All we humans notice

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A poem about what humans dont notice and appreaciate all the things Earth has done for us

Submitted: November 03, 2011

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Submitted: November 03, 2011



Earth is happy and glad

Earth suddenly became bored

Earth heard of humans that could entertain earth

God said "Sure but beaware humans can always go bad."

Earth said "No my humans won't go bad."

God said "Okay"

And humans appeared on earth

Earth was so happy!

Adan and deve were born

Earth gave them food and water.

100 years later...

Earth had many humans too many humans...

Earth suddenly grew bored again

Earth went back to god and said "you can take these humans back...

God said "No sorry I cant you must take care of them"

Earth said " Why not"

God said " Because earth must learn the bad of humans"

Earth became mad!

So earth tried to flood all the humans out!

The human Noah bulit his arc

Earth decided to give up

Years later to the present day

Humans are always bad

They hurt earth and earth will die some day.

Humans must remember if we didn't have earth

Earth wouldn't have humans

Earth gets madder everyday

..................................and one day will explode

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