right Marquis?

Lauriston:  Very much so it is a pleasure to be in the company of such wonderful people such as Leopold and yourself madame.

Marquesse:  You are bold Lauriston.  The ceremony will begin momentarily there are only two more guests that need to arrive. 

Lauriston:  May I inquire as to whom?

Marquesse:  Of course it is the great singer himself Giovanni Paisello and Juan Ruiz de Apodaco 1st Count of Venadito.

Leopold:  And he has time to take to such a social gathering while the Mexican Colonies are causing such a riot?

Marquesse:  He has enough time for boasting the might of Spain I suppose.

Lauriston:  That man is foolish he will cost Spain a great deal in coming here and becoming distracted to what is a matter of thousands of lives in another world.

Sophie:  Keep quiet his carriage is approaching!

Leopold I:  That carriage is worthy of royalty!  It shines with gold and silver castings and is driven by none other than the greatest Spanish steeds I have ever gazed eyes on. 

Lauriston:  A carriage for a colony.

Marquesse:  Hush!

Act 2

Scene 1  The Entry Gate

(Enter Juan Ruiz)

Juin Ruiz de Apodaco 1st Count of Vendito:  Who shall be the first to greet me after my long voyage?

Marquesse:  It is an honor to receive you on my wedding day.

Ruiz:  It is within my capacity to accept no matter how greatly the French Riviera pales in comparison to that of the Spanish Coast of Valenica.

Leopold:  Well we shall look into that Count.

Sophie:  Please come walk through the garden look at the splendid forestry that is on display.

Ruiz:  I have not the heart to look upon nature in all its glory, I am plagued by a matter three thousand leagues away.  Those damned Mexicano’s need to learn their place in this world.  It seems that a number of their so called elite the drunken fools that they are attempt to revolt against the mighty rule of the Spaniard. 

Lauriston:  But surely they must not be a match for the Armada?

Ruiz:  They have developed tactics unfit for a gentleman in which they will attack and run and attack and run.  It sickens me to my core.

Sophie:  The matter will settle itself the true power will overcome in the end.

Ruiz:  The Spanish will thrive if that is what you are implying.

Sophie:  Surely Count.

Marquesse:  I see a carriage approaching of black quartz smelling of olives and Bianco Wine that is no doubt Giovanni Paisello.

Ruiz:  I was not aware an Italian would be joining us let us hope he does not drown us in tales of his precious homeland.

Leopold: Tis true let us greet that Italiano hopefully he has not drank enough as to perform poorly tonight.

Scene 2  Estate Gate

(Enter Giovanni and Vicente)

Giovanni Paisello:  Ahh how it feels to smell the coast again!

Marquesse:  Oh Giovanni how it warms me to see you again.

Paisello:  The pleasure is all mine my lady I have spent night after night writing my new opera and I call it the Barber of Seville.

Marquesse:  That sounds exquisite Giovanni.

Giovanni:  I have forgotten myself please excuse me, I have brought a visitor with me he is a man of special importance with a mission from on high.

Marquesse:  Who is this mystery man?

Giovanni:  I will let this man do the honors. Come Vicente!

Vicente Guerrero:  My name is Vicente Ramon Guerrero Saldana and I come to honor two souls at this crossroad in their lives. 

Marquesse:  And we shall have you as long as you will it.

Guerrero:  I cannot stay longer than a day or two my presence is required back in my homeland where we are fighting a grave injustice. 

Lauriston:  Where do you hail from?

Guerrero:  Why from the paradise of Mexico of course.

Lauriston:  That makes the evening quite interesting then doesn’t it Ruiz?

Ruiz:  Hmmm so this is what the great and almighty resistance is composed of.  What a disgrace!  I command you to get on your knees and beg forgiveness or draw out your sword and I will strike you down!

Guerrero :  You are disillusioned Spaniard Mexico will prevail in its fight and Spain will slowly fade away into history and legend.  I will gladly draw swords with you ,but not here there is a platform on the beach we can and will duel there away from the commotion.  Pick your witness to the duel and I shall pick my own.

Marquesse:  Is there no other way than death my guests?

Guerrero/Ruiz:  No.

Paisello:  I will join you my friend in this venture.

Leopold:  As an imperialist myself I am bound to Juan Ruiz.

Marquesse:  Very well venture to the stone platform on the Far East side of the shore where no one will know of this feud.  Join us inside when all has been settled.

Guerrero/Paisello/Leopold/Ruiz:  Au Revoir Madame!

Scene 3  A small Antechamber

(Enter Marquis)

Marquis de Fourier: My antechamber fills me with no comfort my bed with its velvet sheets fills my heart with no awe nor my chest of oak with a feeling of inspiration or ambition. My life has culminated to this moment, a moment of binding resolution.  A marriage I could not have foreseen in all my days.  All circumstances are set in motion the pieces are in place, however I cannot help but feel that there is one last knot left untied that will cause me burden.  By the end of this day myself and the marquesses emotions of the future will be let loose, but how am I to know what will become of my business and emotion by this marriage.  I suppose all I can say is that what is to be done will be done and only God himself can interfere in one direction or the other.

