The man in black Clothes

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Submitted: September 02, 2015

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Submitted: September 02, 2015



Jumping up from my sleep hearing two loud bangs that sounded like a gun. I leap out the bed and head to the stairs to see what was going on. Covering my mouth trying no to scream I see my father on the floor bleading in a ocean of his own blood . My father grabs the mans leg saying "please stop this, please spear my wife. As the killer smiles he pulls out his gun and shoots my father again and again untill his screams for help stop and his hand hits the floor. I run back up stairs to hid under my bed trying to say this is all a dream. I could hear my mother screaming to the man in black clothes to please dont kill my baby i will do what you want. The door burst open as if a bomb just hit. The man in black grabs me buy my shirt as i kick and scream draging me down the stairs and throws me at my mother. She grabs me close and keeps saying "everything will be okay I have you dont worry". The man in black  sits in one of the chairs and ask me to come over. I refuese at first and hold my mother as close as I can. Bang a shot fly's stright by my mothers head as we screamed in fear. The man in black clothes smiles at me saying "now get up". I jump to my feet with ergancey and tears in my eyes. As I walk toword him I can see the rage in his eyes and how cold he is. When I approched his side he ask me did I want to live and in a low panic voice I say yes sir. The man in black clothes reaches under his shirt and grabs another gun. He begains to unloud the bullets, all but one and he tells me to shoot my mother. I fall to the ground flustered screaming no please no. He jumps up puts one gun in my hand and another to my head saying "Grab the fucking gun"!!!! I place the gun in my shacking cold sweaty hands and point it at my mother. Now pull the trigger he saids. As I cry with this cold heartless gun in my hand looking at my fathers lifeless body on the floor.Hearing my mother praying while she lays on the floor. The man in black presses the gun harder on my head saying do it. My mother looks at me and smiles saying I love you no matter what. As I pull the trigger on the gun I see my mother's smile fade away. The man in black comes to my side after I hit the ground and grab my mother and father's body. He puts one more bullet in the gun and says this is for you. My mind starts having flashbacks of when my parents and I would smile and laugh together. The man in black clothes opens the door and walks out. I place the gun in my hands and put it to my head. As I began to pull the trigger the police run in and knock me to the floor throwing the gun across the room.  I began to cry as they pull me away from my mother and father's side throwing me in the cop car. I look at the house I used to call my happy home where there was love and joy now is covered in blood and despair.


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