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Flabbergasted and incomprehensible emotion

Submitted: February 13, 2008

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Submitted: February 13, 2008



I just am unable to comprehend the absolute depth of what I feel

I open my mouth to describe in detail what tight twisting emotion I deal

Nothing comes out but a flnglngflfl of words that make an unrecognisable sound

I smile and try harder but fmphfmpfhhh doesnt cut it, Im like that when he is around


When thoughts sail into my already crammed head ,of him, his being, his essence

I just get all jumbled and try to straighten it out but Im afraid I dont have a defence

The frustration alone at having a block, no words, not a sound not an utter

Just enables me to consider how deep, how much longing my heart will for him flutter


Oh Jebus its hard to get through any day without just godforsaken longing for him

To grab him and kiss him and touch him and everything, all the time, every second, minute with all my limbs

Can anybody else tell me its this way, tell me Im not mad and I feel real and alive

Cos I long for forever with every ounce of him, his all his breath, for him I strive


God Damn You I Love You

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