He shattered me and broke me into a million tiny emotional pieces and I dont know how to fix it

My heart is shattered and broken apart, I trusted him with it, my whole, my heart

Never before had I had no defences, not a single barrier to hold all my senses

With nothing to stop him I trusted his feeling, every breath of him sent mine reeling

Until the day I died when he took love away, hid it deep down inside him to stay

He loves me I know but denies it so tight, It scares me to know someone can hide it with might

Im not good enough to convince him Im real, I will look after him every moment he feels

So he stays with the comfort of ordinary love and gives up the love I have from above

Without him Im broken, torn apart into shards, nothing to keep him at all, its so damn hard

What can I give if my all is not fair, who will love me when my heart is still there

To me he was my soul and I trusted what he told because he meant every word as he said it so bold

Without him Ive died, I have no life inside, I would rather curl up somewhere and hide

I dream of him every night in my mind he is burned, my heart aches and breaks for all of him I yearn

When you love eachother as we did I cant understand why he isnt here to hold my hand

Lord let him see, with me it is right, tell him I love him with all my might

Ask him to listen to what his heart is saying, if he listens hard I know he hears me praying

Oh how much it hurts to be cast aside like nothing, pretending he doesnt love me to live a life of something

A LETTER: what about the amazing awesome love we have, it is still there because you feel it, else you wouldnt keep thinking about me, wanting to see me and also feeling happy and in a good mood if you have seen me or spoken to me, why would you write a beautiful poem about spending time with me and being intimate with me if you dont feel it or want it or think about it, why would you look so pained at the thought of taking a small button from you and breaking it, why too did you have to bang the steering wheel so hard to force yourself to accept the decision you made and acknowledge you were doing the 'right thing' also tell me out loud from your heart.... really shout it that you dont love me.... say you dont love me without thinking about me and all the things we have together. Get through one day without a thought about me and how unhappy you have made the one person in the world that loves every single miniscule bit of you, every inch of you, all!!! your everything and even the things you find fault with...... Be true to yourself, happiness should never come with a price, you should never have to give up anything to be happy.... She wont do it for you as we both know you lost your love for her long ago.... try to find what we had with her, look dep inside and have everything we had, all those moments, the feelings, the emotion and the intensity.... find it with her, look into her eyes and see it..... I already know you cant

Submitted: March 23, 2008

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Lost love does hurt - like a gnawing

Mon, March 24th, 2008 10:12am


Hurts really really awful....
Im at a loss as to what to do with myself, when your confidence gets knocked at this deep spiritual level I dont think it gets back easily... right now I dont think ever as I believe the love lost was a deep soulful love... and shouldnt be lost because the decision is a stubborn one, not one decided in love or for love
But Thank you so much for reading

Fri, April 4th, 2008 11:21am


Well ...dont worry dear..he has lost a gem of a girl n would realise that pretty soon!!

Thu, June 5th, 2008 1:44pm

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