Madame Marks

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How one man's desparte fling with an aspiring writer and would-be prostitute turns into a satisfying, on going affair

Submitted: October 25, 2006

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Submitted: October 25, 2006



Madame Marks


Searching longingly for sex on line

Craig's List, Sex Search all the time,


A desperate housewife post intrigues

Sparks thrilling thoughts of dark misdeeds,


This lonely lady turns her obsession

Into something of an old profession,


Kindred spirits in passionate voids united

Sharing deeper longings of dreams requited,


A guiding hand for writer aspiring

With sexual desire never close to expiring,


This is the true gift of friend that's more than kissing

That helps complete the circle of what's been missing,


No matter how you judge this type of attraction

Agape, Eros, Storge-- its not simple distraction,


For each of us has found in marriage and affair

A whole most satisfying, beyond clichéd despair






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