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Have no regrets and take the chances life gives, there can be no one to blame except yourself.

Submitted: March 21, 2007

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Submitted: March 21, 2007



Slippery little suckers I once heard a woman say on TV. The rellevance being, chance gets by, just like that, a moment. One second chance is here but then like cloaked man at midnight in misty fog, he's gone.


Without a trace, you missed it. Gotta wait for another of those nights, another chance.


What if chance was to die, so therefore never appeared again, would you miss the time you wished you'd called out to say 'Hi', or to smile at him, or even to grab him and beg him not to go, but you didn't, you stayed hidden and quiet.


You watched as each time, with a swoop of his cloak, he turned and boldly strode.


You wished you were like him, he was your role model, someone you looked upto.


In awe of chance you were, never were so bold as to stand up, stick out and take a chance.


By the hand he would have led you to show you what came after the misty midnight.

Don't wait for tomorrow.

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