The Paranormal Shadow

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Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011



Her leg was blistering with pain, as she walked slowly up the three miserable flights of
stairs. There was an open window on top of the Landing, and a slight breeze of the Autum
chill ruffled the curtains. There wasn't a bulb in the light fitting which swung gently
back and forth, Yet the Moonlight shown on the top of the few steps. She was exhausted
from working a very long shift at the office. She was just about to go to bed, when she
heard something coming from the kitchen. She went to go check on the noise, but it was
just her cat. The cat was trying to catch what appeared to be her pet fish. Before she
went to bed, she goes to take a shower. While she was washing her body, she kept seeing
A Dark Silhoette, and to her, it seemed like it was watching her every move. But, when
she finally got out of the shower, the silohette had vanished into thin air. She then
went to bed, but she couldn't fall asleep because she missed her husband, which isn't
supposed to get home until Friday, so she has five more days without her beloved. When
the clock struck 3:00 in the morning, There were mysterious knocks and footsteps at
her bedroom door. She went to go open the door, but when she did, nothing or no one
was there. Two days went by, but nothing suspisious happened, until that night. While
she was asleep, she kept dreaming that this one particular man kept touching her in
unusual ways. She was so terrified, that she woke up screaming. And when she did, there
was... Nothing. The next day, she arrived at the Public Library that she used to go to
as a child to look up strange history on anything you can think of. She went to look up
the history on the house she lives in now. One person, Henry Davison, the former owner
of the building, showed up. Story has it that this man one day saw his own wife getting
raped and murdered. Years went by and this man went totally insane. So insane, that he
started doing what his wife's murderer did, and went to every married woman's house,
made sure the husbands were there, and raped and murdered the women right in front of
their wive's. One day, in 1924, one of the husbands got home late and Henry already
started on this man's wife. He quickly fought him off of her, grabbed Henry's knife
right out of his hand, and stabbed him 50 different times in his stomach, 10 times in
his face, and snatched his tounge out with his own fingers. Henry's spirit still lurks
the halls in this building. That night, while she was asleep, she felt the silouhette
floating over her bed. The sheets slowly begun to be pulled off of the bed. But it
quickly stopped and the silouhette disappeared, then there was a loud slam of the door.
She had awoken very fast, and begun searching for what or who slammed her door. By her
door was a sharp corner, and by the time she looked, she saw the silouhette's face lit
up like fire. It had deep, blizering cold eyes that could look straight through you.
She started to weep and felt so trapped. That Friday morning, her husband was supposed
to come home on this day. She was filled with such glee, that she cleaned and washed
everything, even the dishes. Everything was spotless. But when the clock struck 8:00
at night, her husband's boss had called her. As he says, the husband isn't going to
be home until 5:00 in the morning. She decided to wait, but after an hour, she fell
asleep. At about 4:50 in the morning, 5 minutes before her husband was supposed to
come home, There were ear popping knocks on the wall. Then, there were pounding
footsteps coming from her front door, all the way to her bedroom. Soon after came a SLAM
that made her wake up from her deep sleep. And as soon as she opened her eyes, the
silouhette was right in her face and gripped her neck before she could even take a breath.
Within minutes, the husband walked through the door and heard a scream. He ran to where
he heard the scream, and he saw the unspeakable. On the ceiling, was his wife, getting
touched and hurt in ways he couldn't understand. The husband called 911, but it was
already too late. The silouhette had a choke hold on her and didn't let her go until
she turned Purple and Blue. By the time the police got there, she had already died.
The husband was found slouching over her body, histerically crying. The police acted
vastly and it was to be believed that he was her murderer. Years later, still in prison,
he has given up and hung himself in his own cellar.

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