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Mikhail had met Tatiana for the millionth time. Problem was, she didn't remember and he couldn't forget.

Submitted: August 15, 2013

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Submitted: August 15, 2013



Tatiana saw Mikhail for the millionth time. She didn’t realize this, as she smiled seductively from across the bar. She had no memory of their previous encounters. For her, this was the first time she had ever made eye contact with the handsome stranger.

Oh, she may have once had some vague remembrance of coming to this bar to drink and dance and flirt. However, with non-verbal contact now established, she quickly went into full flirt mode.

Mikhail had seen it all before. He did remember coming into this bar. He also came to drink and dance but had a knowledge that Tatiana and no one else here seemed to have. It was all a trap, an endless act that would play itself out over and over again.

So Mikhail waved and smiled at Tatiana, as he had so many times before. Tatiana then would come over to his table. She always would come over to his table and she always will. Mikhail, bored with this foreknowledge, tried to appear surprised and delighted. He knew he wasn’t a very good actor but Tatiana never seemed to mind.

How could she? Mikhail thought. She doesn’t know and never will.

But Mikhail all too well knew their brief future. They would talk. (Sweet Nothingness). They would flirt. (Shamelessly). They would dance. (Twice). He would buy her a drink. (Green Apple Smirnoff). They would kiss. (Once).

And Tatiana’s brother would always show up at the last minute to tell her that her father was sick and she had to go. Tatiana would then start to cry, grab her purse and quickly leave without saying a word of goodbye leaving Mikhail alone at the table.

Mikhail would just shrug his shoulders and try to laugh, but could only manage a slight smile. He never worried though, because he knew she would be back and so would he and they would start this encounter all over again.

Mikhail never knew why he knew all this. Didn’t know when or how he found out. He just knew.

Maybe I’m paying for all my sins, he sometimes wondered, maybe I’m dead or was never born.

He glanced around the bar. There they all were. All the familiar strangers who seemed destined to serve only as a backdrop to Tatiana’s and his encounters.

All those within this little bar that also didn’t seem to know, or for that matter seemed to care, that this was the only existence they would ever know.

Once Mikhail tried to break the chain and bring this up to Tatiana.

“Haven’t we met before?’ he had asked her, “don’t you notice something very familiar about all of this?”

But she always just smiled and asked him his name and Mikhail always obliged. So on this night, like all the others, Mikhail surrendered to his apparent fate.

So how does the night end? It just does. In the blink of an eye, Mikhail finds himself walking back into the bar. He spots Tatiana. She smiles. He waves. Etc. Etc. Etc..





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