Unknown:  (Knock, Knock)

Marquis:  Come through.

Unknown:  (Enters Cardinal)

Marquis:  Your Eminence.

His Eminence Monseigneur le Cardinal de Cesar Guilliame La Luzerne:  We are ready Monsieur your bride to be has donned her dress and awaits only you.

Marquis:  I am ready to proceed I am ready to begin my life.

Cardinal:  There is the subject of payment monsieur, a man of my cleric stature is not a charity.

Marquis:  We agreed on ten thousand francs Cardinal in which  you shall receive after the ceremony.

Cardinal:  I will receive it now or I shall leave now.

Marquis:  What a man of faith here is a bag of the promised sum take it perform the ceremony and tell the bride I am ready.

Cardinal:  Tonight I shall serve you as if the Lord commanded.

Scene 4  The French Riviera

(Enter Guerrero/Paisello/Leopold/Ruiz)

Guerrero:  Niceties and formalities are at an end.

 Paisello you must sing tonight return to the chateau.

Paisello:  If I must go I leave you this my most interesting possession from the United States.

 It is the best pistol in the world the Springfield Model Type 1.

Guerrero:  Au Revoir my friend we will meet again in this life or the next.

Ruiz:  Go Leopold I will dispose of this creature myself.

Leopold:  If you wish to die alone I will offer no aid farewell dead man.

Ruiz:  Away with you german scum!

(Exit Leopold and Paisello)

Guerrero: Are you prepared Count?

Ruiz:  I wonder what will befall your precious Mexico after the Spanish burn it to the ground.

Guerrero:  Enough talk we fight!

Ruiz:  You are skilled, but I am wise.

Guerrero:  One wound deserves another take one to the heart!

Ruiz: Ahhhh! I yield!  I yield!

Guerrero:  Not this day

Viva La Mexico!

Ruiz:  You will lose my friend your cause Is futile your rebellion will fall and only your dog will mourn you.

Guerrero:  As long as there is a Mexico there will be those willing to die to defend her.

Ruiz:  We shall see… librame de mi senor…….

Guerrero:  Rest in Peace my dear count.

Act 3

Scene 1  Theatre

(Enter Marquis/Marquesse/Leopold/Lauriston/Sophie/Unknown/Paisello)

Marquesse:  That was the most wonderful ceremony I have ever witnessed Marquis. 

Marquis:  I am happy to see that you are happy.

Marquesse:  I know you are worried about us, but do not fear I put my faith in you.

Marquis:  Faith is all we need my lady.

Marquesse: let us head to the theatre inside the opera is beginning.

  We shall sit right in the front to get a great view do you not agree.

Marquis:  yes indeed.

Leopold:  I return knowing not who the victor is yet it is a pleasure to see you marquis.

Sophie:  As it is for me.

Marquesse:  Hurry let us reach our seats and join Lauriston.

Marquis:  That was quite the ceremony my dear friend was it not.

Lauriston:  Certainly, but I must ask who is that gentleman in the corner he has done nothing but stare at you since you’ve arrived.

Marquis:  We shall find out now, because he is coming toward me at this very moment.

Scene 2  Theatre Stage

Unknown:  Marquis I enjoyed the ceremony immensely and wish you and your lovely bride nothing but what you deserve.

Marquis:  Monsieur what is your title?

Unknown:  Before I reveal this to you I have a present for you Marquis.

Marquis:  Please go o….Uhhhhhhh.

Unknown: a knife in the belly is my gift to you!  Come here Marquesse we’re the stars of this opera.

Marquesse:  Let go of me!

Paisello:  Monsieur unhand her at once! You do not know what it is you do!

Unknown:  Sit down you old fool! Or it is you who will receive the fatal blow.

Marquis:  Who..are.you?

Unknown:  Ask your Marquesse Marquis!

Marquesse:  This man is the Illegitimate son of Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson and the man who burned my ships!

Captain Nelson:  Come back for what is his!  I will not be denyed my prize I have mortally wounded the Marquis and none of you dare move or this woman will have a cut face!  I have become lord over all of you, I am a God over men and nothing can destroy me I am invincibl….

Marquis:  What is going on?

Captain Nelson: what is this…What is This!  There is a hole in my stomach how is this possible!  I am captain and I will have what is mine!  I will prevai…

Paisello:  Guerrero!

(Enter Guerrero)

Guerrero:  It seems that the pistol you handed me was more important than you realized.

Paisello:  I could not have predicted even this.

Lauriston:  Are you okay Marquis?

Marquis: I will live

Marquesse:  At last that horrible man is dead.

Leopold:  This man appears to be without his right eye you are quite the shot Guerrero.  It is no wonder you prevailed in your fight with the Spaniard.

Marquis:  In as much time as he was commander of this room he now lies as a dead man before us so is the way of this world do I not speak truth marquesse.

Marquesse:  A universal truth Marquis.








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